God Says: Ignore If You Hate Me | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child a new day has begun and

from now on you will only receive

blessings and opportunities open doors

beautiful friendships and holy

Prosperity you will be free from

Financial slavery and I will bless your

prayers your work your efforts and

everything you have when I make a

promise I guarantee that it will be

fulfilled I am with you and I will

always be there

no matter how difficult the situation

seems I am your protector and your

comforter when you need it most I will

guide you and lead you on the path of

righteousness nothing will confuse your

mind anymore I will always be in your

thoughts filling you with beautiful and

eternal Serenity your heart will

overflow with joy and you will

experience the beauty of life I will

give you reasons to laugh those pains

that made you cry will come to an end

I will never stop blessing you my love

for you is unconditional here I am ask

for the good and holy things you desire

bring me your needs and I will answer

your prayers with blessings and freedom

I will bless you with Peace and Freedom

I will bring abundance I will prosper

all your

paths nothing will confuse you or take

away your sleep because I will always be

in your thoughts reminding you of my

promises and my Commandments

nothing and no one in this world can

give you the beautiful peace that I

can I have listened carefully to your

blessings and Praises as well as your

complaints and apologies in your prayers

but I have to tell you that you move me

when you thank me in the midst of your

problems you have been through a lot you

asked to fight against that process that

caused you so much pain and kept you

from sleeping to put to work what you do

to strengthen your faith I am pleased

pleased when you raise your hands in the

midst of your battles and say father I

love you thank you for everything you

know what you’re doing even if I don’t

understand it I know that everything

works for good I trust you I’m listening

to you with emotion tears run down your

face and my ears Delight in it because I

know you’re telling the truth you trust

with all your heart that I will provide

for your

needs I can feel your gratitude and your

sincerity don’t give up your success is

on its way you will see dry valleys in

your life turn green again resources you

thought were depleted will reactivate

and return to you more abundant than

ever you know how the enemy Works don’t

let his lies deceive you no matter how

you feel I will continue to bless you if

conflicts come back to you don’t despair

call on me and I will answer you don’t

worry anymore I have sent my angels to

protect you so you you can live

confidently and securely I know you know

it you’ve seen it don’t forget these

words and you will have the strength to

overcome your enemies you will see how

fear grips them when they see that I am

working through you you are in the right

flock don’t leave don’t jump around

confused don’t distance yourself from

this indestructible protection I offer

you don’t reject my reprimand even when

I correct you listen to my messages and

give me your full attention don’t let

Pride fill your heart I want you to be

humble and simple like me it’s time to

stand up and leave behind the mistakes

of the past without losing faith stop

looking down lift your face and enjoy

the good things that will happen because

I your heavenly father have chosen you

to give you my inheritance you know that

in my presence you can find rest and

strength you’ve listened carefully to my

promises and if you truly believe them

show it to me by standing up and facing

every problem with determination and

faith I am your God the creator of

everything you see I know what I’m doing

I lead you by the hand I inspire you

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