⭕Jesus is alerting you to an important approaching danger.⚠️?| God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now it will

never fail to bless you with unexpected

victories that will asound you since you

have a supernatural protection plan for

Faith as a Believer there will be an

improvement according to God if things

don’t go according to plan leave amen

comment and forward this please

encourage us dear the Creator please

bless the entire month with endless

thankfulness lots of smiles and feeling

accomplished no matter how arduous your

path appears to be if you commit your

task to God he will find a way each day

as a blank slate as is every hour of the

day with God on your side success and

good health are guaranteed so you don’t

need to worry God Almighty has knowledge

of all your needs already thus why Fred

praise God for his promises instead God

is your strength and Sanctuary during

difficult anxious or insecure times he

can lead you to get past your

restrictions and shatter down walls find

rest in Jesus who is a tender and humble

heart and repent of all your sins past

present and future the Creator will

continue to men your D damage soul and

let your weeping become dancing say

thank you to him for his tremendous

Grace that keeps you going through

hardships don’t forget that these

difficulties are chances for Jesus to

accomplish his purposes in your daily

existence developing your faith and

character remember that God has a

purpose for you if you’ve experienced

feeling lost suddenly and then sure of

your purpose he’ll support you in

overcoming setbacks and keep going adore

yourself with this phrase my child stay

focused and have faith that he will

always lead and guard you no bad things

will happen to you or a plague will

approach your home when you put your

trust in me thank God however when Jesus

is at the heart of your life you will

flourish no matter what happens and be

like a tree planted by the water with

green leaves that never turn brown

instead of letting bad ideas and

unfavorable situations dictate your

actions focus on the security you can

find in me we give our lives as adults

and as children to God confessing our

past present and future transgressions

avoid getting sucked into negativity

they will resemble a tree placed near

streams of water which bears fruit when

appropriate and whose leaves never with

a prosperous in all they accomplish

present your demands to God in every

circumstance through prayer supplication

and gratitude a major turning point in

your life is about to occur no matter

how hard your path appears to be I the

almighty will find a way for you put

your faith in my grace kindness

knowledge and Company very soon I’m

going to change the scenario and turn

your situation around now it could be

hard but have faith in my timing I will

not fear evil because you are beside me

even though I am walking down the

darkest Valley God’s love is more than

just any love it is a love that assures

you of amazing

possibilities remember that you can

always embark on a personal path of

faith and exploration even if you feel

cut off from God the materials for which

you have been praying are going to

arrive at your door and his perfect time

God will grant their requests and

provide new avenues give him all your

worries he is the one who looks out for

you you will encounter God’s grace in

copious amounts during the following

period of your life not only has God’s

grace covered every one of my

transgressions but it also offers

creation the outdoors Amusement laughter

and Company keep in mind that even

though life may provide obstacles God’s

grace is enough for us because it is

when we TR truly are strong believe that

he understands what’s best for you

therefore trust in his timing is

everything thank you for being a part of

this journey your

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allow us to continue sharing the

powerful and impactful messages of Jesus

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1 thought on “⭕Jesus is alerting you to an important approaching danger.⚠️?| God’s Message Now”

  1. Lord.today lord open my eyes to see the vabrant colour of you blessings ,the symphony of your fresh favour ,and the breathtaking landscapes of your uncharted territories.ingnite in me spirit expentancy.mey I rise to new heights and walk and walk in the fullness of the destiny you have woven in to the fabric of my being .in the powerful name of Jesus . today,I need you to step in and break down any barrier standing in the way of my healing and blocking my destiny.where I am felling empty and without ,I need your power to show up and expose me to mind blowing miracles.let your favour and unexpected blessings flow in, right on time .in the name of Jesus Amen Amen Amen . father thank you for the love of gift of life thanks you for keeping my family safe and healthy always,lord cover us with the white light from the heaven and no let any harm full on us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen heavenly father thank you for your meacies of love in an end of our life God be magnified in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.thank you God for your love in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen ?????


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