my dearest child I come to you today with a message of utmost importance a

revelation that shall illuminate the path towards your spiritual growth and eternal well-being this discourse is not about

the fleeting concerns of the material world but rather a profound discourse on the essence of your being and the

journey that awaits you you are a Divine spark a radiant emanation of my infinite

love and boundless wisdom Your Existence transcends the limitations of this

Physical Realm for you are a Timeless Soul an eternal traveler in the vast

expanse of the cosmic tapestry and yet in this present Incarnation you find

yourself Bound by the constraints of time and the illusion of age my child

the concept of age as you perceive it is but a temporal construct a mere

reflection of the cycles that govern the physical plane however the TR true measure of your growth lies not in the

accumulation of years but in the depth of your spiritual awakening and the expansion of your Consciousness your age

is decreasing not because of Any external force or circumstance but because of the

actions and choices you make the thoughts you nurture and the intentions you set

forth each decision each deed and each thought carries within it the power to

either elevate your soul or diminish its Radiance when you embrace the path of

love compassion and selfless service you are actively nurturing the essence of

your being you are cultivating the Divine qualities that reside within you

allowing them to Blossom and radiate outward touching the lives of those around you with their transformative

power however when you succumb to The Temptations of ego greed and negativity

you cast a veil over your inner light obscuring the radiance that is your true nature each Act of

selfishness each moment of hatred and each thought of judgment erects barriers

that separate you from the boundless love that permeates the cosmos my child

your age decreases not because of the passage of time but because of the choices you make that either align you

with the Divine principles of Love truth and unity or distance you from

them when you embrace the virtues that resonate with the highest frequencies of

creation you awaken the dormant potential within you and your soul radiates with a youthful vibrancy that

defies the constraints of physical age remember you are not a mere mortal Bound

by the limitations of Flesh and Bone you are a spiritual being a co-creator in

this vast Universe endowed with the power to shape your reality through the force of your thoughts words and actions

shed the illusions of separation and limitation and embrace the truth of your

Divine Essence cultivate love practice kindness and seek wisdom in every moment

for it is through these Noble Endeavors that you will unveil the Ageless beauty of your soul transcending the confines

of time and age walk the path of Enlightenment my child

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