God is telling you now my cherished

child the destiny generations of your

family call are going to be blessed

because you planted seeds of

faithfulness in me and as you’re

obedient to my words if you do the

people who come out of your own family

tree will have a blessing in

background you are harvesting both

appropriate and bad out of your past due

to the fact you aren’t the best person

who’s being sewing you need to take your

alternativ very severely because your

life is going to have an effect on


Generations you cannot control the

Beyond but you may spoil the chain of

hurt and abuse and ungodliness now you

can set up my legacy with the aid of

sewing seeds of Prayer and love and

generosity and faith in the Bible verses

Romans to says for anything change

tend written in former days turned into

written for our training that through

persistence and via the encouragement of

the scriptures we’d have

desire like this video if you are a

follower of

Jesus my dearest child you are my

treasured creation made in my photo and

likeness you are beautiful and valuable

simply the way you are you do not want

to alternate yourself to Delight all of

us or to healthy into any mold you are

fearfully and wonderfully made and I

satisfaction in

you I understand that the arena can be

harsh and and cruel and that it is able

to make you experience insecure and

unworthy po do not let the sector

outline you or dictate your really

worth you aren’t what the sector says

you’re you are what I say you’re and I

say you are my liked child my

masterpiece my

treasure I need you to be healthy and

happy and to Revel in the existence I

actually have given you I do no longer

need you to harm yourself or to deprive

yourself of the great things I actually

have for

you I need you to have a balanced and

effective dating with meals and your

body I want you to nourish yourself not

punish yourself I need you to appreciate

yourself not reject yourself I want you

to like yourself no longer detest

yourself self I am here to help you and

to heal you I am here to give you the

energy and the grace you need to triumph

over your bad habits or addictions I am

here to set you free from the bondage of

sin and shame I am here to repair your

dignity and your pleasure all you have

to do is to consider me and to follow me

to trust me approach to agree with that

I even have your great hobby at heart

and that I will never leave you nor

forsake you to follow me manner to obey

my instructions and to walk in my ways

my instructions aren’t burdensome

however existence giving my methods are

not oppressive however

releasing Jesus Proclaim type y s if you

need to be a light in the Darkness

affirm I’m excited for the shift it’s

about to rise in my existence a shift to

be able to carry new blessings to my

doorstep I’m greater affected person now

than ever before I recognize that what’s

supposed for me will appear proper on

time I’m flowing results easily through

my existence no resisting trade

certainly welcoming it I’m not allowing

anyone or something to face in the

manner of my greatness I’m heading into

a life converting chapter a worthwhile

period full of unlimited opportunities

and new

energy my dearest child I am a mighty

God nothing is just to difficult for me

I have chosen to use vulnerable ones

such as you to accomplish my function s

your weak spot is designed to open you

up to my

power therefore do now not worry your

limitations or measure the days demands

in opposition to your power what I

require of you is to stay related to me

living and trusting dependence on my

endless assets when You Face surprising

demands there is no need to panic


that I am with you talk with me and pay

attention while I speak you through Each

challenging situation I am not a clumsy

God when I allow problems to come into

your Lifestyles I equip you fully to

deal with them relax in my presence

trusting in my strength I am your living

God far more abundantly alive than the

the maximum vivacious character you know

the human body splendidly crafted

however gravity and the inevitable

outcomes of growing old way

down even the maximum superb athlete cat

maintain his Fitness over many many

years lasting considerable existence may

be determined in me on my own do not be

troubled approximately the weak spot of

your frame instead view it as the

Prelude to my infusing energy into your

being as you discover more and more

fully with me my life turns into an

increasing number of intertwined with

yours though the process of Aging keeps

inwardly you develop stronger with the


years those who stay near me expand an

inner life foress that makes them appear

younger regardless of their years let my

life shine through you as you stroll

within the light with me type five

in if you needed

this your longing for Heaven is right

because it is an extension of your

longing for me the desire of Heaven is

meant to reinforce and encourage you

filling you with wondrous Joy many

Christians have misunderstood this

phrase hope believing that it denotes


thinking nothing could be farther from

the fact as quickly as I have become

your savior heaven have become your

remaining vacation spot the phrase

desire of Heaven highlights the benefits

you could Revel and even even as

remaining in the

world this wish maintains you spiritual

alive during dark times of adversity it

brightens your path and heightens your

consciousness of my presence my

preference is that you could overflow

with hope via the power of the Holy

Spirit typ he ass if you think Lord is


savior listen carefully have you been

crying out to the Lord for something

maybe there may be a scenario to your

lifestyle it’s been overwhelming and

also you feel like you’ve completed the

whole let you recognize to do all

however can’t see a way

through be recommended these days due to

the fact we serve a God of Justice he is

devoted to his word and he will

constantly be trustworthy to you not

most effective is see a God of Justice

he is your

Vindicator one aspect we have to don’t

forget is that our conflict is now not

with the person that can also have

wronged us scripture says that the enemy

of our souls the accuser of the Brethren

is our closing enemy know today that God

already has a plan he already is aware

of the destiny and he will bring about

Justice before eternity is through he

will proper the wrongs that have been

finished to you your part is to release

the scenario into his successful Palms

you don’t need to straighten anybody out

or write the wrongs to your life it is

God’s process trust him along with your

destiny because the God of Justice is

operating things out on your

behalf enter lord always protect me

beloved now we are youngsters of God and

it has no longer yet been revealed what

we will be but we recognize that once he

is found out we shall be like him for we

will see him as he is John

– dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dear heavenly father I

call on you right now in a special

manner it is is through your electricity

that was

created every breath I take every

morning I wake up each second and every

hour I live underneath your power father

I ask you now to touch me with that

equal energy for if you created me from

nothing you could recreate me fill me

with the restoration energy of your

spirit cast out something that should

now not be in me meant what’s damaged

and root out any unproductive cells open

any blocked arteries or veins and

rebuild any broken areas remove all

irritation and cleanse any

infection let the warmth of your

recovery love bypass through my body to

make new any bad areas so that my frame

will function the way you created it to

characteristic father restore me to

complete Fitness and thoughts and frame

so that may all serve you the relaxation

of my life I ask this through Christ Our


amen it is foremost that you Contain to

support our Channel and we will try to

make you feel good for always and you

can consider donating to us through

super thanks

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