God’s Message Now: KEEP TRUSTING IN ME | God Message Today|

in your moments of deepest despair when the weight of the world feels unbearable

remember this my unwavering love is your Sanctuary lift your weary hands to the

heavens and find solace in my eternal Embrace when you feel forsaken by all

know that my love is a constant presence a beacon in the darkness human affection though sweet is

fleeting but my Divine love is an everlasting spring unceasing and

pure UST your heart to me for I am the only one who will never leave you never

stop cherishing you here lies the answer to your prayers for hope the Fulfillment

of your pleas for peace whether you find yourself in a season of rest or a period of Relentless

toil take comfort in knowing that In My Embrace you are safe safe my mighty hand

will guard you as you journey through life shielding you from the harshness of the world remember you are not forsaken

you are not abandoned even when those closest to you turn away my love the most profound and

beautiful of all remains with you it is a wondrous feeling to be cared for by

your heavenly father these words are the sustenance your soul craves man does not

live on bread alone but on every word that comes from my heart today I offer you peace

encouragement tranquility and Trust I leave my peace with you I give it

freely accept this gift for the world cannot offer the love and peace that I

provide open your heart to receive it this very day the trials you face today pale in

comparison to the Glorious and divine blessings I am preparing for you a new chapter is approaching one where the

struggles and pains of the past will cease you have braved numerous storms

and shed countless tears yet my enduring love has been your

stronghold as you absorb these words understand that your encounter with them is by no Divine accident your life’s

purpose is steadfast and clear even amidst your fears and

anxieties a transition from sorrow to Joy is within reach my comfort and Grace

have instilled hope within you and my love has filled your heart with Serenity you are meant not just to exist

but to live victoriously as is my desire for you stand firm leave the past behind

move forward and embrace every opportunity I lay before you the blessings I bestow upon you will not

lead to Affliction the prosperity I grant will not bring indebtedness the abundance I introduce

into your life will not be a source of grief look forward focus on what’s ahead

ignore the distractions and the doubters the negative voices and the naysayers their pessimism is designed to shake

your faith my word is filled with promises that you must remember and hold

dear doubting my message can only bring disheartenment and

weakness believe with unwavering faith that despite the storms and challenges around you my love for you is

boundless I will provide you with strength and support many of the worries that cloud

your mind will soon dissipate you will witness firsthand the immense love I

have for you I see deep into your heart and know it will never succumb to

doubt and if doubt ever tries to encroach fall to your knees and call out

for my help affirm your belief in my love let us talk about the emotions that

weigh you down the burdens you’ve carried for too long the feelings you’ve

suppressed speak to me openly without shame or fear I am intimately familiar

with you your secrets are safe with me choose to converse with me today don’t

miss this chance to live in true freedom to experience the joy that only a heart unburdened can feel you cannot continue

carrying such heavy loads cast off bitterness my profound love for you has

the power to end your painful past heal your inner wounds transform your beliefs

and thoughts and Grant you strength and everlasting joy you must contemplate and

acknowledge that it is no accident that you are hearing me you must cling to

life you must forgive yourself and give yourself a chance for I am also

extending my forgiveness opening the doors to goodness and prosperity but you must believe it tell

me what is hurting you today what is causing you pain please recognize that

you cannot continue with your own strength alone do not seek Your solution

or your answer in people or the things of this world you need a supernatural

miracle and you can only obtain it by prostrating yourself in my presence I do not want you to forget

this do not become distracted I do not want you to lose your way you are not

born to live in sorrow or in bondage you cannot settle for a life devoid of

abundance yes today I offer you healing today I lift you from the pit of

solitude open your heart accept receive Embrace this blessing prepare yourself

with courage to live a life enveloped in my love and grace I have bestowed upon you Faith strength

fortitude and perseverance to move mountains to triumph over every

challenge in all the battles you face you can emerge Victorious you believe in

serve and love a real omnipotent and Supernatural God tell me that you feel it speak to me

tell me that you believe in me now rise and live your life with joy put into

practice these words you hear and read today for I have many plans for you I always have even in a time of your life

when you thought I had abandoned you I was closest to you I protected you from

countless dangers from hidden snares from many enemies who sought to confront

you their intention was to harm you to steal the wonderful life I Was preparing

for you you made the best decision when after enduring numerous attacks and

feeling like you wanted to give up you chose to seek me you regained your desire to fight and live walking hand

inand with me for many years your faith has matured and now you understand that

in facing trials it is better to remain calm and Trust in my

word I appreciate your confidence in asking for what you need because you know that I genuinely love you and am

capable of providing for your life therefore I will reveal R many things to

you that will soon come to pass I will open doors and Lead You Down A New Path

of blessings and with renewed strength you will walk it I will share many Secrets written

since the beginning of time so you may be well informed of the new blessings I will send when the time comes because

you have been faithful in little I will place you in the midst of your need you

were deeply grateful and for for that reason I will bless your life abundantly

with gifts I have chosen for you maintain your humility and your

faithfulness never forget where I have brought you from give me all the glory and praise when you set foot in the

promised land I have one for you with my blood prepare yourself soon you will see

it I love you and offer you my Supreme love which will grant you complete

Security in a bright future filled with blessings and joy it is a love that envelops and

transforms you protecting you from evil embracing you with

tenderness this love chose you from the beginning of time caressing your brow from the moment you first saw the light

guiding your steps since childhood you deserve to be loved and

today I have confirmed my love for you but in case someone despises you never

forget that no one loves you as I do I want to speak to you touch your heart

and bless you when you open your eyes in the morning my love is ready to embrace you in Divine protection let no one dare

to try and take away the things I have given you you should not be discouraged When someone tells you that you will

receive nothing from me because you are not deserving or worthy to those I love

I bless I have prepared you for myself I have chosen you to know me better to

deeply feel how much I love love you and to understand the wonderful purpose I want to bestow upon your

life my blessings are abundant and extend to your family to The Young and

the old to those yet to be born and to those seeking me in their old age I am

still touching the hearts of those who do not seek me though they may not realize it I will guide their steps to

bring them closer to me keep praying keep asking continue to cry

out I love you so much that I will bless you and your family tell me now that you

believe in me and stop worrying receive my peace keep your calm lay all your

worries at my feet seek my kingdom Place me first in your life and all the good

and beautiful things you desire will be added to you you will lack nothing this

is prosperity this is blessing wake up every every day and give thanks and

trust your life to the only one who can help you I will send people I will

intervene to resolve many situations but do not place your hope in anyone else

but me love me with all your heart with all your mind with all your

time with all your energy let me always be your top priority in your plans and

thoughts give me a moment every morning give me a few minutes before sleep bow

your knees and pour out your soul there are so many things I can and want to do

I have so many plans for your family and for you I need your faith and your hope

your faith is the certainty of what you cannot yet see if you can believe there are no limits all good things can happen

within my will if they are for your good if I say it it will be done if you

believe it receive blessings that lead you to prosperity that guard your heart

from stumbling that clothe your soul in humility and receive true and eternal

blessings that you must seek do not seek temporary things that do not benefit your

future focus on what will edify You For Eternity for your family for your

spiritual life I repeat it stop worrying receive my

peace keep your soul place all your concerns in my hands I have control over

all things believe it live it change your countenance Adorn your face with your

best smile and welcome the many new blessings that are coming into your life tell those you love that you expecting a

miracle that soon everyone will be encouraged it will be so let me today

lead you to Green Pastures guide you to Still Waters allow me to remove the burdens you carry on your shoulders

dedicate a moment of your precious time to me and I will lift you from the Myriad worries that burden

you my deepest wish is to transform your challenges into blessings and replace

your tears with joy I am Overjoyed by your daily search for me and your

Praises reflect on and acknowledge how much I have helped you without my presence at your side you

might have faced defeat open your eyes to see the trials I have placed before for you as

expressions of my love you may have walked through deserts but I was there with you recognize this truth just as I

have rescued you from past afflictions I will do so again I will not let anyone

take away the blessings meant for you in the midst of your struggles find

Solace when you called out to me in prayer I battled your Giants and won my

spirit has protected your heart and given you strength when you felt powerless courage when you felt

incapable of standing during your sufferings I provided the grace needed to

persevere you understand the depth of love for you are deeply loved Chosen and

valued my commitment to showing you love day by day is unwavering therefore today I ask you to

open your heart fully to me letting my presence fill your life Embrace this

change life of Supernatural wonders awaits you barriers will fall chains

will break and amazing things will happen when you decide to let me guide you every day I promise to lead you

safely to a wealth of blessings a bright and beautiful future lies

ahead I am breathing new life into your heart in Lush pastures no one can defeat

you for I will be your Shepherd neither enemies nor Misfortune will come near for I will provide for

your every need my love for you is constant and evident in many ways you

will see signs of my enduring love I speak to you to uplift your spirit as I

do not want to see you despair or be defeated by trials listen to my words do not let the

doubts of others limit your potential or Spirit remember the greatness of your

dreams for I have placed Noble aspirations within you while Others May

judge by appearances and be swayed by gossip or Envy I look at your heart your

pure intentions and your resolve to improve your eagerness to change your

life and pursue your dreams is clear act now trust in the voice of your

omnipotent God rise and commence your journey do it for your family for the

ones you Cherish You Must Believe in my word be Valiant and diligent persevering until

you attain your destiny when you arrive you will witness your heart brimming with even more joy realizing that

believing in my word and striving for a better life was indeed worthwhile I have always told you and I

affirm it once more that numerous blessings await you if you decide to trust in your heavenly

father with this great love and affection I speak to you today but

Safeguard your soul now I implore you not to believe those who seek to steal the dreams of those

who love me do not befriend those who aim to deceive you with falsehoods do

not follow in their footsteps do not open your soul to them and pay no heed

to their false words seek me and pray focus on doing my will open your eyes

for I shall soon bring forth a wonderful blessing a Divine opportunity remember I love you changes

are forthcoming in your life do not fear I have a plan for you I am elevating you

to a place and a level where I desire to bless you abundantly with hands

full it is natural for doubts to surface when You Face new challenges it is wise to seek my

presence and consult with me when doubts arise seek the assistance you need to

confront these incomprehensible circumstances in my word I shall be with

you and with each Dawn I shall bestow upon you peace Serenity and joy I shall

open your eyes to find the answers you seek in every difficult situation I shall guide you to the way

out so that you do not remain stagnant you must keep moving fighting walking

working and believing with all your heart for my promises to come to fruition I forgiven your sins you are

clean and righteous in my presence you should not doubt this do not belittle

the value of my blood shed on that cross and my mighty Resurrection this is why you are

alive it is the power of my blood that brings you into my presence without fear

therefore today you have a relationship with me if I gave my life for you if I

rose from the dead so that you may live then I can and will fulfill all the

promises I have made to you I have made you more than a conqueror through my

power and love neither the enemy nor adversities

problems or difficulties can rob you of what I am bestowing upon you with my own

blood I have affirmed that nothing and no one can ever snatch you from my hand

I beseech you to believe in me today I cleanse your tears dispel your worries

and alleviate your anxieties I shall bestow upon you the fortitude to confront this new found

life with Zeal I have demonstrated my love for you my desire to bless you and you have

faith in me engrave this in your mind for I your God am migher than all your

troubles and afflictions I implore you to extract fear from your soul and confront all

these situations with courage I understand that you are navigating through seemingly arduous

circum circumstances I have heard your secret please where you have expressed your

weariness your diminishing interest and your waning desire to

live but I beseech you to listen attentively to make a Resolute decision that will profoundly transform your

life decide to seek me to believe in me to stand steadfast in your decisions

choose to follow me and obey me for it is not a burdensome task I promise you

the result of your obedience shall be peace and the fruit of your faith shall be patience and serenity if you cling to

my word if you put my Commandments into practice no one shall shame you witness

how your enemies flee seeing how I have shielded you they shall no longer slander you or

spread falsehoods about you my presence shall be with you protecting you from

deceivers both day and night therefore I implore you to Cast Away all doubt from

your thoughts and focus on obeying my Commandments for my word shall be your

strength your Soul’s healing and your body’s restoration say farewell to

stress tension nervousness and all your fears my power is sufficient and my love

for you is Paramount in this new chapter of your life you shall be liberated from

the tormenting emotions that have plagued you and depression shall no longer hold sway it brings me great joy

to Envision your life brimming with peace and happiness I shall perform Mighty

miracles in you in your life in your finances and within your family accept

the peace I offer and let go of your worries trust in my promise no adversary

can stand against my will and power fear not illnesses for I hold the ultimate

authority over them I will reach out and bring healing to you the plans I have

for you are unshakable I seek your Victory and thus I will bless and prosper you abundantly

come to me with unwavering Faith openly express your deepest needs confident in

the knowledge that I will never let you down I desire your success in all aspects of life just as I wish for your

soul to strengthen and deepen its knowledge of me you’re my beloved child

and I grant you this blessing a life filled with lasting happiness and peace and a faith so

strong and vibrant that you can face any challenge fearlessly therefore in times of

hardship when worry tries to overwhelm you pause and recall these words in your

heart I love you I am here to fill your days with peace Joy and

encouragement as days pass your inner peace and strength will remain steadfast

though life situations May shift my presence and love for you are constant my love for you today is a

promise of my eternal love my mercy and Grace will always be yours I urge you to

walk through life with confidence even in the toughest moments never lose

hope the inner fire I have kindled in you will withstand and the fiercest

storms your love for me will only brighten as time passes feel secure and

deeply cherished notice how I speak to you daily unveiling the blessings I have in

store for you cultivate a heart of gratitude for it is the key to unlocking

even greater blessings that I lovingly bestow upon you

amen I have a plan for you and no matter who opposes it this plan plan must come

to fruition have you heard it there’s no reason to keep Gathering the breadcrumbs

others have thrown your way you have your own blessings and a heavenly father who welcomes you into his arms with love

he heals you raises you up prospers you and always watches over you those who

caused your stumbling will regret it those who underestimated you will learn a lesson they will never forget for

raising their hand against you I stand by those I love and I will make

all your enemies flee I am clearing the path of obstacles and conflicts for you so make the most

of your time don’t lock yourself in your room crying over a pass that’s

gone don’t shout into the wind for it cannot hear you stop yearning for the false arms of

those who despised and tried to destroy you I hope you don’t love those ungrateful ones more than you love

me here by my side you will find life a happiness you never had before and an

emotion so beautiful that you didn’t even know it existed I have a powerful reason for you

to live and I am opening this path that will lead you to your dreams you no longer need to look back

there’s no one in your past who loves you as much as I do who wishes only good for you who can bless you and guide you

embrace the security of feeling loved and protected by a supernatural God I’m not asking for material things

like gold silver or precious stones what moves me is your faith and

sincerity you have the desire to change you want to live your life as you should

making the most of every minute and using your talents and resources to bless others starting with your

family you desire in your heart to tell the world that there is love forgiveness

salvation a way a truth and that in my presence they will find the strength

they need to rise again and start over leave the past behind make the

decision for yourself and if you need help know that I am willing to extend my

hand I will forever remove anything that hinders your path so don’t be sad when

you no longer receive notifications from from manipulative tongues I gave my life on the cross to

give you Freedom you were not born to live in emotional bondage to endure the

screams and despise of false loves you won’t miss those who hurt you

anymore I am giving you a spirit of Love self-control courage and

honesty if you have to face people from your past or Walk Through the flames where you once burned don’t fear I am by

by your side you will shut the mouths of lions defeat mocking enemies walk

through fire and your clothes hair and feet will not suffer the pain they did

before today in my Holy Name you will face those conflicts and in my Holy

Spirit you will overcome them tell me with faith that you believe in me

activate your faith nurture your soul with my word and remember all my holy promises they are your shield and sword

when facing adversity who is with you the almighty God omnipotent King of Kings Lord of

lords Majestic in power and authority I give you the strength to overcome answer me I want to hear

you feel how these words reignite the faith that was once dim and rekindles

the Flames of your desire to Triumph listen receive believe there is no bad

habit or vice you cannot conquer the enemy has no power over you and you must

create it because neither sorcery witchcraft spells nor curses can harm you the armies of evil surround you but

they are just making noise uttering empty threats they want you to fear

because fear is the only thing that can stop you Rise Brave heart I’m giving you

Authority stand upon the conflicts that came to steal your happiness today your

chains are broken the discouragement that weighed you down the emotions that battered you and the

memories that hurt you will all end give me your hand and let’s walk together

towards success and blessings tomorrow come to me again and I will give you

even more living water from the Eternal rock my Holy Spirit to fill you with

love that surrounds you and my Supernatural presence that will never leave you I’ll tell you once more

because I know that when you you hear it you receive joy and peace I love you you need

love come to the safe place every morning I’m waiting to dress you with

affection and cover you with protection to embrace you with a sweet hug of love take your hand and like a caring parent

lead you to my table I will nourish you with Divine words that give you great strength clean

your face tidy your hair and give you a bag full of new

desires we will go out together to live and fight I love to see your happy and

confident face because you know that you are not alone you know that I will defend you no matter what

happens even as we go through dangerous paths and deep valleys I will be there

and you can look at me with those trusting eyes I will never let go of your hand let’s continue walking we will

start to climb until we reach the top of a new Mountain there you will find the

victories that are already yours and you will receive a new purpose I will renew your

hopes the sun shining in your future will etch the beautiful blessings you are about to receive on your skin you

are no longer the same your face shines with happiness your legs are strong your feet are light your arms can bear great

burdens and your character will shine even brighter than steel I will continue

with you throughout the journey but you will reach your destination first you must learn to walk by faith and not by

sight it will make me very happy when you can trust me with all your heart even when you don’t see me and despite

the problems that come your way don’t be afraid I am with you no matter what you

will have such great Security in knowing that I will never abandon you and you will continue on fulfilling your purpose

and responsibilities without stopping or getting discouraged with this burning and living

faith that ignites your desire to succeed you will overcome any

challenge whether you have abundance or need whether your body is in good health

or struggling with illness whether your family supports you or your loved ones have abandoned you remember this promise

in your soul Soul believe and trust I am the almighty God who fulfills

what he promises I don’t break my contracts or lie I am a consuming fire but for those

who truly believe in me and give me their hearts I am sweet and eternal love

patient and understanding I rejoice in your repentance reward you with

forgiveness and cleanse your heart even if you have failed keep walking come to

me with confidence it is not my purpose to hurt you because of your mistakes and

even if you have to face the consequences of your errors I will help you you will continue on and I will take

away your burdens do not be swayed by your emotions when you feel

discouraged persist and do not give up you are on the verge of seeing how much I love you and I will always love

you what do I need to do to convince you I will take your hand kiss your

forehead and tell you again how much I love you but now in a way that you will

feel it deeply you will sense the sacred Aroma of this Supernatural love that surrounds

you I am removing your worries and immersing you in a beautiful wonderful

Eternal holy and healing emotion that will never leave you this emotion is called love

and if you haven’t felt it before get used to it because I am filling your heart with joy and life I love you and

this emotion will grow every minute your Tranquility will increase each day your

whole being is transforming the world seeks Peace and Freedom people want to be free from

disappointments and the fear of loneliness but every time I reach out to them they run in the opposite direction

rejecting this Powerful Love that can transform their lives give them

the courage to reach their dreams and renew their desire to

live I planted in them The Sensation that tells them they are not on the right path they need to come back to me

return home and turn away from Evil there in the world there will be

only anguish and suffering your eternal life Divine peace and infinite happiness

are with me I can tell you again again I love you and I am placing little and

beautiful details on your path today refine your senses feel receive

perceive feel it again treasure this Sweet Sensation of this eternal love

that covers you this is something Supernatural that goes beyond seeing and hearing it’s an

inexplicable emotion that fills you makes you feel like you’re flying above the clouds and transforms you it removes

what hinders you my power is manifesting not only in your emotions but in your

character and attitude you will no longer be a tree without fruit a flower without fragrance

or a river without water you will not suffer from double-mindedness and you will not live

in a cycle of mistakes my glory surrounds you comforting you and giving you

wisdom do your part heart and come to me in faith fill yourself with my word open

your Bible every day and read do it again do not give up

persist this is the real miracle I want to perform that you have peace receive

my love end your distress and feel well enjoy my presence do not feel

lonely let words and phrases that edify and heal flow flow from your mind and

lips let your gaze shine with love and patience treat your family well a

miracle without fruits is like a glass without water a plate without food a night without

sleep I never perform Supernatural Works to impress anyone many claim Miracles

that seem real and Powerful but their lives and words communicate confusion and hatred and

emptiness those who do not love do not know me for I I am love do not worry I

will help you forgive forget be patient and give everyone a chance don’t let them belittle you

instead treat them with the value and respect they deserve some around you may not

understand this Divine love anymore their hearts have grown cold they say they believe in me but no

longer have faith that I have the power to work miracles do not worry if they do not

wish to believe let them remain locked in their world where only they are perfect and point fingers at

everyone they say they know me but their behavior offends me I will speak to

their lives you keep walking your path keep praying loving doing good to others

without looking at who they are if they offend you forgive them again and if you

cannot forgive kneel in my presence I will give you the strength my

holy spirit will come upon you and fill you with patience and understanding you

already have victory in all your battles just come and claim it with faith and in

prayer with your hands extended I want to pour my powerful

blessing into your life I will keep showing my love to you in many ways while you live in this

world you are in my presence you and your family are important to me

both on Earth and in heaven my power will manifest in thousands of families

receiving this word they will be restored and greatly blessed every home

that loves me will be illuminated by my divine presence amen leave your thoughts and Reflections

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