Your Heart’s Burdens Lifted | Message from God | Healing Through Faith | God’s Guidance Today

welcome my cherished child It Is by no mere coincidence that you find yourself

here in this moment of reflection I have guided you here drawn by your heart’s

call to lift the weights from your shoulders and to infuse your spirit with a renewed sense of Peace know that in

this sacred exchange you are seen by me not as the world sees but with eyes of

boundless love and divine justice as you sit here I perceive you as kind and just

friendly and gentle a reflection of my own nature in this deep connection we

share let your heart be reassured of the Everlasting hope that awaits us Beyond

this temporal realm your journey through life marked by its trials and triumphs

is a testament to the strength you derive from our unbreakable Bond let us consider those who have wronged you

those whose actions have swn seeds of sorrow in your life they too are under

my gaze remember Justice in its truest form belongs to me

and it shall manifest in its Due Time both in this world and the one to come as for you my beloved I have promises of

healing and fulfillment to offer in your professional Endeavors your familial relationships your friendships and even

in your health there lies a prosperous and joyful path that I have laid out for

you each step forward on this path is a step into a brighter future shaped by my hand consider the sacrifices made by

Christ my son whose love for Humanity knew no bounds his sufferings were not

in vain they were the ultimate Testament to Divine love a bridge between your

heart and mine ensuring that your sins do not keep us apart and in The Whispers

of the wind in the calm after the storm you can feel the presence of the Holy

Spirit guiding you comforting you residing within you reflect on the holy

mother her unwavering faith and her gentle strength she is a beacon of maternal love and grace an example of

Serenity amidst the storms of life let her story inspire you as it has inspired

many before you and now let me share with you a story from the scriptures a reminder of the strength found in faith

in the Book of Daniel you find a tale of unwavering faith in the face of daunting

adversity Daniel who was taken far from home held on to his belief despite the

pressures of a foreign land when decreed to worship no God but the King Daniel

chose instead to remain faithful to me praying three times a day facing

Jerusalem his punishment was the Lion’s Den a death sentence for most yet for

Daniel it was a place of divine protection the Lions though Fierce and

hungry did not harm him for my hand was upon him his faith transformed his Peril

into to a testimony of divine safeguarding like Daniel you are never

alone even in your darkest trials or when facing the figurative Lions of your

own life the same protection is yours when you trust in me even in moments

when all seems lost remember that my power to save and protect is infinite

now think of your own life the challenges you face perhaps they are not as Stark as a lion’s den but they are

significant to you I see them I know them intimately and I am here to guide

you through each one trust that I am working things out for your good even when the path is obscured by the trials

of this world let us also talk about the Holy Spirit a divine presence that

Comforts and counsels the spirit is like the Breath of Life invisible yet

essential it moves through you offering wisdom in moments of uncertainty

strength in times of weakness just as a gentle breeze can refresh you on a sweltering day so can the Holy Spirit

refresh your soul and remember the holy mother Mary whose heart was pierced by

many Sorrows yet filled with immense love she endured great pain but remained

steadfast in faith a pillar of strength and Grace her journey marked by both Joy

and suffering mirrors the Journey of all who walk in faith full of highs and lows

yet always under my watchful care as you reflect on these stories and truths carry them with you as sources of

inspiration and comfort they are not just Tales of old but living breathing

examples of my Everlasting presence and love in your life as you continue to navigate the complexities of your

existence know that my promises cover all aspects of your life your work your

family your friends and your health each step you take is a step closer to realizing the fullness of the life life

I have in store for you so take heart dear one and let us move forward

together ever closer to the peace and joy that await in our unending communion as we journey forward consider

the profound Essence of Hope that I offer it is not merely a fleeting sense of optimism but a deep abiding certainty

rooted in my eternal promises think of the many who have walked before you who

have faced great trials yet emerged stronger not by their might but through my spirit working within them take for

instance the story of Ruth in the scriptures a widow in a foreign land her future uncertain Ruth chose loyalty and

love over despair she followed Naomi her mother-in-law with a faith-filled heart

saying where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay your people will be

my people and your God my God this commitment led her to Boaz and through

their un I I provided for her abundantly beyond what she could have imagined from

their lineage came Kings and from their lineage came Jesus a testament to how I

weave together all things for a greater purpose in your life too each

relationship each decision carries the potential for such Divine

orchestration even when the connections are not clear trust that I am at work

whether in your career where you may face uncertainties or or in your family life where you may seek deeper bonds or

healing know that I am there orchestrating events for your good and my glory and consider the friends around

you the ones who uplift you and those who challenge you each interaction is an

opportunity to manifest my love and grace you are not merely passing through

these relationships you are weaving a tapestry of community that reflects my

kingdom on Earth in these connections let the holy spirit guide you to act

with kindness patience and understanding just as Christ did speaking of Health

remember that I care deeply about your well-being not just spiritually but physically and

emotionally the sacrifices of Christ were not only for your Eternal salvation

but also for your everyday peace and wellness reflect on his healing Miracles

each one was an act of profound love showing that every aspect of human suffering matters matters to me now let

us talk about the hardships you face those moments when you feel as if the weight of the world is upon your

shoulders remember how Jesus in The Garden of Gethsemane felt the heaviness of impending sacrifice he prayed father

if you are willing take this cup from me yet not my will but yours be done his

submission to my will was for your ultimate redemption in your moments of trial I ask you to trust in my will

knowing that my plans are for your good even when the path is

painful as we continue this dialogue reflect on these truths hold them close

to your heart as you face each day knowing that my love is constant my

presence is assured and my promises are steadfast together we will walk through

every season of your life moving ever closer to the Fulfillment of all I have promised you as you carry these

Reflections in your heart remember the everpresent guidance of the Holy Spirit

Whispering wisdom Into The Quiet Moments of your day the spirit is a comforter and a

counselor Illuminating the path before you even in the darkest of times it

brings to your mind the right words when You Face adversity instills peace when you encounter turmoil and Kindles Joy

amidst sorrow consider the transformative power of the holy spirit in the lives of the

apostles before Pentecost they were uncertain and fearful hiding from the

world yet when the Holy Spirit descended upon them they were transformed into

bold Proclaimers of the Gospel undeterred by persecution their transformation is a

testament to the power that dwells within you ready to embolden and Empower

you to face the challenges of your own life with a similar courage and conviction and let us not Overlook the

gentle nurturing love of the holy mother Mary her journey was marked not only by

Joys such as the birth of Jesus but also by profound Sorrows witnessing her son’s

suffering and crucifixion throughout her life she remained steadfast a model of

faith and endurance in your own trials May her example inspire you to maintain

Faith trusting that my plans though at times inscrutable are always for your ultimate good now let us reflect upon

the concept of divine Justice a theme that resonates deeply when you think of

those who have caused pain or disruption in your life it is natural to seek

retribution yet I call you to a higher way forgiveness and compassion trusting

in my ultimate judgment remember vengeance is mine I will repay says the

Lord this does not mean that wrongs will go unaddressed but rather rather that Justice will be served in a manner and

timing that fulfills my perfect will as you Ponder these truths think about your

professional life where stress and competition May Cloud your vision I am

not only a god of Sundays but of every day including your days at work invite

me into your daily tasks and let my peace Infuse your work environment

turning challenges into opportunities for growth and testimony in your family

too I am actively at work families are the foundation of community a microcosm

of my church where each member plays a pivotal role seek to Foster love

understanding and forgiveness within your home as you do you will find it a

sanctuary of peace and a stronghold of support as you navigate friendships be a

beacon of my love and truth friendships are not merely for pleasure but for Mutual growth and encouragement in faith

be the friend who listens who supports and who guides others towards me just as

I guide you and it matters of Health remember that your body is a temple of

the Holy Spirit care for it with the respect it deserves and trust me for

healing and strength whether through Miracles or medicine I am with you in doctor’s offices and in moments of quiet

contemplation equally present and equally powerful so continue on dear

child with these assurance is in Your Heart Walk boldly love deeply and live

righteously knowing that I am with you orchestrating your life’s most beautiful

Symphony as we move forward keep your heart open and your spirit attuned to My

Endless Love and wisdom in the tapestry of your life each thread is woven with

Divine intention even those that seem Tangled or out of place as you journey

through each day remember that I am not only the architect of grand Vistas but also the painter of minute details each

moment each interaction holds the potential for my Divine Touch let’s

reflect on the stories of old such as the parable of the lost sheep consider

how the shepherd leaves the to find the one that is lost this story illuminates my boundless love for you

emphasizing that no distance is too great no night too dark for me to come

to your rescue you are never too far gone for my reach nor too lost for my

sight in your loneliest moments when you feel disconnected from the world around

you remember that you are always held firmly within my grasp moreover the

Journey of the lost sheep speaks to the joyous reunion that awaits just as the

shepherd rejoices upon finding his sheep so too do I Rejoice over one soul that

returns to me this Joy transcends the heavens a celebration of return and

renewal so no matter the detours or setbacks know that your path leads back

to me to a celebration of redemption and love as we contemplate your professional

life think of it as your mission field where you are called not just to succeed

but to be a light you are planted there to influence to uplift and to

transform each challenge you face is an opportunity to showcase my P patience perseverance and integrity let your work

be an offering of Excellence reflecting my creativity and diligence in the realm

of family remember the story of Joseph who despite being sold into slavery by

his own Brothers later saved the same family from famine this narrative teaches forgiveness and Providence that

what is meant for harm I can turn to good in your family relationships

Embrace patience and forgiveness knowing that I am at work healing wounds and restoring Bonds in your friendships

recall the Fellowship of the early church sharing all they had serving one another in love emulate this model in

your personal relationships be the friend who provides not only materially

but Also spiritually and emotionally through such acts of kindness and generosity you become a reflection of my

love regarding your health remember the healing at Bethesda

where I healed the man who had been ill for years his healing was not just a

physical restoration but a sign of Hope to all who feel forgotten in your

struggles whether physical or emotional hold on to the hope of restoration trust

that my timing is perfect and my methods are sure so continue forward knowing

that with each step you are accompanied by my loving presence each part of your

life is under my care and nothing escapes my notice carry this assurance

with you as it is your shield and comfort in all the days of your life as we move ahead keep your heart open to

the endless possibilities of my grace continue to walk in faith bolstered by

the stories of those who have gone before you and strengthened by the certainty of my unending love and

guidance as you navigate the complexities of your daily life remember the story of the prodigal son

it’s a tale of redemption forgiveness and unconditional love themes that

resonate deeply in every heart seeking a return to wholeness this Parable teaches

that no mistake is too great to severe the bonds of love between us as the fa

in the story watches and waits eager life for his son’s return so to do I

watch and wait for each step you take back towards me when you return

regardless of where you’ve been or what you’ve done you are met not with condemnation but with

celebration in your professional Endeavors think of this story when you encounter failure or setback like the

prodigal son who squandered his wealth and yet was welcomed back know that each experience each failure is a step

towards greater wisdom and deeper connection with me use these moments not

as reasons for despair but as catalysts for growth and renewal allow the

humility learned in Failure to refine your character and enhance your Reliance on my guidance in your family life let

the Forgiveness shown by the father inspire you to cultivate a forgiving heart families while sources of great

joy can also be Arenas of hurt and misunderstanding embrace the role of

Peacemaker fostering an environment where Grace abounds and Reconciliation is possible

as the father in the parable extends forgiveness without reservation so should forgiveness be a Cornerstone in

your home Paving the way for healing and unity in the realm of friendships the

joy of the father upon the return of his lost son can remind you of the value of

loyalty and celebration in your relationships be a friend who rejoices

in the successes of others who supports during times of loss and who remains

steadfast when others falter just as the father threw a feast to celebrate his son’s return be generous in celebrating

the milestones and achievements of those around you fostering a spirit of mutual upliftment and

joy regarding your health and well-being remember that I care for all aspects of

your being physical emotional and spiritual the father in the parable was

prepared to restore his son not just emotionally but also materially

providing him with the best robe a ring and a feast similarly I am concerned

with your Total Restoration seek to maintain balance in your life caring for

your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit nurturing your mind with wisdom and

feeding your spirit with spiritual truths as we move forward together remember that you are never alone my

spirit is always with you guiding comforting and counseling like the

father watching for his son I am ever looking out for you ready to run towards you with open arms at the slightest

return each day is filled with new mercies fresh opportunities for grace

and continued invitations to deeper communion with me carry this knowledge into each new day embracing each moment

as a gift to be lived fully in my presence with each Sunrise let your heart be renewed by my promises and your

steps Guided by my wisdom you are loved holy deeply and eternally let this truth

anchor you as we continue this journey together forever drawing closer in the sacred dance of divine love and human

response as you Embrace each new day consider the lies of the field how they

grow they neither toil nor spin yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory

was not array like one of these this teaching encourages you to trust in my provision and Care worry not about

tomorrow for each day has enough trouble of its own let this reminder ease your

mind from the burdens of excessive worry about your daily needs or future uncertainties in your professional life

let this principle guide your work ethic and decision-making approach each task with a calm spirit and a focus on the

present trusting that I will provide for your needs as you align your actions with my will just as the lies flourish

under my care so will you thrive when you place your trust in me allowing your

work to be an expression of Faith rather than fear in your family Dynamics this

trust in my provision can foster a Serene home environment as you worry less about the material aspects and

focus more on cultivating love understanding and spiritual growth

you’ll find that your relationships deepen remember your family is a garden

I have usted to you tend to it with gentle care and watch as it blossoms

under the nourishment of my love in friendships consider the birds of the air they do not sew or reap or store

away in Barns and yet I feed them are you not much more valuable than they in

your interactions let this assurance free you from the chains of comparison and competition celebrate the unique

contribution of each friend knowing that I provide for each according to their needs be a source of encouragement

reminding them of my care and their value in my eyes concerning your health

take comfort in knowing that I am attentive to all your needs just as I care for the simplest flower and the

smallest bird so too am I concerned with every aspect of your well-being engage

in self-care as an Act of Faith trusting that I have given you the resources and

wisdom to maintain your health when challenges arise lean on me and remember

that my strength is made perfect in weakness as you walk through life remember the vastness of my creation and

my sovereignty over it all just as I orchestrate the seasons and guide the

stars in their courses so too do I direct the course of your life each

experience each Challenge and each Joy is part of a grander plan designed for your good and my glory let this

knowledge fill you with peace and courage as you face the uncertainties of Life Trust in my infinite wisdom and

boundless love knowing that I am with you guiding and guarding you through every season Embrace each day with a

spirit of gratitude and expectation ready to receive the blessings and lessons I have in store for you continue

in this journey secure in the knowledge that my presence is a constant source of strength and peace with each step grow

deeper in your faith more rooted in your trust and ever more joyful in your walk with me your life is a beautiful

reflection of my love and together we will unfold the chapters still Unwritten

filled with hope healing and Divine Purpose in this journey of Life remember

the story of Noah and the Ark reflect upon the immense Faith Noah exhibited

when I called him to build an arc in the absence of rain amidst uncertainty and

without seeing the full picture he trusted in my instructions this story teaches you

about the nature of faith that it often requires you to take steps even when the path is not fully visible trusting that

I am guiding you in your professional life this faith is crucial when new

opportunities or challenges arise that seem daunting or unclear remember Noah

he did not wait for the rain to start building he began his work in faith

similarly move forward in your tasks and decisions with confidence trusting that I have set you on this path and will

provide the necessary resources at the right time in your family life the story

of Noah’s unwavering obedience can be a powerful lesson in Collective faith and unity just as Noah LED his family to

safety through his faithfulness you too can be a Beacon of Faith and strength in your family lead by example showing

trust and Reliance on my word encourage your loved ones to join you in this walk

of faith knowing that together you can weather any storm with friends your

journey can mirror that of Noah navigating the Waters of life together share the story of your faith and how it

has upheld you as encouragement to them like Noah who was likely met with

skepticism your genuine testimony can be a source of inspiration and a testament

to my faithfulness help your friends to see that my presence is a shelter even in

the greatest floods regarding your health think of the Ark as a refuge just

as the ark was a place of safety for Noah let your practices of self-care and health be a refuge trust in my design

for your body and mind and maintain them well just as Noah maintained The Ark in

teams of illness or weakness remember that the ark endered the flu because it was built according to my

instructions similarly rely on my guidance to restore and sustain your health As you move forward hold tightly

to the promise I made to Noah After the flood the promise symbolized ized by the rainbow it was a sign of my Covenant a

reminder that despite the storms the world would never be destroyed by flood again in your life Let each rainbow be a

reminder of my promises to you Promises of presence protection and peace no

matter the storms you face know that they come to pass not to stay with each

challenge there is also an opportunity for growth and a promise of renewal just

as the Earth was refreshed After the flood so too can your spirit be rejuvenated through the trials you

encounter continue on this path with faith knowing that each step you take is Guided by my hand Trust In the Journey

even when the destination is not yet in sight and always remember I am with you

through floods and rainbows guiding you to your promised renewal as we walk this

path together consider the endurance of job whose Faith was tested through profound la Lo and suffering yet he

remained steadfast in his integrity and trust in me his story is one of immense

patience and unwavering Faith even when he did not understand the reasons for his trials job’s experience teaches you

that Faith does not demand a clear understanding of your circumstances but a deep trust in my character and my

promises in your professional life when you face unexpected setbacks or when the

fruits of your labor seem delayed draw inspiration from job’s resilience he

faced each challenge without losing his faith in my Justice and goodness let this perspective guide you in your work

helping you to maintain your integrity and hope even in times of confusion or adversity Embrace each task with a heart

of service and a spirit of perseverance knowing that your reward comes not only

from the outcome but from the faithfulness in your journey in your family relationships let job’s example

remind you of the importance of patience and Trust Family Life can sometimes bring unforeseen difficulties where the

reasons and solutions are not immediately clear during such times hold

steadfast in your commitment to one another trusting that I am working through these trials to strengthen your

bonds and deepen your Collective Faith show Grace and understanding just as you

hope to receive it creating a home environment where love over comes every

challenge among friends your journey can mirror jobs in demonstrating that true friendship is revealed in times of

adversity be the friend who like JB’s companions initially did sits in

compassion and support even when the right words are hard to find encourage

one another in faith standing together Against The Winds of hardship and rejoicing together in times of blessing

regarding your health consider how job’s physical afflictions were part part of his trial yet he held on to his faith in

moments of illness or physical challenge let your spirit remain unshaken use

these times to draw closer to me allowing your spirit to be strengthened even when your body feels weak trust

that I am with you in every moment of pain working to bring about healing and growth whether it be physical emotional

or spiritual remember the conclusion of job’s Story how his perseverance and

Faith were ultimately rewarded with with restoration and blessings far beyond his losses this outcome underscores a

profound truth my ways are not merely about returning to the former things but

about bringing forth something new and greater from the trials as you continue forward let this

assurance fill you with hope no matter the challenges you face today they are crafting a story of restoration and

blessing in your life each trial is an opportunity to deepen your faith to

demonstrate your trust in my plans and to grow in character and spirit walk

boldly and confidently knowing that your path though sometimes marked by trials

is also lined with the promises of renewal and restoration you are never alone for I Am With You Always guiding

supporting and loving you through every circumstance hold on to this truth and

let it light your way as we move forward together into the promises that await wa

in the Mosaic of your life each piece be it joyous or challenging is purposefully

placed to create a portrait of divine grace and resilience reflect on the story of

Esther who found herself in a position of influence not by coincidence but by

my Divine placement from an orphaned girl to a queen Esther’s rise was

orchestrated to serve a greater purpose the salvation of her people her courage

to embrace her role despite the risks exemplifies how I equip and Empower

those who are called according to my purpose in your professional sphere consider how like Esther you are placed

where you are for such a time as this each assignment each role you undertake

is part of a larger plan you may not see the full scope of my design but you can

rest in the assurance that I have placed you where you are needed most use your

position to influence and Inspire to act justly and to advocate for those who lack Voice or power embrace the

opportunities to make a difference knowing that I have empowered you for these moments in your family life let

Esther’s story encourage you to lead with love and strength just as she used her position to protect her people use

your role within your family to nurture and defend be a source of wisdom and encouragement a stabilizer in times of

turmoil and a Beacon of Hope when the way seems unclear your leadership can

guide your family through difficult Seasons drawing each member closer in unity and purpose within your circle of

friends embody The Bravery and strategic thinking of Esther stand up for

righteousness and Truth supporting one another in times of need encourage your

friends to live courageously fostering a community where boldness and compassion go hand in hand together you can

overcome great obstacles in bring about significant change both in your lives and in The Wider

Community regarding your health and well-being remember that I care for the entirety of your

being Esther fasted and prayed before making her appeal to the king recognizing the need for Spiritual

strength and physical preparedness similarly take care of your body and spirit knowing that both are required

for the tasks I have set before you in times of stress or illness lean not not

solely on your own understanding but seek my comfort and healing trusting in

my provision and timing as we continue our journey take

heart from Esther’s example of Faith and Action she did not act alone her cousin

mori’s guidance was instrumental likewise you are supported by my presence and the community I’ve placed

around you seek wise counsel listen for my voice and step forward with

confidence knowing that you play a crucial role in a story much larger than

yourself Embrace each day with the knowledge that you are part of my Divine narrative each decision each action you

take is woven into the fabric of my Kingdom’s purposes live intentionally

courageously and with a heart open to the possibilities of what I can achieve through you as you walk this path

remember that the greatest strength often comes from faith that acts love that sacrifices and a life that serves a

purpose greater than itself this is your calling to live out a story of Faith

like Esther impacting the world around you with the power of divine Destiny As

you move through the currents of your life inspired by the courage of Esther let us now turn our gaze to another

profound biblical narrative that of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt just as Moses was called to lead

and deliver his people from bondage you too are called to lead in your own capacities whether in quiet acts of

service or bold moves of Faith moses’ Journey was fraught with challenges and

setbacks yet he persevered because he trusted in my guidance and

provision in your professional life think of yourself as Moses might have

standing before the Red Sea with an insurmountable obstacle ahead and an implacable enemy behind when faced with

seemingly imposs possible tasks or decisions remember how the sea parted I

provided a way through for Moses and the Israelites and I will provide for you approach your challenges with the faith

that Solutions will emerge and that I Am with You guiding each step you take your

role like that of Moses is crucial in enacting the plans I have designed not

just for your good but for the good of those you influence and Lead within your

family embody Moses leadership but also his humility he was not a perfect man he

had his flaws and moments of Doubt yet his heart was turned towards me and he sought to follow my will earnestly in

your interactions with family members be patient be kind and lead by example

guide them not only through your words but through your actions showing them the path of righteousness and love like

Moses be the one who stands in the Gap praying for your family and leading them towards freedom from whatever binds them

be it conflict misunderstanding or estrangement in friendships consider how

Moses relied on Aaron and her who held his arms up during the battle against the amalekites in the same way sustain

your friendships with support and mutual upliftment be ready to hold up your friends in their times of need and allow

them to support you when you grow weary true friendship involves this reciprocity a shared strength that

multiplies Lies when United concerning your health and well-being reflect on

how Moses had to care for his physical and spiritual health to endure the long journey and fulfill his mission just as

he needed physical strength to travel through the desert and spiritual depth to communicate with me you also need

balance in caring for your body and soul make time for rest and renewal and

cultivate spiritual disciplines that strengthen your faith and resilience as we look ahead remember that Moses’s

story is not just one of Deliverance but also of Covenant an enduring promise between me and my people you are part of

this Covenant woven into this promise through your faith live each day aware

of this sacred commitment cherishing and nurturing the relationship we share continue to walk in faith knowing that

just as I was with Moses so I am with you whether you face the Towering waves

of the sea or the daunting Wilderness my presence will guide and protect you

carry this assurance deep within your heart and let it illuminate each step of your journey with this knowledge move

forward boldly serving as a Beacon of Hope and a vessel of my Divine

Purpose as we draw near to the close of our sacred conversation remember that

you are deeply cherished and divinely appointed you are not merely drifting through the cosmos but are held firmly

within my my purposeful Embrace each step you take is a verse in the beautiful poem I’m writing with your

life a story of Grace Redemption and enduring love you my beloved are crafted

in my image imbued with a spirit meant not just to survive but to thrive to

illuminate the darkness with hope and compassion as you walk through this world carry the light of this truth you

are loved beyond measure equipped for every Challenge and destined for eternal communion with me let this assurance

fill your heart with peace and embolden your spirit with courage no matter the valleys you Traverse or the mountains

you climb my love is a constant and unchanging Beacon guiding you home in

your moments of Joy I Rejoice with you in your times of Sorrow I am your comfort there is no shadow where my love

cannot reach you no depth where my hands cannot lift you and now as you continue

on your journey I invite you to share this message of hope with others just as a lamp hidden under a bushel cannot

spread its light let not your faith be kept within share your stories your

Reflections and this message with those around you subscribe to the path of love

and notification of my presence in your daily life like comment and share the

good news engaging in the Divine Fellowship of Believers and Seekers alike each interaction each shared

experience weaves another thread into the rich tapestry of my kingdom on Earth

as you engage with others whether in the quiet sanctuary of prayer or the bustling Avenues of daily life remember

every word spoken in kindness Every Act of Love is a reflection of my spirit

working through you you are my Ambassador my voice and my hands in this

world go forth with the blessing of my peace which surpasses all understanding

may it guard your heart and your mind in me live each day with the Assurance of my unfailing love and the hope of my

eternal promises you are never alone for I Am With You Always from this day until

the end of the age Walk In Love dear one for love is the greatest of all things

and it is my greatest gift to you amen

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