God Says: YOU JUST TRUST IN ME |God message jesus | God Tells |

my dearly beloved child as I come before you in this sacred moment my heart

overflows with a love so vast so profound that it transcends the very

boundaries of the universe itself this love stretches infinitely beyond the farthest reaches of the

heavens plunging deeper than the most unfathomable depths of the oceans and

Shining brighter than the radiant Brilliance of countless galaxies combined you my precious one are the

very essence of My Affection the cherished Jewel that adorns the crown of my Divine

creation exquisitly woven into the intricate tapestry of existence with eternal purpose and everlasting

significance as i gaze into the quiet depths of your soul I perceive the

shadows of worry that crease your brow the weight of burdens that stoop your

shoulders and the Restless fears that stir within the chambers of your heart

the Relentless trials and tribulations of this Earthly life have pressed upon you threatening to engulf you in an

abyss of Despair where doubts assail and haunting questions linger unanswered in those desolate moments

when you cry out in anguish feeling abandoned and utterly alone know this my

child I am ever presentes closer to you than your very Breath cradling You

tenderly in the palm of my Almighty hand every tear that rolls down your cheek

every sigh that escapes your Trembling Lips is collected and treasured by me as a sacred offering for you are the apple

of my eye the object of my unending boundless devotion though the

tempests of life may Rage with unrelenting Fury and the Darkness may seem impenetrably thick I am the

unwavering Beacon of light that guides you through the storm illuminating your path with my radiant Glory trust in my

steadfast presence for I am the way the truth and the life eternal my ways are

indeed not your ways and my thoughts are infinitely higher than your thoughts yet

my love for you surpasses all human understanding I am the Good Shepherd who leads you beside Still Waters shielding

you from harm and guiding you along the path of righteousness with tender care even in the darkest valleys of suffering

and anguish know that I am with you my rod and my staff ever present to comfort

and sustain you so when fear threatens to overwhelm your being and confusion

clouds your vision trust in me with all your heart mind and

soul pour out your deepest longings your greatest fears and your most profound

Sorrows for I am a God who listens with infinite patience who understands with

Divine wisdom who cares with an everlasting and unconditional love there is no prayer too bold no request

too great for my love knows no bounds and my grace is sufficient for you trust

in my promises for they are Eternal and unchanging as immutable as my very

nature trust that I am working all things together for your ultimate good crafting a masterpiece of redemption

from the Brokenness and pain of this Fallen World trust in my perfect timing

my Infinite Wisdom my sovereign will for I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end the

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