God Message For You Today | JESUS : I Know You”ll Choose Me Right? |God Says

God has a message for you

today waiting is to difficult but ready

until my perfect time is higher do you

suspect whether or not without having a

plan or a cause I will permit you to

look ahead to assume things while you

wait you just simply think about the

blessing what you are looking forward to

but I actually have a lot of different

blessings for you VI you’re ready trust

me and it’s perfect time the whole lot

will show up dot like this video If you

believe sometimes when you don’t get an

solution while you pray you can feel

like stuck in the middle of your

scenario but there are some seasons in

your Lifestyles you don’t need a

solution for what I called you to do for

a few things for fens I placed you in a

scenario but even at that time you still

can pass forward by trusting me so don’t

worry whilst you don’t get an answer

because I recognize what I am doing in


existence I recognize in which I am

taking you I recognize y am setting you

in a few conditions so what you need too

is be nevertheless an accept is true

with me type how man if you believe in

Jesus Christ

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