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beloved child know that I am your devoted Shepherd and I will forever walk alongside you in verdant Meadows I will

grant you respit and guide you beside tranquil streams to rejuvenate your spirit I will lead you along righteous

paths for the sake of my honor even in the shadowed depths of life’s trials

fear not the darkness for my rod and staff will console and fortify you I

will envelop you in blessings confound your adversaries and and Infuse your

heart with discernment your table will overflow and my benevolence and Grace will pursue you all your days you shall

dwell in my Abode immersed in my boundless love and serenity be not

dismayed for I am ever by your side to sustain you in all things I cradle you

within my mighty grasp enshrouding you in my Sheltering Embrace and enveloping you in my sacred cloak of

affection before we continue on this journey of enlightenment let’s spread some Joy like this video and type Amen

to infuse our space with Divine energy and Faith your interaction fuels our mission and together we radiate

positivity and hope to the world I fervently yearn for you to seek me to

tenderly heed the words I impart unto you may this heartfelt missive sink deep

into your being allow me to inscribe upon the recesses of your mind the marvels of my love so you may find find

Solace and dispel doubts regarding your worthiness of The Splendid gifts I wish to bestow upon you Embrace these

missives I dispatch with faith for they are tailored expressly for you dare to

trust in me release the grip of anxiety fear and sorrow do not Harbor them

within your heart any longer lay them once more at my feet and entrust them unto me a new I have wondrous plans in

store for you but first I require your unwaver in faith and Allegiance your

destiny rests securely in my hands and when you Repose In My Embrace without reservation or distrust my blessings

will Cascade upon you abundantly surrender to me your fears your anxieties The Melancholy that

weighs upon you it is my fervent wish for you to lead a steadfast existence to

find Solace I impart this to you with all my tenderness for I desire to see

you stand firm and continue your journey I am preparing you to surmount and

Conquer every trial you are aware that I am with you in the darkest hours I Am The Guiding Light at your feet by day I

am your guardian shielding you from the arrows hurled by your adversaries permit

my Holy Spirit the opportunity to mold your character for I long to instruct you to utter words that are Divine

Transcendent and uplifting enter into the sanctuary of my written word and

discover the depth of my humility always using language to administer healing

bestow forgiveness and shower blessings upon you my cherished one witness the

unfolding of Miracles when you align my promises with your unwavering faith and

speak blessings into the lives of those around you I assure you of triumphant

Victory when you recognize that your journey must be led by faith not swayed by mere appearances or the fleeting

emotions that Rage with within your soul do not yield to the whims of transient feelings instead contemplate your future

and the Ware of your loved ones decisions made in the turmoil of emotions can inflict deep wounds that

may require years to mend I have endowed you with the strength to conquer but the initiative must stem from within you

surround yourself with companions who uplift your spirit adopt wholesome habits and steer clear of detrimental

influences refuse to permit malevolent individuals to infiltrate your life with their

deceitful Fabrications and malicious gossip as they Endeavor to disrupt the

serenity I have instilled within your heart piler your dreams ridicule your aspirations and extinguish your hopes I

will eradicate the yearning to reminisce and reconnect with acquaintances who no

longer contribute positively to your life though you shared my message with

them they chose to to ignore my call now they return seeking to ens snare you in

their deceitful schemes unwittingly becoming Pawns of the adversary who

seeks to ensnare your soul embrace my teachings and turn away from the seeds

of defeat that thoughtless individuals attempt to sew in your life embrace the entirety of my message and share it with

your kin folk it entails No sacrifice to support those who diligently labor to

impart a daily message of encouragement and Tranquility unto you I utilize these

dedicated souls to convey my Divine word to you at the appointed time reminding

you that you are a beloved child of the omnipotent and eternal God who loves

sustains accompanies you throughout the day and soothes your heart at night the words that emanate from me

overflow with tenderness I dispatch them to you to underscore the depth of my affection for you and to perpetually

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