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I have a plan for you and no matter who

opposes it this plan must come to

fruition have you heard it there’s no

reason to keep Gathering the breadcrumbs

others have thrown your way you have

your own blessings and a heavenly father

who welcomes you into his arms with love

he heals you raises you up prospers you

and always watches over you those who

caused your stumbling will regret it

those who underestimated you will learn

a lesson they will never forget for

raising their hand against

you I stand by those I love and I will

make all your enemies

flee I’m clearing the path of obstacles

and conflicts for you so make the most

of your

time don’t lock yourself in your room

crying over a past that’s

gone don’t shout into the wind for it

cannot hear

you stop yearning for the false arms of

those who despise despised and tried to


you I hope you don’t love those

ungrateful ones more than you love

me here by my side you will find life a

happiness you never had before and an

emotion so beautiful that you didn’t

even know it

existed I have a powerful reason for you

to live and I am opening this path that

will lead you to your

dreams you no longer need to look back

there’s no one in your past who loves

you as much as I do who wishes only good

for you who can bless you and guide you

embrace the security of feeling loved

and protected by a supernatural

God I’m not asking for material things

like gold silver or precious stones what

moves me is your faith and

sincerity you have the desire to change

you want to live your life as you should

making the most of every minute and

using your talents and resources ources

to bless others starting with your

family you desire in your heart to tell

the world that there is love forgiveness

salvation a way a truth and that in my

presence they will find the strength

they need to rise again and start

over leave the past behind make the

decision for yourself and if you need

help know that I am willing to extend my

hand I will forever remove anything that

hinders your path so don’t be sad when

you no longer receive notifications from


tongues I gave my life on the cross to

give you Freedom you were not born to

live in emotional bondage to endure the

screams and despise of false

LS you won’t miss those who hurt you

anymore I am giving you a spirit of Love

self-control courage and

honesty if you have to face people from

your past or Walk Through the flames

where you once burned don’t fear I am by

your side you will shut the mouths of

lions defeat mocking enemies walk

through fire and your clothes hair and

feet will not suffer the pain they did

before today in my Holy Name you will

face those conflicts and in my Holy

Spirit you will overcome them tell me

with faith that you believe in me

activate your faith nurture your soul

with my word and remember all my holy

promises they are your shield and sword

when facing adversity will who is with

you the almighty God omnipotent King of

Kings Lord of lords Majestic in power

and authority I give you the strength to

overcome answer me I want to hear

you feel how these words reignite the

faith that was once dim and rekindles

the Flames of your desire to trium

listen receive believe there is no bad

habit or vice you cannot conquer the

enemy has no power over you and you must

create it because neither sorcery

witchcraft spells nor curses can harm

you the armies of evil surround you but

they are just making noise uttering

empty threats well they want you to fear

because fear is the only thing that can

stop you Rise Brave heart I’m giving you

Authority stand upon the conflicts that

came to steal your happiness today your

chains are broken the discouragement

that weighed you down the emotions that

battered you and the memories that hurt

you will all end give me your hand and

let’s walk together towards success and

blessings tomorrow come to me again and

I will give you even more living water

from the Eternal rock my Holy Spirit to

fill you with love that surrounds you

and my Supernatural presence that will

never leave you I’ll tell you once more

because I know that when you hear it you

receive joy and

peace I love you you need

love come to the safe place every

morning I’m waiting to dress you with

affection and cover you with protection

to embrace you with a sweet hug of love

take your hand and like a caring parent

lead you to my

table I will nourish you with Divine

words that give you great strength clean

your face tidy your hair and give you a

bag full of new

desires we will go out together to live


fight I love to see your happy and

confident face because you know that you

are not alone you know that I will

defend you no matter what

happens even as we go through dangerous

paths and deep valleys I will be there

and you can look at me with those

trusting eyes eyes I will never let go

of your hand let’s continue walking we

will start to climb until we reach the

top of a new Mountain there you will

find the victories that are already

yours and you will receive a new

purpose I will renew your

hopes the sun shining in your future

will etch the beautiful blessings you

are about to receive on your skin you

are no longer the same your face shines

with happiness your legs are strong your

feet are light your arms can bear great

burdens and your character will shine

even brighter than steel I will continue

with you throughout the journey but you

will reach your destination first you

must learn to walk by faith and not by

sight it will make me very happy when

you can trust me with all your heart

even when you don’t see me and despite

the problems that come your way don’t be

don’t be afraid I am with with you no

matter what you will have such great

Security in knowing that I will never

abandon you and you will continue on

fulfilling your purpose and

responsibilities without stopping or


discouraged with this burning and living

faith that ignites your desire to

succeed you will overcome any

challenge whether you have abundance or

need whether your body is in good health

or struggling with illness whether your

family supports you you or your loved

ones have abandoned you remember this

promise in your soul believe and

trust I am the almighty God who fulfills

what he

promises I don’t break my contracts or

lie I am a consuming fire but for those

who truly believe in me and give me

their hearts I am sweet and eternal love

patient and understanding I rejoice in

your repentance reward you with

forgiveness and cleanse your heart even

if you have failed keep walking come to

me with confidence it is not my purpose

to hurt you because of your mistakes and

even if you have to face the

consequences of your errors I will help

you you will continue on and I will take

away your burdens do not be swayed by

your emotions when you feel

discouraged persist and do not give up

you are on the verge of seeing how much

I love you you and I will always love

you what do I need to do to convince

you I will take your hand kiss your

forehead and tell you again how much I

love you but now in a way that you will

feel it

deeply you will sense the sacred Aroma

of this Supernatural love that surrounds

you I am removing your worries and

immersing you in a beautiful wonderful

Eternal holy and healing emotion that

will never leave

you this emotion is called love and if

you haven’t felt it before get used to

it because I am filling your heart with

joy and life I love you and this emotion

will grow every minute your Tranquility

will increase each day your whole being


transforming the world seeks Peace and

Freedom people want to be free from

disappointments and the fear of

loneliness but every time I reach out to

them they run in the opposite direction

rejecting this powerful love that can

transform their lives give them the

courage to reach their dreams and renew

their desire to

live I planted in them The Sensation

that tells them they are not on the

right path they need to come back to me

return home and turn away from Evil

there in the world there will be only

anguish and suffering your eternal life

Divine peace and infinite happiness are

with me I can tell you again I love you

and I am placing little and beautiful

details on your path

today refine your senses feel receive

perceive feel it again treasure this

Sweet Sensation of this eternal love

that covers

you this is something Supernatural that

goes beyond seeing and hearing it’s an

inexplicable emotion that fills you

makes you feel like you’re flying above

the clouds and transforms you it removes

what hinders you my power is manifesting

not only in your emotions but in your

character and

attitude you will no longer be a tree

without fruit a flower without fragrance

or a river without

water you will not suffer from

double-mindedness and you will not live

in a cycle of

mistakes my glory surrounds you

comforting you and giving you

wisdom do your part and come to me in

faith fill yourself with my word open

your Bible every day and

read do it again do not give up

persist this is the real miracle I want

to perform that you have peace receive

my love and your distress and feel well

enjoy my presence do not feel l only let

words and phrases that edify and heal

flow from your mind and lips let your

gaze shine with love and patience treat

your family well a miracle without

fruits is like a glass without water a

plate without food a night without

sleep I never perform Supernatural Works

to impress anyone many claim Miracles

that seem real and Powerful but their

lives and words communicate confusion

and hatred and emptiness

those who do not love do not know me for

I am love do not worry I will help you

forgive forget be patient and give

everyone a

chance don’t let them belittle you

instead treat them with the value and

respect they

deserve some around you may not

understand this Divine love anymore

their hearts have grown

cold they say they believe in me but no

longer have faith that I have the power

to work

miracles do not worry if they do not

wish to believe let them remain locked

in their world where only they are

perfect and point fingers at

everyone they say they know me but their

behavior offends me I will speak to

their lives you keep walking your path

keep praying loving doing good to others

without looking at who they are if they

offend you forgive them again and if you

cannot forgive kneel in my presence I

will give you the strength my holy

spirit will come upon you and fill you

with patience and understanding you

already have victory in all your battles

just come and claim it with faith and in

prayer with your hands

extended I want to pour my powerful

blessing into your

life I will keep showing my love to you

in many ways

while you live in this world you are in


presence you and your family are

important to me both on Earth and in

heaven my power will manifest in

thousands of families receiving this

word they will be restored and greatly

blessed every home that loves me will be

illuminated by my divine presence amen

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