some people has betrayed you in the past

some very close people has done

it you were asking for a sign from God

and he has sent it to you on the very


time God is too intentional and he has

placed this video message on your screen

for a very great significant


I would like to request you to please

pray and seek discernment from the Lord

after watching this

Revelation I heard God is

saying my precious child you are

adorable to me and I never wish any harm

come near

you this is the reason I am asking for

your attention for for the next few

minutes despite of being aware of your


schedule this is the matter of your

safety and well-being and I don’t want

you to miss out the teachings I am


today my

child someone near your house is

planning to harm you he’s not a

stranger hey he is a known

person a middle-aged guy who has

betrayed you in the

past this guy used to be your one of the


friends but he’s still holding some

grudges in his

HT his hurt is clouded by misguided

emotions of Satan

I urge you not to confront this

individual on your

own instead turn to me in prayer and

seek my

guidance I will direct your steps

ensuring your safety and the resolution

of this

situation GR in my wisdom for I see what

lies hidden in in the HS of

all remember that I’m your Refuge your

Fortress and your

stronghold I’m your shield in times of

trouble seek my counsel and I will grant

you the discernment and strength to

navigate through these challenging

circumstances my love for you is

boundless and I will not forsake you in

your time of

need many people have mistreated you in

the past but each and every one of them

feels remorse for causing you pain and

desires to

apologize seeking to make amens for the

suffering they have caused

know that everything will ultimately

align for the best in accordance with my

plan I hold full

Authority and I’m

conent of your medical assessment

findings I am also aware of your Current


situation I observe a considerable

number of individuals approaching you

but it appears they may bring

challenges I recognize the

ambition behind your


additionally please be assured that I

will not disappoint

you I encourage you to watch the entire

video to witness remarkable

Miracles keep your heart open to

forgiveness for the power of my love can

meant even the deepest

ones no matter what this person is

planning or

plotting you should not change your

character you are a loving and a

kindhearted soul you possess my

qualities in you because you’re mine and

I don’t want you to give up on these

qualities increase the forgiving nature


yours and you will win my

heart so don’t fear your

enemies but be vigilant about


now I’ll leave you with these words of

assurance repeat them as you hear

them the Lord is my shepher I shall not

want he makes me lie down in green

PES he leads me beside Still

Waters he restores my soul

he leads me in Paths of

righteousness for his name’s

sake even though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death I will

fear no evil for you are with me your

rod and your staff they comfort

me Ty I am Fearless

if you believe in the protection of God

and Shar this message with seven

faithful Believers in your contact

list share it right now and come back to

this message again to receive the


completely know that you’re receiving

this message on Lord has Ministry and

God is allowing you to open your heart

to forgive people who have wronged

you I yearn to see you not only to offer

you spiritual gift that will strengthen

your faith but also to be mutually

encouraged by strength of each other’s

Faith you possess the inner strength

from God to overcome any Challenge and

no harm intended against you will


seed God has incredible plans for your

future surpassing anything you have seen

heard or even D to

imagine anticipate a brighter future one

that begins right

now remember God will never abandon you

in a pous situation he’s always with you

both in front and behind providing uning

support and

protection regardless of the

circumstances you currently find

yourself in rest assured that you’re

surrounded by God’s

presence I encourage individuals to take

charge of their mental

wellbeing every morning when you awake

affirm to yourself that the day will be

great that you’re excited about the

future and that God’s protective Embrace

is upon

you such positive declarations can

invigorate your spirit and provide a new

found sense of

energy Bel in the power of God and

consider sharing this video in your

WhatsApp groups know that you are not

just admired but also fortunate in every

aspect of your

life no weapon formed against you can

Prevail for any difficulty you face is


temporary maintain your courage and Tru

in God as the Lord is by your side in


battle now i’ would like to request you

to join me in this powerful prayer and

pray within the sound of my voice let us

begin heavenly father I humbly come

before your divine

presence acknowledging the immense love

and grace that you continently pistol

upon me my heart is filled with

gratitude for your unwavering cure and

protection and I recognize the

significance of this message you have

conveyed in the midst of my life’s

journey Lord I P before your wisdom and

love seeking your guidance strength and

this presentment as I confront the

challenges that lay

ahead the Revelation you have shared has

eliminated a path demands my

attention and I entrust myself to your


guidance I lift up before you the person

in proximity to my

home once a close and cherished

friend who now bears sces and Harbor

intentions that p a

threat I beseech you Lord for your

divine intervention in this

situation grant me the wisdom to

navigate the delicate Teran with Grace

compassion and an open

heart let me walk in the footsteps of

your Divine

example understanding that vengeance is

not the C you desire for me to

follow with unwavering faith I place my

trust in you my shepherd to lead me

through the valley of uncertainty and

Peril You Are My Sanctuary my protector

and my ever presentes source of

strength I pray for your protective

Embrace and divine resolution the tree

of Grace the heart of the one who

Harvest resentment may be touched

their Spirits softened and their harmful


transformed Lord I seek Your Divine

guidance and the gift of discernment for

you alone see the depths of every heart

grant me the strength and fortitude to

act with wisdom safeguarding both myself

and those I hold dear while

simultaneously fostering the PA of

reconciliation and

healing let your infinite wisdom and

compassion guide my actions reminding me

that forgiveness is a powerful tool for

mending the deepest

ons I am acutely aware that I do not

Journey alone your presence is my CST

and companion and in you I find soas

courage and unshakable

Faith the light of Your Love love I draw

the strength needed to confront

adversity and the compassion required to


forgiveness as I Traverse this

challenging T May a divine presence

illuminate the path before me and may

your love radiate through me as a Beacon


Hope to all who cross my path I place my

life my safety and my concerns in your

capable hands trusting in your divine

plan and the

wisdom in the name of your love I offer

this prayer

amen now please show the incredible

power of Christians and Christianity by

consider subscribing to this

Channel and by doing so you will stay

connected to God and His blessings will

chase you




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