something mysterious and

incredible is happening right now and

you might not even be aware of it for

the past days your an sisters have

been reaching out to you from the Realms

Beyond have you ever felt a strange

presence looking around you like someone

or something

is trying to communicate with you from

Beyond your angels have send this update

and they clearly indicating about

someone from your

bloodline who is present around you and

trying to communicate with you about a

very serious

matter your guides are

everywhere they are present present as

in your Spirit guides your

archangels your gajan Angels or even

your own

ancestors this time your ancestors have

reached you to tell you something very

significant about your past roots and

about your

future your ancestors are your

grandparents great grand and parents or

even in sisters from Generations long

past each carrying their own stories

knowledge and

experiences and this is why they are

reaching you to guide you on the right

path these an sisters have walked the

paths you now

trapped they have faced the challenges

made the choices and carved out

Destinies of their

own they have triumphed over adversity

learn from their mistakes and left

behind a legacy for you to

inherit and now they offer you dear hand

inviting you to tell into the depths of

your Shar history to uncover


that may have long been

buried this time your ancestors have

reached your home your mind your eyes


ears just to remind you that you and

your upcoming Generations are under the

threat of losing your cultural

background your traditions and your

roots this is what they are saying to

you dear

descendant we your

ancestors have PR time and space to

reach you to impart upon you the wisdom

of Ages

past listen closely for our words carry

the weight of

generations by equals of a shared

Heritage you stand at a Crossroads

teetering on the brink of losing the

very essence of who you

are your cultural

identity your

Traditions your

roots our blood runs through your wings

connecting you to a linage rich with

stories of resilience wisdom and

strength do not let these threats

unrival for they are the fabric of your

being the foundation upon which you

stand look around you do you see the

bonds that once have families together

fre weakening with each passing

day it is time to meant what has been

Tor a cinder

to nurture the ties That Bind can f

together and the war of family you will

find so lay Strand and unwavering

support cherish your family

connections the bonds you share for they

are the lifeline that sustains you

through life’s trials and

tribulations and what of your value


principles have you allowed them to be

sueded by the silent songs of worldly

Temptations we implore you hold fast to

that which is true and

just let Integrity be your compass

guiding you through the darkest of

nights to not be led by the false

promise of material wealth are fleeing

Pleasures true fulfillment lies in

living a life aligned with your cold

beliefs and staying true to the path

laid out by your

ancestors beware dear one for this world

is fr with dangers

pfalls disguised as opportunities

Illusions must ging as

reality do not be deceived by the alure

of instant

gratification for it is nothing but a


promise seek instead the simple Joys

that life has to

offer the laughter of loved ones the

beauty of nature the satisfaction of

knowing that you have lived with honor


integrity our descendant in Hing our

words you will find the strength to

wither life’s storms the courage to face

adversity head on reclaim your

heritage strengthen the bonds of your

family and honor the values instill in


by Generations

past for in doing so you honor not only

us your

ancestors but also yourself and those

who will come after


you remember dear

descendant you are never

alone we walk beside you guiding you

supporting you every step of the way

along with your guiding

Angels Spirit guides and many powerful


forces embrace our Legacy for it is

yours to carry forward into the

future with love and

guidance your

ancestors child of God this is what your

ancestors have to say to you this time

they are reaching out to remind you not

to lose your cultural values and

traditions under the influence of this


world not only that you also be reminded

to stay true to your principles and

values take charge upon your shoulders

the responsibilities of teaching the

upcoming Generations what you have

learned from your


remember makers do happen in today’s

world it is just that we are neglecting

and avoiding Our Roots we are forgetting

who we are and where we have come

from God and His Infinite Wisdom and

bond this love created us in His

image this is is not to say that we

physically resemble God for God is

Spirit rather being made in God’s image

means we share in his

attributes we have the capacity for love

for kindness for forgiveness and for

justice we have the ability to create to

reason and to make moral

choices but as we all know

we are not perfect we make mistakes we

hurt others and

ourselves we stay from the path of

righteousness but we have a good news we

are forgiven and redeemed in Christ

Jesus , years

ago Jesus the son of God came down to

earth lived Among

Us he took upon himself the punishment

for our sins so that we might be

forgiven through his sacrifice we are

redeemed we are given a second chance we

are offered a fresh

thought this is the heart of the Gospel

message it is not about rules and

Revelations it’s not about dos and

don’ts it’s about love it’s about

forgiveness it’s about

Redemption so what does this mean for us

how should we live our lives in light of

this truth first we should live with

gratitude every day we should thank God

for his love for his forgiveness and for

the Redemption we have in Christ

Jesus second we should live with

humility knowing that we are made in

God’s image should not lead to Pride but

to humility we are are not God we are

not perfect we need God’s grace every

day and third we should live with love

as God’s children We should strive to

love as he loves us we should be kind to

one another forgiving each other just as

God forgive us in

Christ finally we should live with hope

no matter what challenges we Face we can

have hope because we know that we are

God’s children created in His image

forgiven and redeemed in Christ

Jesus so let us go forth from here today

carrying this message in our hearts let

us live as the children of the

almighty reflecting His Image and all

that we

do so teach every single single children

or your upcoming Generations about this

truth and help them find the right

direction which could lead them to God

and not away from the

light and if you are finding it hard to

teach your upcoming

Generations what you have learned from


ancestors I request you to please say

this prayer once and see the Miracles

all by

yourselves see this

now dear heavenly father today we come

before you with humble HS seeking your

guidance and

wisdom we recognize the importance of

our cultural values traditions and the

teachings passed down to us by our and

sests yet in the midst of the chaos and

destructions of this world we confess

that we sometimes falter in upholding

these precious

legacies Lord we acknowledge that

teaching the upcoming

Generations the wisdom of our ancestors

can be

challenging the fastpaced nature of

Modern Life often pulls us away from our

Roots making it difficult to impart

these invaluable teachings to our

children and

grandchildren but only God you are the

source of all wisdom and understanding

we ask for your strength and clarity as

we Endeavor to pass on the lessons

learned from our

forefathers grant us the patience and

perseverance to instill in our

Descendants the values of Integrity

resilience and compassion that have

sustained our family lines for

Generations help us to create

opportunities for Meaningful

conversations and experience

that will deepen their appreciation for

our cultural heritage may we lead by

example living out these principles in

our daily lives so that they may see the

relevance and beauty of our

Traditions Lord we know that Miracles

abound in your presence and we trust in

your power to transform the hearts and

Minds even in the face of doubt and

skepticism as we commit to teaching our

children the way of our

ancestors as we commit to teaching our

children the ways of our ancestors we

pray for your divine intervention

lot we surrender our fears and

uncertainities to you knowing that you

are always faithful to your

promises grant us the courage to step

out in faith trusting that you will work

miracles in our families and communities

and may your presence be felt in every

aspect of Our Lives Lord guiding us back

to the secret Traditions that Define who

we are as a people in you in your holy

name we pray

amen if this message has inspired or

helped you in any way don’t keep it to

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