You’re Never Alone |God message jesus | God Tells |

my dear child today is a happy day

because you chose to spend time with me

I want you to know that I see and

appreciate your

decision I’m here to surround you with

my love and support especially when life


tough sometimes it’s easy to feel lost

or down but I want to remind you that

you’re stronger than you

think inside you there’s a special light

that will always shine even in hard

times this light will guide you through

tough times and help you

succeed no matter how hard things get

remember I’m always with you looking out

for you you’re never alone because I’m

here to comfort and help you when

whenever you need

me believe in yourself and what you can

do you can overcome any problem that

comes your way just stay strong and keep

believing in

yourself know that your love no matter

what I’m here for you now and always

will be trust me have courage and keep


forward I know times might be tough but

don’t be afraid because I’m in control

you don’t need to worry because I am

here fighting for you and keeping you

safe let go of your worries doubts and

fears believe that I’m helping you

become stronger and wiser you’ll achieve

all your dreams and live a life full of

good things

remember the promises I’ve made to you

they’re not just words but a sign of my

Everlasting commitment to you hold on to

them like beacons of

Hope walk with confidence knowing that

everything will be okay because I am

here for you my child thank you God for

your endless love and

blessings comment amen if you believe in


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