are you aware of what is happening in


world we are witnessing many signs from

the heavens

above but the biggest sign from Heaven

is still yet to

happen prepare your hearts for the day

is approaching when every single

individual regardless of race language

or faith

will see and witness Jesus

Christ in the midst of chaos and

uncertainty it is easy to become

overwhelmed and

distracted the world is tittering on the

edge of a great

change and many feel lost and

hopeless but we must remember that these

signs serve a Divine

Purpose they are not not random or

meaningless they are the birth bangs of

a new era a Divine Symphony

orchestrated by the Creator himself to

prepare us for the ultimate

Revelation the scripture tells

us then will appear in heaven the signs

of the son of man and then all the

tribes of the earth will moan

and they will see the son of man coming

on the Clouds Of Heaven with power and


Glory this prophecy is not confined to

One Nation or people but encompasses all

Humanity it speaks of a moment of


recognition a Divine unwilling that

transcends all Earthly boundaries

imagine a world where every eye is open

to the truth where every Hur appears in

Union with the divine presence of our

Lord and

savior what can we do as we await this

great and Glorious

Day first we must stay vigilant rooted

in prayer and steadfast in

faith let us not be swayed by that trans

and Troubles of this world but remain

anchored in the Eternal promise of God’s

love and his


moreover we must cultivate a spirit of

unity and

compassion as we draw closer to the day

when Jesus will reveal himself to all

let us Break Down The Walls that divides

us remember every Soul you touch is a

Precious part of God’s creation and has

a role in his divine

plan finally let us remain humble and

repentant acknowledging our shortcomings

and seeking God’s

forgiveness as we prepare for the

greatest sign from heaven we must

cleanse our hearts and Minds making them

worthy vessels for the presence of a


so prepare for the biggest and the last

sign to happen before we see Jesus

Christ from our very eyes and until that

day comes remain blessed under his name


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