?”TRUST IN ME WHEN EVERYTHING FEELS CONFUSING” | God Message | God’s Message Now | God Message Today

God is saying to you today my child the

tough times you’re going through right

now aren’t because I’m mad at you or

trying to punish you I care about you a

lot and I’ll always be here for you I

want to help you feel better to lift you

up when you’re feeling down and to help

you when you feel like you’re about to

give up it’s time to be strong and move

towards good things even if you’re tired

or feeling hurt typee yes heavenly

father if you

believe have faith that things will get

better and that you’ll heal trust me

with every step you take in faith you’ll

find strength and healing stand up now

because something good is coming your

way tomorrow will be better because I

love you so much remember I’m always

here for you even when you’re feeling

sad or discouraged reading my words will

help you feel peaceful happy Brave and

full of Faith think about my love for

you throughout the day but try to let go

of the painful memories that are holding

you back type yes God to affirm get

ready for a fresh start and new

beginnings the good things you thought

were gone will come back to you I will

open doors that you thought were locked

forever with help from above I will give

you gifts that will bring you success

and comfort from now on know that I your

God and loving father who is strong and

powerful will always be with you type

if you

believe find your passion and live with


purpose feel a strong desire to follow

what I say and be proud of your faith in

me and my

promises look forward to the amazing

things I will do do for you and your

family anyone who believes in me can

talk to me and see the good things that

come from their faith and

obedience expect some really amazing

Miracles you will see wonderful changes

in the people you care about which will

make you happy even when things get

tough remember that I will never leave

you I will always be there for you no

matter what come to me with confidence

and Trust but also be ready to listen

type yes God to

affirm I’m here to talk straight to your

heart and fill you up with my spirit

you’ll find that this new Strength

you’ve got is

unbreakable promise me that you’ll come

to me every day with your love and faith

I’m always here waiting to welcome you

with open

arms you can count on my love for you

it’s rock solid today I’m reaching out

to touch your heart especially when you

need it most my love for you is strong

real and will never fade no matter what

mistakes you make my love for you will


change even when you feel like you’re

far away from me I’m reaching out to you

saving you from the things that are

holding you back whenever you need me

I’m right here when you’re feeling

desperate I’m here to give you a big hug

and when you pray I’m watching over you

with kind eyes surrounding you with my

grace as you go through tough times

remember that I’m always with you

shining a light to guide you through the

darkness let me tell you something cool

I’ve known you since before you were


born I carefully picked out the day and

time you would come into this

world I’ve been watching over you and

making sure everything in your life goes

just right

sometimes you might wonder why things

happen the way they do but trust me it’s

all for your own good I want to see you

grow and become the best version of

yourself type yes heavenly father to

affirm I have big plans for you like

helping you reach New Heights in life

Faith and

surrender I want to give you the tools

you need to spread positivity and make

amazing things happen don’t doubt

yourself I believe in you and all the

incredible things you can do type yes

Father if you

believe you are special and loved by me

the all powerful Lord you are strong

Brave and destined for

greatness remember this and know that my

love for you is

endless you are not defined by your

mistakes but by your ability to overcome

them after facing tough challenges and

staying strong in your beliefs you will

be rewarded with

Victory keep this in mind as you go

through life don’t let mistakes or

doubts bring you

down every step you take with faith and

love brings you closer to reaching your


potential even when things seem hard

remember that each struggle is a chance

to grow and achieve more with my help as

your rock you can face anything so keep

keep your head up Brave believer because

your journey is all about overcoming

obstacles and reaching

success amen how delightful it is when

we engage in

conversation I derive immense pleasure

from offering you support and it fills

me with joy when you come to me seeking

assistance let us embark on this journey

together hand in hand Feel My Embrace

enveloping you bringing forth feelings

of joy and Tranquility as you open

yourself to this experience a profound

sense of empowerment blossoms within you

equipping you with the strength and

determination to face any challenge that

comes your way seek guidance in my words

my assurances and my

intentions you dwell in a realm of

abundance and blessings but to fully

receive them you must first

believe although you may not yet grasp

the magnitude of these blessings rest

assured that my presence is unwavering

and real a constant source of light and

certainty in your life know that I am

always by your side atoned to the

desires of your heart embrace the true

essence of my grace an eternal offering

rooted in boundless love bestowed upon

you not because of Merit but simply

because you are

cherished when I affirm that you deserve

the finest it is because the finest is

already yours waiting to be

claimed you don’t have to conquer every

battle or Ure endless trials to deserve


blessings in my realm Victory comes

through faith and blessings are received

with genuine thankfulness and

humility the talents and Gifts I’ve

given you aren’t meant for flaunting or

seeking admiration from others those who

truly understand me demonstrated through

their sincere

actions they don’t label themselves as

Leaders or crave

followers they don’t boast or chase


praise if you genuinely seek entry into

my realm guard against Pride even when

you realize you’ve been blessed

abundantly stay humble reach out to help

others with sincerity and you will

witness incredible

Miracles believe in faith and positivity

if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

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