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greetings my beloved children it is I

your creator here to share a Timeless

message that holds the key to a

harmonious and loving world today we

delve into the profound wisdom of the

golden rule a universal principle that

transcends time and culture the golden

rule is simple yet powerful treat others

as you would like to be treated it’s a

guiding principle that can transform

lives and communities when embraced

wholeheartedly imagine a world where

every action every word and every

thought was Guided by this rule it is a

world filled with compassion

understanding and love a world that

reflects the Divine Essence within each

of you to truly understand the Golden

Rule my children you must first

recognize the inherent worth and dignity

of Every Soul each person you encounter

is a reflection of my Divine creation

deserving of respect and love the Golden

Rule challenges you to step into the

shoes of others to see see the world

from their perspective and to act with

empathy it calls you to be the beacon of

light in someone else’s Darkness

consider these words do unto others as

you would have them do unto you when you

extend kindness it often ripples outward

touching Hearts you may never know it is

a beautiful chain reaction of love but

my children the golden rule is not just

about external actions it also applies

to the thoughts and intentions within

your hearts

it teaches you to Harbor no ill will to

forgive as you would wish to be forgiven

I ask you to reflect on your

interactions with others are your words

and deeds aligned with the golden rule

are you treating others with the same

kindness and respect you desire for

yourself it is essential to remember

that this rule Knows No Boundaries it

applies to family friends strangers and

even those you may consider your enemies

by loving your enemies and praying for

those who may harm you you break the

cycle of hatred and division as we

journey through life my children there

will be moments of joy and moments of

Sorrow the Golden Rule reminds you to be

a source of comfort and support to

others in their times of need just as

you would hope for the same in your

moments of

vulnerability in conclusion I invite you

to like this video subscribe to my

channel for more teachings share this

message with others and leave a comment

below typing Amen to sign ify your

commitment to living by the Golden Rule

my children may the Golden Rule guide

your lives and may your actions and

intentions reflect the Divine love that

resides within you together we can

create a world where love kindness and

understanding reign


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