| “Your Efforts Will be Rewarded”– God | God’s Blessings | God Msg

Almighty Lord is saying to you today

today you’re being reminded to stay

Serene everything will eventually align

patience is your lie pause for a moment

to breathe deeply your thoughts hold

immense power they can either draw you

closer to away from the right path aim

for Purity in your thinking understand

that I’m here to guy you towards a

fulfilling life not away from it I’m not

against you I’m deeply aware of your

struggles and eager to extend my support

whenever you seek guidance or assistance

turn to me in prayer I’m ready to

assist if you are feeling a positive

vibe then like this

video find comfort in knowing that

you’re not alone

especially when facing the darkest paths

I am here to illuminate those

Shadows be aware challenges and

temptations are attempts to Veer you off

course to dampen your spirit but

remember celebrating your faith and joy

is what matters most my goodness is ever

present my love for you is boundless and

eternal it’s the distance from goodness

that brings feelings of guilt but by

embracing my teachings and love joy

becomes your constant

companion Tai palman had share with

three people if you affirm

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