God Says ➨ If You Want to Say Goodbye, Then Skip Me | God Message Today | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child I possess the

Divine capacity to behold all your

imperfections and blunders every misstep

and falter all the while lavishing upon

you a magnificent and unwavering love

that knows no bounds invoke my spirit to

assist you in embracing honesty and

vulnerability in my presence for there

lies the path to True intimacy and

transformation cast aside the shackles

of shame that seek to bind you my

beloved and

instead embrace your neediness as a

conduit for fostering a humble Reliance

on me the source of all strength and

Grace extend to me an invitation to

execute my Divine will in your life type

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people so that God can help you

understanding that you are the clay and

I am the Potter shaping and molding you

according to my Perfect Design embrace

your inherent

Frailty for it serves as the raw

material for my creative purpose lean

upon me trust in me

unwaveringly and exhibit profound

confidence in my abilities to guide and

sustain you through life’s trials and

tribulations your deepest need manifests

as a Divine call to surrender to

relinquish control and place your

complete trust in me acknowledge your

weaknesses without shame for in doing so

you open yourself to the transformative

power of my love and grace I am in the

process of teaching you to trust me with

the entirety of your being a lifelong

Endeavor that leads to profound

spiritual growth and Liberation from

Fear I redeem you from the abyss of

Despair clothing you in garments of love

and mercy renewing your spirit with each

passing moment the the gifts I bestow

upon you are a reflection of my delight

in you permeating the depths of your

soul with joy and gratitude know this my

beloved while I perceive your

transgressions and

Imperfections my Flawless Love Remains

steadfast and

unwavering I regard you as my redeemed

one graced with a crown of paradise and

enveloped in Eternal Beauty I implore

you to allow your identity as my beloved

to occupy the Forefront of your

Consciousness anchoring your thought

thoughts and guiding your

actions in a world filled with

distractions and

temptations remain Vigilant and

unwavering in your prayers inviting me

into every facet of your existence

through communion with me you will find

Solace and strength if you want God’s

grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of efforts

directing your focus away from

inconsequential matters and toward the

splend of Eternal realities Embrace this

Divine connection my beloved for in me

you will find peace purpose and

everlasting love as you bask in the

radiance of my presence Feel The Surge

of renewed Vigor coursing through your

veins time holds no sway over the

Eternal youthfulness I bestow upon you

in my

presence Embrace this truth you are not

merely a creation but a cherished child

of God destined for Divine encounters


imagination one day the veil will lift

and you will behold my countenance in

its full Glory standing face to face

with me in the realm of Eternal Splendor

until that Glorious Day Dawns I continue

to shape the very fabric of your being

guiding you to Dawn the mantle of your

true self this metamorphosis is not a

stripping away of your essence but a

revelation of your unique

identity intricately woven into the

tapestry of my Divine Design from the

moment you surrendered to me as your

savior you stepped into the inheritance

of royalty a beloved heir to my eternal

Kingdom if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

understand that the path to sharing in

my glory often winds Through The Valleys

of suffering when adversity casts its

shadow upon you seek refuge in my

presence call upon me to fortify your

spirit empowering you to endure with

Grace befitting a member of the royal

household each trial you face serves as

a crucible refining your character and

molding you into a reflection of my

likeness keep your gaze fixed upon the

Ultimate Prize the day when you will

behold my face with unveiled eyes

experiencing the fullness of joy and

satisfaction in my presence know that I

the one who intricately formed you in

the womb stand ready to extend my

unwavering Aid fear not for I have been

with you since before your very

existence and I will continue to walk

beside you through every trial and

Triumph amen my child click on the join

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