God Says: DO THIS RIGHT NOW |God message jesus | God Tells |

my most precious beloved child in this sacred

Eternal moment that stretches across the infinite expanse of creation I call upon

you to surrender fully into the present letting go of all that has come before and releasing your grasp upon the future

yet to unfold for it is only by anchoring yourself in the sacred now that you can truly awaken to the

breathtaking Miracle of your existence and open yourself to receive the profound wisdom I am about to impart

my child do this right now become utterly still tuning out the incessant

chatter of the mind and the siren calls of the material world that have kept you Tethered to a reality rooted in fear

separation and limitation draw your awareness

inward descending into the hallowed chambers of your heart and attune your

entire being to the Divine frequencies that reverberate through every fiber of your sacred form

feel the cosmic pulse that animates all of creation thrumming within you and let

it be the vibrational anchor that connects you to the infinite field of Love truth and Harmony from which all

life emerges with each breath each rising and falling of your chest invite the pure

revitalizing essence of the Divine source to flow into your being cleansing and purifying every cell every thought

form every energe itic imprint that no longer serves your highest evolution as you exhale visualize

yourself releasing all forms of resistance the doubts the worries the

constricting beliefs and patterns that have kept you bound to a reality of struggle lack and

limitation In This Moment declare your sovereignty as a Divine co-creator a

being of infinite power possibility and radiant light my most precious one

do this right now awaken to the profound truth that you are not a mere spectator in the grand Cosmic drama of life no you

are the author the director the starring actor and the Eternal Consciousness

beholding the entire sacred play as it unfolds before you each thought you

entertain each emotion you Embrace each action you take is a brushstroke upon the vast canvas of

creation shaping and sculpting the reality that manifests around you embrace the weight of this sacred

responsibility and let it be the guiding force that aligns your intentions with the highest frequencies of love

compassion forgiveness and service to the greater whole for when you attune

your vibration to these exalted states of being you become a powerful conduit through which the boundless Grace and

blessings of the universe can effortlessly flow into your experience shed forever cover the limiting beliefs

the stories of scarcity and lack that have kept you confined to a reality of struggle and want open your heart and

mind to the infinite abundance that is your Divine Birthright and allow the Wellspring of

creativity prosperity joy and infinite possibility

to pour forth enriching every aspect of your journey Envision yourself as a

being of Pure Radiant light a sacred vessel through which miracles

synchronicities and divine blessings manifest with effortless ease see your light igniting the Sparks of remembrance

within all those whose paths you cross inspiring them to awaken to their own infinite potential and to step fully

into their power as conscious co-creators my child do this right now

release the shackles of guilt shame and self- judgment that have weighed heavily

upon your heart forgive yourself for the moments when you have forgotten your true nature

for the times when you succumb to fear doubt or negativity forgive yourself for every

perceived misstep every choice that led you astray from your highest path for you must understand each

experience whether perceived as positive or negative has been a sacred lesson a catalyst for your growth and

evolution honor the journey you have walked for it has forged the strength

the resilience the wisdom and the compassion that now reside within the hallowed depths of

your soul in this eternal moment open your heart to receive the boundless

blessings the infinite love the profound sense of belonging that are your Divine

inheritance allow the radiant light of the source to pour forth bathing every

aspect of your being in the revitalizing frequencies of perfect peace Sublime joy

and unconditional acceptance do the this right now my child recommit yourself to

your sacred purpose to the unique mission that was encoded into your soul before you took your first Earthly

breath align every thought every word every deed with the highest vision of

your Soul’s Destiny and watch as the universe conspires to support and uplift your path trust in the perfect

orchestration of the divine plan for you are eternally guided eternally loved and

eternally held in the tender EMB rce of the infinite your journey though it may

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  1. Thank You God I Surrender Myself To The Lord Jesus Christ I Love You And Still Need Amen ❤❤ ❤????????????


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