YOU’LL BE PUNISHED IF YOU SKIP | God Message Today | Gods Message | Gods Message Now

my beloved child as you listen to these

words know that it is not by chance that

you have come across this

message I have been eagerly waiting for

you to hear my voice to feel my presence

and to receive my

love I see the struggles and challenges

you have been

facing the doubts and fears that have

clouded your

mind but I want you to know that you are

never alone in your

journey my love for you is unwavering

unchanging and

eternal I am here to guide you through

the darkness to lead you back to the

path of light and

Truth trust in me for I know the plans I

have for you plans to prosper you and

not to harm you plans to to give you

hope and a

future even in your darkest moments my

promises shine brightly like the stars

in the night

sky I am your constant companion your

Guiding Light your unwavering source of

strength may this message serve as a

Remer of my love for you and my desire

to see you thve it like can share this

message if you believe in the power of

divine guidance and

abundance remember my child that nothing

in this life is

permanent your struggles your pain your

worries they are but

temporary with faith and prayer you can

overcome any obstacle learn from every

experience and emerge stronger than

before start e Day by filling your heart

and mind with my presence let go of your

worries and fears and let my peace wash

over you like a gentle

breeze trust in my love and watch as

abundance and blessings flow into your

life may you feel my love surrounding

you guiding you and lifting you up and

may you find the courage to embrace the

Abundant Life that I have planned for



amen if this message resonates with your

soul like and share it with others who

may need to hear these words of Hope and

encouragement together let us manifest

abundance and blessings in our

lives dear child may this message

resonate in your hearts remember I am

with you

always share this Divine wisdom with

others for in spreading love you

multiply your

blessings together let us illuminate the

world with faith hope and

compassion subscribe to receive more

messages of light and share to bless

others with love from




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