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my beloved child I have amazing plans

for your life plans to give you a future

and a hope listen closely because this

is the important part of the story

something extraordinary is about to

happen in your life I the Lord of hosts

and preparing a feast before your

enemies I am opening doors that no one

can shut and shutting those that no one

can open you might be wondering what

this wonderful something is well let me

tell you it’s the answer to your

unspoken prayers it’s the Fulfillment of

the promises I made to you since the

beginning of time it’s a new chapter in

your journey filled with opportunities

blessings and

accomplishments why should you believe

this you ask because I am faithful to my

word I am not a man that I should lie

nor a son of man that I should repent

what I have promised I will fulfill and

if I said that something wonderful is on

its way then you can be sure it’s coming

in all its glory and Splendor

furthermore look around you see the

signs I have scattered along your path

the people who have entered your life

the events that have occurred seemingly

by Chance the Small Miracles that

happened when you least expected them

all of these are reminders of my love

for you and my ability to turn the

ordinary into

extraordinary lift up your head and look

to the

Horizon for there beyond the dark clouds

that may be obscuring your vision right

now A radiant Light Of Hope and promise

is shining and that light is approaching

rapidly ready to illuminate your path

and reveal the treasures I have prepared

for you I want you to witness the

Glorious fulfillment of the plans I have

laid out for your life wherever you go

my plans are so good for you that you

will remember and be thankful for the

blessings destined for your life from

today on when the signs of blessings

sent the signs of my presence are

perceived by you remember these words

remember this moment when I am speaking

to you my child from this moment on my

desire is that the tears you shed be

tears of joy for I am initiating a

complete renewal in your life I want

your suffering to end today I am

bringing great blessings open your arms

and receive them with faith all I ask is

that you believe I will use your

experiences to inspire you to write new

chapters filled with hope and wisdom you

will not stumble upon the same obstacles

nor will you repeat the same mistakes

the wounds inflicted by betrayers will

be erased I will heal the pain Weighing

on your mind listen to me with your

heart wide open I really want you to

tell me now do you desire this blessing

I know you long for it the time of your

Redemption has come give yourself the

opportunity for a powerful and positive

transformation in all areas of your life

do not be deceived by past failures or

sins they are in the past the old things

have passed away all things have become

new you are a new creation see yourself

with renewed faith and optimism do not

dwell in the pain of the past or relive

the sadness caused by your failures give

yourself the chance to be uplifted

protected loved forgiven purified and

strengthened by the infinite love that

Embraces you every morning when you look

at yourself in the mirror remember my

beloved God takes care of me loves me

and is with me wherever I go I feel

under his shelter his protection as you

say these words to yourself you will

feel the holy spirit being poured out

over your life transforming them into a

fire that burns your negative emotions

you have a bright future great plans are

reserved for you be prepared do not miss

the great opportunity before you if you

give me your heart I can transform it

completely when you kneel in prayer you

will feel the unique and divine power of

my Holy Spirit empowering you now tell

me in your own words dear God I accept

everything that comes from you for I

know that your love for me is infinite

and what you have and are sending me is

the best for me and my family my beloved

Embrace this Divine and Supernatural

power with all your heart give me

Priority in your life for your own own

benefit seek me in prayer Every Morning

open your Bible and come into my

presence here you will find Comfort this

is the sacred Place Your Home the space

and time you need to rest every minute

you spend with me will turn into years

of blessings love me with all your heart

all your mind and all your soul

blessings are on the way a moment when

your faith and persistence will allow

you to enjoy them and no one can take

them away from

you sometimes amidst difficulties it can

be hard to remember my words and keep in

mind that all your trials are part of a

plan but rest assured that each

challenge each barrier you encounter

serves a purpose they are there to

strengthen you make you wiser and

prepare you for what is to come trust in

me even when it seems like I am distant

or not listening to your prayers I am

always with you know that I will not let

you down down even when it seems like

everything is against you and some may

walk away I will fulfill my promises to

you for I am working on your behalf when

the time is right when you are truly

ready I will open the necessary doors

for you to reach your goals and dreams

keep your faith strong and trust in me

during these times cast aside thoughts

that drain your spirit and weigh you

down avoid the negativity of those who

do not seek me or wish to follow my ways

do not fix your Gaze on those who

promise success and prosperity without

effort or sacrifice you must sow and

help those in need invest your life in

your blessings wisely starting with your

family the fruits of your labor and your

creative ideas will flourish when you

honor me and live according to my word

stay away from those who lure you into

wrongdoing I will bless you even more

than the blessings you have experienced

before I acknowledge your efforts and

your devotion you are deserving and that

is why I am making This Promise today I

will open your eyes to see beyond

discouragement and to rejoice when you

realize the Magnificent future that

awaits you at this moment I give you

unwavering strength and resilient faith

that awakens within Your Heart A Renewed

purpose and a light to guide your way as

well as motivation to continue your

struggle without giving up and with the

desire to help serve and bless others

let me direct your course and Grant you

wisdom every step of the way trust that

I will never abandon you I am always

here to support you and lift you up when

you falter I Empower you to overcome all

dangers nothing will harm you watch as

your adversaries fall those who

challenge you will find confusion and

defeat do not consider yourself unworthy

I do not want you to diminish your value

or reject this wonderful blessing

profess your love and faith in me and

embrace these words face your challenges

and prepare for victory

be strong have faith and declare these

three words God I believe my dear child

to me nothing is impossible and my words

confirm that come feel this change

happening in your life from now on I

will not allow fear to dominate you or

defeat you allow me to embrace you with

my pure and innocent love which

strengthens and sustains you this love

fills you my holy spirit is my glory and

my word is all you need now listen and

feel today you will be

transformed once you store these words

in your heart you will no longer doubt

that your life will change forever a

future full of blessings awaits you but

do not let anyone steal the joy I offer

my words are especially for you not for

everyone but specifically for you who

listens to me now I moved Heaven and

Earth to capture your attention and it

is no coincidence that you feel this

wave of joy in your heart your life will

change if you trust in me your future

will be bright if you approach it with

faith wherever you are Proclaim without

fear I will move forward fighting for

your dreams because today God has

strengthened me now raise your arms in a

sign of Victory believe my beloved

something wonderful is on the way and

when it arrives you will see that every

moment of waiting and every tear shed

was worth it because I am God and there

is no other I am the lord and there is

none besides me and what I determine

will certainly come to pass amen if you

believe these words leave your Amen in

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