You’re Never Forsaken | God Says | God Message Today

my beloved child know that no Miracle is Out Of Reach for me the aches within your heart I am here

to mend them be patient my dear one your Miracle is coming at the perfect time it

will stand as a symbol of My Endless Love For You There are voices Shadows of darkness

which may whisper doubts into your ear claiming you are undeserving of my blessings they are mistaken my love is

for those who cherish me and my protection covers those who place their trust in me even when you felt alone I

was by your side in the moments you remained silent I was your silent keeper

and when sickness dared to touch you I was your healer now I urge you turn away from the

jealous Whispers ignore the deceitful they wish to see you stumble but I long

to see you reflect my glory people may come weaving deception

attempting to shake your faith close your ears to their falsehoods and continue in prayer I am always

listening hear this right now as you listen to me I am here beside you

showering both spiritual and material blessings upon you now the choice lies in your hands

will you trust in my words or disregard them will you Embrace a life filled fill

with my Supernatural presence or believe the deceit of the wicked rise do not trip over old

obstacles walk forward holding my hand embrace my word and by faith accept my

promises spread the news to your neighbors let them know of a God who welcomes them with open arms Proclaim to

the world my nature forgiving and miraculous offering the answers they

seek there are those in the world who possess everything yet live void of

purpose without me reach out to them share about your heavenly father the God

who freed you from the grasp of evil who shielded you from Devastation remember I am the shepherd

seeking my lost sheep those who yearn for my love and care you are my vessel

meant to bring blessings to share my word with love and strength you will accomplish the

unimaginable with your hands you will bring healing and with your words you will counter the

forces of Darkness I will work through you in miraculous

ways do not be afraid for I am with you on this journey of

blessings let not fear overwhelm you believe in my power to act mightily

in your life if you face Financial hardships trust that I will

provide if your table is sparse believe in my provision

I have always told you I am your father attentive to the needs of my children if you lack come and kneel

before me I will reveal paths and Inspire ideas to fulfill your

needs I am a god of Miracles often using the unexpected to manifest my

blessings remember my ways are not the world’s ways let your heart be steadfast

and your faith unwavering for the blessings I have in store come from sources Beyond Your Wildest

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