You’re Doing It Wrong: The Truth About Praise and How It Can Change Your Life

have you ever felt like giving up have

you ever faced a situation that seemed

impossible to overcome have you ever

wondered why God allows you to go

through trials and tribulations if you

answered yes to any of these questions

then this message is for you God has a
What is Praise

plan for your life he knows the end from

the beginning he knows what you’re going

through right now and he knows how to

turn it around for your good but you

have to do your part you have to praise

him in the midst of the storm you have

to thank him for what he’s already done

and what he’s about to do praise is not

just something you do when you feel good

praise is a weapon that breaks the

chains of fear doubt and discouragement

praise is what releases the supernatural

power of God in your situation

praise is what causes miracles to happen

the Bible says that God inhabits the

Praises of his people Psalm

– that means when you praise him he

shows up when you praise him he fights
When You Praise Him

your battles when you praise him he

makes a way where there seems to be no

way so don’t let the enemy steal your

joy don’t let him silence your voice

don’t let him make you focus on the


instead lift up your eyes to the one who

loves you unconditionally lift up your

hands to the one who holds your destiny

lift up your voice to the one who can do

anything what if I told you that there

is a secret to unlocking God’s favor and

blessing in your life what if I told you

that there is a key that can open doors

that no man can shut what if I told you

that there is a a simple yet powerful

way to experience God’s presence and

power like never before would you want

to know what it is well I’m about to

tell you it’s praise praise him in the

morning praise him in the noon time

praise him when the Sun goes down praise

him when you’re happy praise him when

you’re sad praise him when you don’t

understand praise him until you see the

victory praise him until you feel his
Praise Him

presence praise him until you hear his

voice praise is what’s going to cause it

to turn around while you’re waiting for

things to change believing for

breakthroughs that’s when more than ever

you need to give God praise praise

activates his power can I get an amen

can I get a Hallelujah can I get a shout

of Praise come on somebody give God God

some Glory today he is worthy of all our

praise he is faithful and true he is

good and gracious he is awesome and

amazing he is our healer and deliverer

he is our provider and protector he is

our Savior and Lord he is our God and
Closing Prayer

King let’s close with a prayer of Praise

father we thank you for who you are and

what you have done for us we praise you

for your love and mercy we praise you

for your grace and favor we praise you

for your power and might we praise you

for your promises and plans we praise

you for your presence and peace we

praise you in all circumstances and

situations we praise you with all our

heart and soul we praise you with all

our mind and strength we praise you with

all our words and actions We Praise You

Now and Forever More in jesus’ name we

pray amen

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