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my child I speak to you clearly you

hesitate in following my guidance you

doubt the wisdom I have imparted

wavering without

decision this indecision is a choice in

itself the wrong

choice I have lit a fire within you

fueled by the gifts I have lovingly

placed in your spirit yet still you

struggle to trust both in my voice and

in your own ability to walk the path I

illuminate you plead for confirmation

but true confirmation requires faith I

will guide you but you must take the

first steps know that I have ordained

your every footprint along this journey

I am intricately invested in all aspects

of your life Great and Small trust in my

total sovereignty for I am accomplishing

my good purposes even through your

doubts and

failings why do you yet resist

partnering with my power at work within

you fan the flame of your gifts into an

inferno when you step out I will lift

you up I can accomplish infinitely more

through your obedient trust than your

anxious toil ever

could you have allowed the words and

labels spoken Over You by others to bind

you up muzzling your voice and

vision cast off these

shackles boldly claim the freedom I have

provided for you there is always a way

forward with me the time for

procrastination has passed your

continued inaction exacerbates this

challenge I have set before you which

will only grow more unmanageable the

longer you T but take heart in love I

exhort you for now is precisely the hour

in which I stand knocking at the door

you have been requesting me to open you

need not rely on human

capabilities be they your own or

anothers and Trust this calling entirely

to my provision I do not change my

promises are

sure if I have spoken it you can stake

your life upon its

fulfillment hope a new in my unfailing


loyalty just as young David needed no

armor or battle strategy of man to fail

the giant so too will I amplify your

voice to ReSound with

potency ageold strongholds will crumble

at the decree of my words through your

mouth step forth boldly

do not look to any mortal for

qualification you have already been

equipped and approved in my son my

healing shall be made fully manifest in

your body as you receive this

pronouncement by faith the Searing Pains

of Injustice will be cooled by my

restorative Waters flowing through

vessels yielded to my spirit what I have

destined as compensation will reach its

rightful recipients in due

time anchor your trust now in this

promise I breathe over you fear no

longer The Stumbling uncertainty of your

speech for I shall fill your mouth with

my words which shall never return void

your voice will Thunder with

transformative Authority and power as

did my Prophet Jeremiah’s of old when I

touched his lips for some receiving this

I see how you grieve perhaps you have

recently lost a mother or dear loved one

your sorrow has exhausted mind body and


but I declare over you this is the day

your mourning ends be comforted for my

spirit has come alongside you as

counselor receive my

peace others hear me speak regarding

household disputes and legal battles be

still for I have already decided the

outcome in your

favor I am turning the key in this

changed lock what I have spoken I will


perform rest in the certainty that I am

intricately involved in every aspect of

your life not one word of loving

Direction Falls void nor will my

steadfast companionship ever leave you

lacking in strength determined Trust in

Me Is Never

misplaced Journey now with fresh Vision

speaking my promises into

being my child I am already

accomplishing more than you can ask or

imagine through a willing vessel such as


there are moments when my guiding voice

seems absent to you my beloved the

clamor and Chaos of the world erupt into

ear splitting static drowning awareness

of my gentle

Whispers but know this I am always

present in

speaking the disorienting cloak of

darkness which descends at certain

seasons of life is simply meant to

intensify your focus upon my unchanging

light ever

shining instead of panic and worry in

these bewildering times fix your gaze

fully on me and listen for me

within yes the trials and tests of

seasons like this are painful and

confusing you will be tempted to

interpret discomfort as

abandonment but have I not already

proven my faithfulness to sustain you

time and

again I am orchestrating Redemptive

purpose even in the thin spaces of

understanding where human logic fails

cling tight ly to my character and

Promises as storms in circle round do

not dwell on swirling chaos instead

recall remember recount the many rescues

and Provisions I have accomplished on

your behalf for they foreshadow the

mighty Deliverance swiftly coming mine

is the incomparable name to be exalted

above all I alone render the Sinister

schemes of enemies utterly powerless so

arise now from paralyzing fear boldly

Proclaim my lordship decreeing my

authority over every sphere of life and

Dominion as you declare truth and

obedient trust strongholds which oppose

my loving intentions are demolished

stand unwavering upon my word’s sure

Foundation shelter safely in the shadow

of my

wing I am granting Divine strategies and

favor to turn mourning into dancing

using Triumph out of what the enemy

meant for harm hold tightly to the

vision I have spoken over previously

Barren places soon to burst forth with

long awaited blessing healing and life

take courage for the appointed hour of

Deliverance is near my overflowing

goodness is already on its way to meet

you Covenant promise compels me to care

for you as the apple of my eye The

Treasure of my heart the Delight of my

soul I will never forsake my beloved

days quickly approach when you shall

gaze back upon this thorny Wilderness

Valley recalling my faithfulness alone

the Lessons Learned here shall reap a

harvest of strength wisdom and deeper

intimacy with me in Seasons

ahead I am sanctifying character fit for

carrying heavier measures of anointing


Authority you are continually becoming

more fruitful soil where my glory and

power grow

unhindered Lean Into Me precious one

allow this shaking to drive deeper roots

of resolve trust and

obedience as you yield wholeheartedly to

the refining fire of present tribulation

you emerge as pure gold a more potent

conduit for my Rivers of Life to heal I

am preparing you for a weight of Wonder

favor and influence

unprecedented catapulting you you into

long awaited

promise the threshing of this hour and

season shall give way to Sevenfold

recompense and rest remain ever near to

me resting in the shadow of my

wing here continue developing

sensitivity to the sound of my voice

learning nuance and inflection uniquely


own our growing dialogue establishes

foundations enabling you to partner

powerfully with my heart’s desire and

design for Regions Beyond

hear and obey the specific blueprints I

impart to you keep in step always with

my spirit never forget you are simply a

vessel through whom my rivers

flow pride has no place in my presence

walk humbly and wholeheartedly devoted

to me yielding daily to the work of my

spirit within you this is the narrow

road to the heights of heavenly

Authority I am calling you into I am

honing you into a a sharp threshing

instrument separating wheat from chaff

light from Darkness life from Death


multitudes the fire and power of my

anointing accompanies bold proclamation

of my word confirming the release of

angelic hosts to establish my kingdom

Reign uncontested across

lands truly I declare your mouth shall

ReSound with World altering Authority

and favor in The Glorious Days just

ahead but for now continue developing

character able to Steward the

acceleration of Kingdom assignment soon

to overtake you abide in the Restraint

of my ripening season a little longer my

beloved your labors here will quickly

bear immeasurable Harvest and

reward but worry not over attempting to

discern the precise Vision fulfillment

timeline my impatient one that is not

your concern learn to rest simply in the

unfolding of today’s faithfulness to

each task at hand knowing my tomorrows

already contain your every breakthrough


release my orchestrating hand accounts

for every detail so perfectly

interweaving stories and timetable of

Earth and Heaven as to make your head

spin Faith rooted in my changeless

nature always Bears its Peaceable fruit

in due season fret not over perceived

delay of promise but rejoice in

catalytic power of process to deepen

dependence on me alone for only through

intimacy with My Heart of Love Are You

transformed sufficiently to contain

measures of Glory now descending upon

you remain steady through this threshold

hour of history and unlock the personal

Destiny simultaneously converging upon

you for behold the hour is coming and

now is when my spirit’s fire is upon

yielded temples to unveil the fullness

of Christ in and through you to the

world but all in proper time beloved all

in due time for now let your ear lean in

closer to my Whispering Heart of Love

there is no need to strain so anxiously

ahead be still drink deep and rest

securely within the gentle quiet of This

Moment’s presence with me

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