God Message For You Today| God;- My Child have You Forgotten Me?? | God Says | God helps

God says if you Faith me then don’t skip

this video and watch this complete video

blessings approximately come into your

Lifestyles due to the fact you continued

You by no means gave up you remained

trustworthy your willpower passion and

patience helped you preserve going keep

trusting me it’s all about to make feel

every day I reflect on consideration on

you every hour I look once you every

minute I care for you every second I

love you whatever you’re going through I

am with

you if you’re feeling a positivity then

like this

video do not rear I Am with You

Disobedience ter your power and your

need to hand and my plans are to prosper

you and do you no

damage I’m restoring your power you are

being renewed and refreshed for better

days what the enemy suppose for evil I

will turn it around for the coolest

everything misplaced can be repaid and I

can have the ultimate word in your

existence typ our men if you believe

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