You’ve Got To Release It | God’s Message For You Today | God Message

my friend it’s easy to get so focused on

our dreams our goals and what we want

that it consumes us we can get to the

point where we’re not going to be happy

until it happens but I’ve found that if

we have to have something in order to be

happy our lives are out of balance when

our goals and dreams start to frustrate

us when we lose our peace and are not

enjoying life that’s a sure sign that

we’re holding on too tightly what’s the

solution you’ve got to release it

freedom comes when you say God I’m

turning it all over to you you know my

desires and you know what’s best for me

I’m choosing to trust you and your

timing when we learn to be content

whatever the circumstances it takes away

the power of the enemy it takes away his

ability to frustrate us not only that

but by our actions we show our faith in

God choose to trust in his timing choose

to live in peace and joy and find rest

knowing that he has good things in store

for your future a prayer for today

father today I choose to trust in you I

release frustration over the dreams and

Desires in my heart knowing that you

know what’s best for me I choose to

trust in your timing because you are

faithful in jesus’ name amen like if you

believe in


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