You’re Never Alone | God message today | God message for me today | God’s Message Now

after a while you may locate yourself feeling that god is around you

watching over you so don’t forget about these moments don’t allow them to go incomplete

your life is on the brink of change after listening to this message from god

make sure to observe the whole video every word spoken here lays a direction on

your brilliant future type in the feedback if you are geared up

god is speaking to you today hear me my liked infant

your request has been granted open your fingers with faith

for I am about to bestow upon you the long awaited blessing receive and embody this gift

I am sending your manner your kids shall not realize the prisons of suffering

and hunger shall now not befall them I will guard them from tragedies and banish sicknesses

from your midst I am nullifying each curse of family department

and eradicating all spirits of marital infidelity my powerful blood covers your heart

your property your life and your own family defense of you from malevolent forces

no damage shall draw close to for I am your omnipotent god and I guard those I love in the palm of my hand

I watch over you as my greatest treasure and nobody can take hold of you away

this is the answer you’ve longed for you will not worry the malevolent enemy at the doorstep

your desires are coming proper and I recognize you’ve waited patiently and toiled through countless

sleepless nights your faith has been examined however you continued

even when your feelings advised you in any other case I’ve been with you all along

supporting you soon any other blessing will arrive unexpectedly

you did not ask for it but I need to offer it to you however I ought to tell you something

this is not the stop of your adventure you may also have reached the summit of this mountain

however I delivered you right here to peer past lift your gaze to the massive expanse

earlier than you it need to be conquered you are certainly one of my best warriors

and I am placing you at the leading edge of a notable war I am extremely joyful that you’ve answered my call

without excuses you fought passionately for your family and that has moved my spirit and touched my heart

I need to bless you your own family the kids the agent and the little ones yet to come

you are an essential piece in organizing a generation of brave individuals who will look up to you as a beacon of strength

and religion you and your own family are mine and my glory and electricity are living in your house

I will never forsake you a extraordinary blessing is on its way and also

you feel that something exact is about to appear you feel peace however

I need you to nourish your coronary heart with my word and not let down erode your faith

stay strong for I even have the very last say I will heal you of all ailments

upward thrust with courage and each curse debt and painful memory of the beyond

could be pushed from your existence your liberation is to hand

today the chains wreck and pleasure and happiness come abundantly

I will perform a powerful miracle in you reward will fill your mouth

and your coronary heart will overflow you may have all you need

even to bless others and assist those in need pray fervently

and permit me to the touch your frame soul and coronary heart with my power

open the doorways of your soul to me and be packed with my peace

you fought with dedication ignoring discouraging words and grievance from others

the day has come so as to reap victory and get hold of provision and prosperity

entrust yourself to me and I will assist you in the entirety delight in my presence

and I will furnish the dreams of your coronary heart call to me and I will answer

I want to show you notable and marvelous matters I project you to trust in me

my guarantees are written here and you’ve got heard countless instances that everyone

matters are possible for people who accept as true within me I want to peer your response

tell me which you consider but additionally act

rise make the choice to distance yourself from things and buddies that lead you away from me

they will now not come to your useful resource while you face serious issues

material possessions can be of no use if you lose your religion

believe firmly in my promises seek me with your coronary heart

inside the morning for the duration of the day in the evenings and before napping

place your requests in my presence and consider that I will provide you with the great things

matters in your increase and notification listen to me properly

something fantastic effective and remarkable is ready to manifest for your life

I love you tell me which you agree with and from at the moment forward you will witness miracles and blessings

I am your Shepherd and also you lack not anything you have an abundance of affection

and my help is inside you attained by your prayers I choice that you come to me each morning to seek me

and I will lead you to green pastures in which you may rest and drink from the residing waters that deliver tranquility

I am filling you with a choice to stay to fight to development and to in no way

abandon your desires today trust in my phrase deep in your soul

that it’s miles feasible to triumph over all boundaries and tribulations

you will have victory in your conditions and you’ll have peace despite the poor instances that could assail you

you can gain it because I am giving you the strength unwavering character and unshakeable religion

do now not fear unfavorable conditions that attempt to halt you and discourage you on your pursuit of a higher destiny

you have opened your heart to me to be your god and Lord and that is your most crucial step

the enemy will try to oppose your plans however come to me in prayer earlier than beginning

your initiatives commit the entirety to me and I will guard you

and prosper you in all desirable and productive endeavours you decide to adopt

there are many stuff you did no longer do out of worry many goals you probably did

now not achieve due to the fact you idea you could not achieve them but on this new day

I am supplying you with the wisdom to prepare your life and priorities

I am empowering you to acquire notable dreams so as to enrich even your circle of relatives

I am here to manual you to keep your soul to cleanse you and to fill

you with awareness so that you in no way repeat the equal errors

you recognize properly that I will by no means withhold my love from you

I need to transform your existence come up with fitness and prosperity

and never abandon you I will always be by using your facet that will help

you have a existence packed with splendid victories I even have told

you oftentimes how valuable you are to me the greater you persist in

loving me obeying me and on foot with me the extra I will bless you

I am right here to extend my hand and lift you out of the deep pit into which the

problems of existence had forged you it’s time as a way to stop struggling

and on foot the course of ache today I fill you with my love

I give you the deep peace you want to upward push and continue on foot

I come up with the energy to stroll in religion and witness many nice changes on your existence

give me your feelings of guilt and shame and let your coronary heart be full of my affection

and strength I forgive you include me and include me to a brand new life

I am rescuing you right now I need you to experience worth of my love

worth of my advantages and worth of all the pleasure I am providing you with because you

are my child you deserve a life of light understanding

and abundance even inside the midst of your worst struggles going through shortages

and persecutions I could be with you and offer the provision you need

worry nothing your existence and your family’s lifestyles are in my arms

today I offer you the purest love that exists do you accept it

I’m conserving you in my palms and I’m watching over you with love

nothing horrific will happen to you pay interest you are going via

a hard time in an effort to soon quit your sadness will be replaced

via showers of happiness in your darkest storms I bring you in my hands

and I could be waiting for you whilst you sense like crying shed the ones

tears that you’ve been retaining again tell me what you feel I am listening

remember these days that I even have cherished you with eternal love and you have

the power to rise from the pit of sorrow flooding your chest with joy

only via me will you be glad if you’re currently going through the darkish

clouds of battle accept as true within me and let my phrase light your course

your enemies may say you will be defeated however my phrase comforts you and my lips verify it

do not fear or faint I am with you I am strengthening your coronary heart

doing away with your anxiety and worry recuperation your emotions and filling

you with Serenity peace and supernatural electricity believe in me

persist and persevere I am giving you unshakeable electricity

and faith if you want to witness miracles and wonders you are to preserve

praying believing preventing persisting and preserving

persevering I give you unwavering electricity and religion

but in case you emerge as discouraged or matters don’t cross as planned I will usually be there

to raise you up my Grace and mercy are eternal

today as I speak in your coronary heart in a private and intimate manner

recognize that there are not any bounds to my love and forgiveness for you from

the very womb of your mom I have recognized you I am properly

aware of the pains and tribulations on the way to Mark your adventure

I see your love for me your unwavering notion in my lifestyles and your determination to

are trying to find me even within the face of negativity that can surround you

you remain steadfast unswayed via threats and lies from the enemy

if you preserve the certainty of my love and the fact of my presence in your coronary heart

then also trust that an exceptional blessing awaits you embrace this

endless truth I am unchanged changing in no way deceitful continually the equal

when I declare my love for you I accomplished that , instances

for its miles proper irrespective of the situations you confront

my love for you by no means waivers while a few may additionally

conflict to recognize this unwavering love preferring falsehoods

you will stand sturdy you will now not give up retreat or flip lower back

you will no longer abandon your faith or my guarantees day by way of day

hold to this reality your life is valuable to me just because

it became after I aided you inside the past I continue to be your consistent aid

displaying my love in infinite ways you can trust that I am continually

by means of your aspect looking over you defending you and worrying for you

your wishes phrases and prayers are continually heard and I command my

ministering angels to act in your behalf I take satisfaction on

your energetic faith and how you deliver your desires to me some may also

advise looking for me simplest if you have requests however I say to you

are seeking for me with all of your coronary heart and I will manage the rest

a time will come whilst you may recognize that even before you talk I know your desires properly

your requests aren’t in useless and I have fun within the beat of your religion

you recognize that I love you and will answer you what warms my

heart maximum is your endurance while my reaction isn’t fast

I fear your staying power for you have Learned to wait and consider that I will offer what’s real

and beneficial to your lifestyles take courage for I spread your complete being

with terrific electricity the days of sorrow will pass

and joy will go back in your lifestyles and your private home

you can serve me with the aid of sharing this message to let blessings go with the flow

to many souls today I bless you in your natural and simple

coronary heart because of your faith tremendous and exquisite things

are destined to your existence I am right here waiting for you

come the following day percentage your mind and desires with me

bring your plans to my throne for I assure you considerable advantages

allow me to relieve you of the heavy burdens you deliver do now not preserve onto them

learn to agree with someone who loves you keeps guarantees and will by no means fail you

I am right here to help aid and raise your tired arms

when you stroll through the valley of shadows and tears I walked with you

in the desolate tract in which you feared on your existence I brought forth water

from dry places handing over you from dying’s grasp more than one instances

do not permit your heart be troubled by way of conditions you cannot recognize

banish doubt and communicate with enthusiasm strive and give thank you

recognize that my love my care is the purpose you continue to stand

your soul bears deep wounds and at times you struggle to trust everybody

or something you may even doubt the life of affection feeling that

it has eluded you many have regarded as pals most effective

to searching for something from you but recognize this you are not

inherently negative anger and resentment were now not born on

your coronary heart you bear wounds and they weigh closely upon you

you wake up weried and discouraged unable to look the silver lining or the beautiful

benefits surrounding you I love you deeply and I yearn to heal you

there may be resistance inside you an immediate response that you do not want my assist

yet if you can see your soul and your coronary heart via spiritual eyes

you would understand the deep wounds you disguise healing awaits your soul a

clean begin on your coronary heart your individual can remodel

and I can renew your manner of wondering infusing peace and Serenity into your spirit

I preference entire recuperation for you from head to toe

these words are not coincidental they preserve which means

I keep a powerful miracle for your family and also you inside my hands

I will touch your lips with divine energy silencing the words that harm your spirit

and prevent your destiny while malicious individuals have crossed your direction

bear in mind that I even have chosen you you are unlike others

you have witnessed severa miracles heard my assertion of love regularly I wish

you apprehend this by way of now therefore I implore you

to understand that you no longer have time for the lies and fiery darts your adversary

hurls at you believe in my word and the wonders I even have displayed

in your life witnessed with the aid of your very own eyes if I actually have

assisted you until these days it’s because I love you deeply and also you hold

excellent price to me even if the ones around you fail to acknowledge your significance

or worth believe absolutely which you are of Mammoth price to me

your heart will experience it and tears will laugh as you recognize on this second

whilst analyzing and listening to me the instance is my voice known as out to you

how a good deal I even have cared for you covered you and cherished you

I will continue to take care of you manual you and help you

believe with all of your heart that no matter what transpires my love for you will undergo

do no longer lose wish for I am right here to strengthen you and provide the power to face up to

I supply you the fortitude to transport forward to stay unshaken by

afflictions you will no longer suffer defeat or shame

listen to my phrases be full of braveness for the days beforehand

will require it through your fervent faith you’ll witness a supernatural miracle

my phrase holds the power to heal your body to bless your circle of relatives

and to offer for all your wishes there can be no lack at your desk

joy will fill your property and actual prosperity might be yours

receive my benefits with a humble coronary heart and recall those who bear difficult instances

I love you deeply and preference to see you flourish allow me to heal

you absolutely renew your spirit and manual you closer to a brighter destiny

trust in my unwavering love for I am right here for you constantly

on this unique day as we Mark a months of our connection I want to talk to

you directly from the depths of my heart I see your choice to apply your

blessings to help others and I encourage you to continue doing so

when you expand your hand to those less lucky you are embodying the spirit of

affection and I promise you that heaven’s gates open wider in response

I lengthy for your property to be packed with an abundance of peace and joy

true blessings are determined inside the harmony and stability that Grace your family

I need to bless you with health and understanding ushering in instances of religion

happiness and new beginnings trust in the brighter future I have in keep

for all who love me know that I am your ever gift all powerful

God I am by using your facet watching over you

defensive you and upholding you these days and for all eternity I am here

to rescue you from depression and infuse your heart with braveness

feel my love enveloping you for I need you to no longer handiest trust in me however

additionally enjoy the pure and exquisite sentiment of being cherished and protected by means of

the writer of the universe revel inside the large piece that each word brings

these words are meant to erase your beyond and your pain to show the extraordinary

cost within you and to unveil the beautiful destiny that awaits

please agree within my love for you as you face nowadays with courage and determination

know that I will never can help you fall allow me to assist you I see

your weariness and your overwhelming despair I’ve witnessed your silent

cries for assist those moments when you notion you couldn’t go on

you’ve requested for assistance quietly not looking everyone else to realize about

your situation but I’ve heard your whispers while you felt like you had been dropping

the need to live I’m happy you’ve come to me with the religion that

in your heart many stuff I can do for you remain in my presence

you’ll locate no longer best my love but also my strength here in my embrace

you’ll discover safety fear will no longer attain you and

the sector will not harm you I need to safe haven you forgive

store free up and heal you I actually have the great plans

for you and I believe in your capability you have each right to be happy

to dream and to gain more I empower you to overcome any challenge

and my peace envelopes your soul as you listen or examine those phrases

believe in me take delivery of my love and include my help for its far

always your high quality preference I see beyond what your eyes can

understand and I am preparing delightful surprises for you beyond what your heart

can realize I need to look you well satisfied sturdy and eager

to stand any adversity which can rise up allow mind of victory and

triumph to fill your mind be nevertheless do now not concentrate

to the voices in your head that try and frighten you or make you doubt your goals

the enemy may also launch many arrows to your direction attempting to divert you from

what I have prepared for you however do not be afraid your enemy may

additionally rise menacingly but I am more powerful illness may

additionally are trying to find to scouse borrow your hope however I want to heal you

those own family troubles that have discouraged and distressed you may soon exchange as

I work brilliant miracles so my light will you believe in me

now or will you doubt if you pick to trust in me you may upward thrust

preserve to combat satisfy your obligations and persevere to your faith

I know you’ve got suffered silently crying due to the scenario you face however

nowadays I will surround you with my love wipe away your tears and provide

you with residing water your frame might be packed with health your spirit

renewed and your soul will no longer thirst the enemy may

additionally try and upward push in opposition to you each day trying to make

you stumble however today you’ll stand organization because my Grace will uphold you

the latest days may have been tough but this issue will come to and give up now

always keep in mind I love you and my love will fill each part of your being

getting rid of all fear look at me now and ask what is not possible

for me just as I calmed storms parted seas and helped many

perform miracles and feats today I calm the storms within you I

provide you with the energy to walk on the waves of doubt and you will now not sink

for I expand my hand and my mercy aids you I am sending

my angels to observe over you as you swim against the modern to guide your hands

and prevent you from sinking a celestial military will go before you

supporting you in your battles I have already commanded terrific benefits for you

and your fears and enemies can be defeated by my power your hour of victory

is approaching your electricity could be renewed will you permit me

to keep guiding you I will restore what rightfully belongs to you

I am pleased with your person in spite of the various assaults it has persisted

you have continued pain that you did not deserve yet I will keep to poor benefits upon you

do not worry approximately individuals who seek to instill worry in you you are

privileged you are hearing words and revelations that others have

in no way heard stay steadfast do no longer be swayed stay

targeted envious humans have tried to deliver problem into your lifestyles

attempting to deliver you down and scouse borrow from you they have spoken

unwell of you however you stand strong you have now not misplaced

your religion I am pleased which you have found out to cost what certainly

topics and to push aside the phrases and intrigues used by your enemies to hurt you

their jealousy blinds them to the light that emanates from you my presence

on your life disturbs them and my desire in your home angers them to the factor wherein they

cannot sleep while these envious people lose sleep rest confident

that you may relaxation in self belief and calmness I will shield

your lifestyles your circle of relatives your house and your job

I will take care of them I will calm them and divert their interest to other matters

they have realized that irrespective of what they do they cannot motivate even

the slightest issue their households are in shambles because they rejected my phrase

and my love I supplied them my recommend for his or her well being but

they solid it aside and distance themselves from me however you chose

to observe me recognizing that I held the answer and the manner out for all of your troubles

you devoted yourself to my will together with your complete coronary heart believing my

word definitely you realize that now not each person is like you

look around you many will be taking part in my love but their hearts have hardened

things have never long passed as they needed and they blame me

you are distinctive now that your happiness and your future do now not depend upon

human beings they depend solely on me I need you to

retain in this manner each day you will become better more potent

to the point wherein your enemies will come to you asking you to speak approximately me a greater

blessing awaits you in addition down the road maintain your religion and

your loyalty I may be with you everyday keep combating

and do no longer surrender I love you I am telling you this with

all my heart I love you definitely and I do not need you to

suffer anymore I recognize you are going via such tough conditions that

you’re feeling you haven’t any electricity left however you need to appear well at the outdoor

not letting every person see you suffering or understand your situation

but I recognize you better than yourself the mirror in front of you most effective

suggests what you want to see however I see your spirit sense your coronary heart

and despite the fact that you are courageous come and speak to me please

what are you looking ahead to to inform me what you’re going through I will collect

each of your tears and lift you from the dirt stop doubting and vicinity

your burdens on me in order that I may additionally deliver them for you you have

the blessing of being my child that’s why I have many presence and wonders equipped to

go into your existence and the lives of your family powerfully you

will see how your internal self is full of joy and happiness as you witness my word being

fulfilled for your existence I will continually be with the aid of your

aspect and my angels may be guardians guiding your direction to watch over

and guard you from unwell intentions whenever you awaken in the morning

are searching for me pray and you will see how your day is blessed

I will fill you with my gentle love so that not anything disturbs you

if an unexpected difficulty arises just speak to me and I will light up your

roots so you make the right choice I will provide you with the necessary

information and give you signs to manual you be positive that I have

constantly sought the exceptional for you because you deserve it as long as your

heart stays dependable to me and filled with good intentions ask and it will

be given to you in line with my will you are a baby of the omnipotent

god and I am faithfully with you therefore nobody can upward thrust

in opposition to you or harm you with love I take your hand

accompany you in each step you’re taking and open new paths for you

everything you do in my name may be blessed and you may see abundance

and fulfillment within the proper belongings you adopt with me by means of your side

your desires and projects will flourish because I your Almighty God

am usually with you poverty will now not touch your home due to

the fact my presence covers and maintains the devouring spirits cruel illnesses

difficulties hatred and resentment at bay your circle

of relatives is below the divine Protection of my Holy Spirit

I have given you my promise to remain trustworthy to you and so it shall be

for eternity remember that your religion should be as sturdy as a mustard seed

the smallest of seeds that grows into the biggest tree you are like

that seed and I recognize you will grow tall my word has such power

that if you were to inform the mountains to move in my name they could flow

never doubt me I am the simplest god who stays trustworthy

no matter what happens I will by no means depart you by myself and I

will love you for eternity do no longer forget about that I realize

every part of you what you feel what you observed and what you may do

that’s why I know you deserve all the love I should provide nobody knows

you higher because I created you shaping you in my photograph and likeness

I ask you to solid away all hatred and the desire for revenge

instead I invite you to wish for every of those who have brought about you damage

so that they will discover their manner to me their lives are empty

and they do no longer observe my phrase or my commandments but go away

them in my arms for I will do my paintings I will reach their hearts

and cause them to see the truth I do not want you to waste time on vain matters

I want you to consciousness on me on my promises on the whole thing I have organized

to offer you I were with you seeing that your delivery and even earlier

than that I watched you grow and witnessed everything you needed to endure

without a doubt you’re sturdy and I am right here to offer you with the necessary

electricity to keep I ask simplest which you trust in me and continue

to be firm for your faith I will completely remodel your lifestyles

amen I love you my child type

amen in case you consider in God if you are prepared

type yes take care of yourself it’s now not

approximately being the excellent it is about being higher than you had been the day past

type I declare it in case you obtain this declaration

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you agree with in this like this video and join the channel if you agree with

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bless you my baby type amen

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