my dearest child today I come to you with a heartfelt message overflowing

with hope and encouragement listen closely for I’ve witnessed the challenges you endure the

burdens weighing heavily upon your soul it seems as though you’re surrounded from all directions doesn’t it the

threats Loom large casting ominous Shadows over your path forces of opposition gather aiming to instill fear

and control Financial struggles taunt your faith while sick Ness and loneliness lurk waiting to drain your

spirit even in moments of Doubt know that I see it all my cherished one I

understand the schemes of Darkness that have been Unleashed against you but take heart for this trial serves a greater

purpose your unwavering faith is being tested and refined Paving the way for

imminent breakthroughs and overflowing blessings before we continue our journey

toward spiritual enlightenment let’s sew seeds of P positivity show your support

by liking this video and typing Amen to affirm our shared Faith your interaction

nourishes our path and together we Blossom with divine inspiration my child there’s a Divine

Rhythm to these challenges a sequence that unfolds as I prepare to reveal my power and glory in your life first comes

the testing a trial of your faith to unveil its depth and strength should you

remain steady steadfast in me despite the enemy’s attempts to intimidate you’ll emerge Victorious promotion

follows bringing forth the Fulfillment of long- awaited promises so amidst the

spiritual battles recognize them as opportunities for me to display my strength on your behalf stand firm a

little while longer holding fast to the promises I’ve spoken over you rather than succumbing to the clamor of your

circumstances keep your gaze fixed on me the one who brings Clarity amidst chaos

the one who orchestrates unexpected blessings Beyond Your Wildest imagination trust in my perspective my

dear one for I see with eyes of authority hope and unwavering confidence

in the future I’ve lovingly crafted for you though the storm of intimidation May

rage I am the calm in the midst of it all the Steady Hand That guides you through turbulent Waters trust in my

strategic plans for they will confound your adversaries and Usher in blessings

beyond your comprehension I take what the enemy intends for harm and transform it into good my cherished child will you

persist in trusting me amidst the chaos of battle will you choose to embrace the Declarations I speak over you rather

than the threats hurled your way hold on tightly Victory approaches the fear

tactics will soon dissipate your breakthrough will keep your focus fixed on me as I guide you towards the

blessings I have have prepared for you avoid potential traps along the journey by remaining attuned to my Guidance with

each step you take listen for my wisdom to envelop and fortify your heart when

weariness threatens to overwhelm you worship me as your burden lifter Mighty

and Majestic in Holiness cry out to me and I will respond grasp hold of my

promises and use them effectively against the assaults that come your way and remember this I will never abandon

or forsake you I am right beside you fighting on your behalf you will come to

tread fear beneath your feet and Forge ahead into the inheritance I have ordained For You in My Kingdom my

beloved whom I fashioned and summoned for greatness be refreshed in vision and vitality today cast off despondency and

Dawn the robe of Praise instead raise your head high straighten your posture

no weapon formed against you can or will succeed I have decreed your Triumph and

I will bring it to fruition myself now is not the time to withdraw and defeat

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