do you know what has happened a few

minutes ago and

yesterday there are so many signs that

God is sending your

way these signs are meant to protect you

and help you prosper in

life but the question

is are you paying attention to these

signs this message has come to you

because you might have missed some


signs that God sent your

way this message is a reminder and an

update for the people who have ignored


signs it’s about what is happening to

them right

now many people in your

neighborhood in your relationship ships

in your city are ignoring these kinds of

signs they are becoming the target of

the enemy’s evil

schemes and

traps there are so many monitoring

spirits around

you but are you aware of

them the enemy is not at rest and he

won’t rest until the great and glorious

written of Jesus Christ

happens but here is the

thing many people in your city have

surrendered to the

evil many people in your city gave up on


circumstances many people in your city

are regretting the decision of choosing

the devil instead of God in their

life many people in your city have faced

the righteous Wrath of God’s righteous

judgment who were mocking God and

ignoring his signs

continuously these incidents have

happened and they are happening even now

while you are receiving these

words God has always communicated with

his people throughout the

history from the time of

Moses leading the Israelites out of

Egypt to Joseph interpreting dreams in


cult in each

era God has used various means to send

messages and signs to his people guiding

them warning them and comforting them in

times of

need throughout the Bible we see

numerous examples of God’s divine

intervention and the

communication whether it was through

dreams Visions Miracles or the words of


God consistently reached out to his

people to reveal his will and plans for

them he never left them alone or without

guidance Even in our modern era God

continues to communicate with us a bit

in different

ways he speaks to us through his word

the Bible which contains Timeless trps

and wisdom for every aspect of

life he speaks to us through prayer

inviting us into a conversation with him

where we can pour out hurs and listen

for his still Small

Voice he speaks to us through the

promptings of his

Spirit guiding us and leading us along

the path of

righteousness yet death despite God’s

constant communication and the signs he

sends we often fail to recognize his

voice or heed his

warnings we become distracted by the

noise of the world consumed by our own

desires and

Ambitions we ignore the gentle nudges of

the Holy Spirit and dismiss the signs

that God places before

us sometimes we even mock his presence

questioning his power or doubting his

existence we may scough at the idea of

divine intervention of ridicule those

who claim to have experienced

miracles in our

arrogance we believe that we know better

than God

we can handle life on our own without

his help tell you people of God my

brothers and sisters this is a dangerous

path to walk for when we ignore or mock

God’s voice we close ourselves off to

his blessings and

protection we wander aimlessly in the

darkness vulnerable to the schemes of

the enemy and and the pitfalls of our



making God’s signs are not to be taken

lightly and for those who have mauled

him in any time whether in reality or in

thoughts let me encourage you there is


hope God’s Mercy is infinite and his

love for his children is

unending even those who have strayed

from the path who have surrendered to

evil given up on their

circumstances or regretted their

decisions can find redemption in his

grace God’s righteous judgment is not a

punishment but a call to return to him

it’s a wakeup call for those who have

been ignoring his

signs it’s a reminder that the enemy’s

evil schemes and The Traps are temporary

but God’s love is

eternal the enemy may not rest but

neither does God’s love for you he’s

always there sending signs offering

protection and waiting for his children

to return to

him so pay attention to the signs be

aware of the monitoring spirits around

you stand stand strong in your faith and

remember that the enemy’s R is

temporary the great and glorious return

of Jesus Christ is

invaluable and until then God’s Love

Remains a Beacon of Hope in your city in

your relationships and in your

life and for now this is what God is

saying to you my Chosen One

thank you for not avoiding this


message this particular

sign many people in your city who have

mocked me are facing the

consequences of choosing the

serpent the father of deception and

lies they have been

betrayed and now they are seeking refuge


me my

child I have often urged you to turn to

me before it’s too

late those who ignore my words are the

ones who are

betrayed but as I have

promised I love you more than

anyone and I promise to be your ultimate

help no matter

what has happened in your

life always

remember I fulfill my

promises and I will fulfill them in

you this is why my

child I ask you to

persevere and be

brave be patient and TR holy in me for I

am working in your

favor my grace and mercy will never

depart from you for my love for you is

Limitless yet to fully receive my

blessings you must cast off all thoughts

and remove any empow or unfitting

thoughts that distance you from

me this C them and approve them from


heart then only you will Del light in

the unique and special

blessings that are the fruits of

righteousness and

integrity do not surrender to trials for

you will predestined to

overcome from the

beginning I fashion you for a Divine

Purpose to live a blessed and prosperous

life B by

victories Do not drop the struggles

tests and

tribulation that may come for I will be

your sight encouraging and strengthening

you through every


remember each difficulty you face is is

nothing but another opportunity to rise

up and become

greater as you persever and be brave I

will complete the work I begin in you I

will pour out upon your life joy and


Blessings leading you into an existence

full of peace and

prosperity next never forget you are

under my watch and

care my presence and grace are

unseizing and no person or thing can

steal away the blessings I have reserved

for you and the generations to

come so my child wander

fearlessly and seek my refuge not that

of the

devil never mock my word or my presence

and no harm shall come near you says the

Lord so people of God when you have

received these fruits the Divine message

of God don’t leave this video without

saying this miraculous prayer for this

prayer holds miraculous less

Powers say this

now dear heavenly father we come before

you with HS full of gratitude and awe

recognizing your sovereignity over the

vast universe and your unfailing love


us despite our shortcomings Lord we

praise you for your greatness and your

intimate care for each one of

us in this moment of pray prayer we lift

our voices and our spirits to honor you

our creator and

sustainer you are the alpha and omega

the beginning and the end the one who

orchestrates the galaxies and knows

every Star by

name yet you choose to be intimately

involved in her

lives how marvelous and profound is your

love for us oh God we we thank you God

for your presence in our lives for

guiding us through the twists and turns

of her Earthly

Journey you are the anchor in her storms

the light in her darkness and The Rock

upon which we

stand we praise you for your

faithfulness Father which knows no

anend we pray for your peace to fill our

hearts and Minds as we Face the

challenges and uncertain unities of life

ever let your presence be a soothing

bong bringing comfort in times of sorrow

and Clarity in times of

confusion in our praise we find refuge

and strength we lift up our hopes dreams

and desires to you Lord knowing that you

are The Giver of every good and perfect

gift we surrender our fears and

anxieties for you

have not given us a spirit of

fear but of power love and a sound

mind we praise you for your constant

care and provision father and in a world

where negative voices and NES May seek

to discourage us we take refuge in your

promises we know that your plans are

only for our good and we Tru in your

Providence Lord please grant us the

wisdom to distinguish your voice from

the distractions and deceptions that

surrounds us and please help us never

miss out on any sign you

sent we offer our prayers of gratitude

for your loving care Lord and ask for

your contined protection in the days to

come please Lord walk with with us guide

us and keep us safe oh heavenly father

in Jesus name we offer this prayer to



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