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god’s message today my child, Have you ever felt completely alone in the midst of life’s


Have you ever faced challenges so overwhelming that everything seemed to fall apart around


In those moments of deep anguish, when despair knocks at the door, have you desperately longed

for words of comfort and hope?

In this video, a powerful message full of unconditional love is manifested, coming directly

from the heavenly throne.

These are sacred words that transcend time and space, bringing comfort, guidance and

renewal to your journey.

god says, child i ask you not to allow anxiety to dominate your heart.

At this very moment, I am enveloping your being with an infinity of love and warmth,

even as the worries and storms of life try to engulf you.

I remain by your side, wrapping you in my arms, guarding your happiness against the

adversities that seek to bring you down.

The graces I have for you now surpass everything you have ever prayed for and longed for.

I recognize your sacrifices and the way you have taken care of those you love, especially

during these challenging times that test your faith and resilience.

Listen to me well, hold on to my promise and don’t be afraid.

I understand exactly what you’re going through.

No one has the power to shatter your dreams, jeopardize your fortune or steal the moments

of joy that are meant for you.

What I’m preparing to give you transcends everything you’ve ever lost.

I am the one who leads your journey, and the obstacles along the way are tools to prepare

you for even greater blessings.

Be ready to witness a miracle so great that you and your family will be amazed, touching

your hearts so deeply that the only response will be to recognize and appreciate my unconditional

love for you.

Declare I am open to the miracles and blessings that God has for me and my family.

Now, I speak to you gently and lovingly stay calm and firm, hold on to your dreams and

don’t be afraid of the challenges.

There may be times when it seems like everything is falling apart, times when others, consumed

by fear, choose the path of hatred, ignoring my teachings and renouncing the hope they

have been given.

In the midst of it all, remain steadfast, growing in wisdom and faith, generating positive

fruit in your life, and keeping the flame of hope alive.

In times of uncertainty, while others are lost in worry and disillusionment by straying

from my guidance, follow a different path.

Keep your home as a haven of peace, away from discord and conflict.

Stay away from people whose sole purpose is to undermine your faith, and ignore mean and

futile words.

Protect your home from negativity, avoid what corrupts your heart and mind.

Be attentive and courageous, encouraging forgiveness and benevolence within your family, ensuring

that love is the last emotion felt before you retire for the night.

Affirm God surrounds my heart with love and protection.

Work tirelessly to forgive each other, for I have already offered unconditional forgiveness.

Forget past mistakes that I have already sunk into the depths of the sea.

Don’t allow old wounds to resurface or old mistakes to disturb the peace between you.

Refrain from reminding each other of past failures or assigning blame for yesterday’s


Forgive and release; in this way, my Holy Spirit will dwell fully in your hearts.

Only those who truly understand and love me are able to forgive and forget, not letting

resentment or discord dominate their feelings, actions or thoughts.

Declare My heart is renewed by divine forgiveness, allowing true peace to dwell.

beloved child, these divine words touch our hearts deeply, bringing consolation and hope.

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By staying loyal to my instructions, your lives will be transformed for the better,

witnessing the countless blessings I have promised.

Don’t let surprises or challenges discourage you; on the contrary, I want you to live in

peace, sustained by a calm, inner strength.

Facing challenges is inherent in life; only out of fear would some wish for an existence

without obstacles.

I have repeatedly encouraged them to be resilient, courageous and fearless in the face of adversity.

Just as I have been by your side in the past, I promise to be there again, offering my boundless

love and eternal benevolence.

Affirm I am secure in God’s eternal love, ready to face any challenge.

Your success and victory are unquestionable and already recorded in heavenly annals.

Tomorrow, I will strengthen your heart with renewed vigor, overflowing your life and that

of your family with joy and blessings.

Heaven will open up, pouring prosperity into your home.

Trust in the divine plan for your life, because no one can subvert what I have in store for


I reiterate this promise, encouraging you to remain steadfast and visionary, anticipating

a future full of divine rewards.

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I wish you to abandon all worry, reject despair and find rest in me, your Shepherd, Lord and


These words emanate from my heavenly throne, offering you consolation and refuge.

When you feel exhausted, draw near to me to renew your strength.

If problems seem insurmountable, lay them at my feet through prayer; I will strengthen

you spiritually, enabling you to face and overcome any evil.

You are protected and guarded; each new dawn will be a light guiding your steps.

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From the moment the sun rises over the horizon until its majestic setting, my presence is

felt all around you.

Get ready, because as you walk by my side, miracles will color your path.

I leave behind the temptation to return to old mistakes or to the smallness that confined

you in a space of pain.

Those who once caused you suffering no longer have control over your life.

This is the time to rise up and pursue your dreams with determination, trusting in my


Hold tight to my hand; in moments of challenge, raise a cry for a miracle and, without hesitation,

I will be there to answer.

We will walk this journey together, every step of the way, every day, witnessing wonders.

Your past, with its mistakes and hurts, will be redeemed.

Those you have hurt will find room in their hearts for forgiveness.

Your road will unravel free of obstacles, enemies will keep their distance, and the

ties that held you back will be undone.

A new era of genuine happiness and freedom is on its way, transforming every previous

moment of anguish into times of peace and prosperity.

Affirm “God, my gratitude for your constant presence is immense.”

By strengthening you and guarding you from all evil, my intention is to prevent the shadows

of death and sin from overtaking you.

My light will guide your steps away from the dark paths led by the adversary.

Renounce any thought of revenge and find in my words the strength you need to face adversity.

I have come to keep you upright, without letting anger, frustration or bitterness get the better

of you.

Forgive those who have caused you pain and intercede for them, because by releasing them

from your heart, you find the freedom to move forward.

Let the past be just a distant memory, turning your eyes and hopes to tomorrow.

Joyful memories and unspeakable blessings await you.

Everything you have is the result of divine grace, and through your faith, these gifts

will be multiplied.

By seeking my presence each new day, by pondering your actions and invoking my name, I promise

guidance and light.

True achievement emerges not from your strength or human wisdom, but from my power, which

is always within your reach.

Declare “On my journey, God, your word is my shield and guide.”

Face those who seek to diminish you with the solid truth of my word.

Keep it engraved in your heart like a treasure, for it is life and wisdom, offering clarity

in uncertain times.

I am with you, I know your story, your struggles and your victories.

Trust that I am in control, taking care of every aspect of your life, be it health, finances,

dreams or loved ones.

Nothing escapes my sight.

The promise of care and provision is real, you just have to trust and follow faithfully

by my side, because I have plans for peace and a future full of hope for you.

Listening to these sacred truths, we can feel God’s unconditional love enveloping us.

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The strength and faithfulness that comes from me surpasses anything that can be experienced

on the earthly plane.

I invite you to surrender your heart completely, to immerse yourself deeply in my teachings

and to believe with all the essence of your being.

Your commitment and passion for my word will not go unnoticed, and I promise you that rewards

await you.

You have been gifted with the ability to move safely through life’s most arduous challenges

and obstacles, able to calm fears and ward off dangers.

Comment “God, my trust and love for you are unshakeable.”

Despite the noise and the great storms you faced, driven by love, I saw each of your

sacrifices and how, in return, you were faced with disappointments and betrayals.

Know that I am fully aware of everything you have endured.

I understand your feelings and the journeys that brought you here.

There wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t by your side.

I am with you now and will remain with you from this moment on, renewing your faith and

opening your eyes to a new existence, founded on the certainty and trust of my love.

Even when the road ahead seems uncertain and your plans don’t unfold according to your

expectations, don’t let discouragement get the better of you.

Take a moment to be still, and if you find yourself so desolate that you can’t find words,

let your silence speak for you, because even in the silence I am listening.

Give me those minutes in solitude, close yourself off in your prayer space and remember these

words that I am offering you.

I am your shepherd and confidant, always available to console you in the midst of the storm.

Say “Lord, your constant presence in my life renews my faith every day.”

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Life can be surrounded by complexities and trials that try to shake your spirit, but

the words I speak to you today seek to fill your heart with immeasurable and indestructible


The promises I make to you are a mantle of peace that covers you from head to toe.

I am the one who anoints you with this holy oil, enhancing your character and giving you

the strength to rise up and move forward.

Speak to me sincerely, for I want to hear from your own lips your thoughts and in whom

you place your faith.

I am not a distant God orchestrating your destiny from a remote corner of the cosmos,

laden with wrath and eager for punishment.

Take the time to open your Bible and read it carefully, because you are on the verge

of discovering profoundly transforming truths.

The words of this new covenant have the power to renew your life in an extraordinary way.

I want you to see how those who followed me were transformed, how they united in fervent

prayer until they were invigorated by my Holy Spirit.

Affirm with faith “Nothing can separate me from God’s love, which is my strength.”

As they raised their hands in adoration, those faithful witnessed what resembled dancing

flames above their heads, a manifestation of the Divine sharing words of wisdom in a

diversity of expressions.

I hope that in sharing these words with you, you will embrace them with the gentleness

and reverence they deserve, allowing them to take root in your heart.

Like spiritual seeds planted in the depths of your being, they will firmly resist any

attempt to be uprooted, growing and bearing fruit, forging your character and being your

consolation under the sun and in your nightly rest cradled by My love.

Divinely inspired dreams will come to you, signaling the deep love I feel for you and

the immense value you possess in My eyes.

With courage and determination, you ascend into the spiritual realm, aware of the promises

I have given you, endowed with the wisdom and fortitude to overcome adversity.

Always remember that I am your omnipotent God, creator of heaven and earth.

When you put your faith in me, you become invincible, for I am your way, your life,

your truth.

Although the enemy tries to shatter your peace with his lies, deep down you know that your

savior lives.

When the burdens seem unbearable and worries flood your mind, remember nothing can separate

you from my love, which is strong enough to overcome any barrier.

Affirm with God, nothing is impossible!

I am always ready to protect you and love you unconditionally, ready to heal your heart

and renew your strength.

Be brave and confident, moving forward with the certainty that my goodness and love will

accompany your every step.

Even in the most arduous moments, when you feel like you’re going through a fiery furnace

or struggling to swim in tumultuous waters, stand firm.

Proceed without fear, without retreating, accepting your blessings with gratitude and


Many fail to receive your graces because they feel unworthy or unprepared, later wondering

about my lack of response.

Through my sacrifice, your sins have been forgiven.

Come to me with sincere faith, clinging to my word that transforms and sets you free,

because my love has made you worthy.

God’s voice echoes in this video, offering refuge and guidance.

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Let go of any accusations from the past and ignore the judgments of others, because what

matters is what your heavenly Father thinks.

The strength I offer is what you truly need.

Seek my Holy Spirit, and every time you kneel, surrender your life and being to my guidance,

which will replenish you.

You will enter a realm of wonders, where miracles are routine, where sadness gives way to joy

and pain is transformed into pleasure.

Open your arms and prepare for an abundant harvest, clean and organize the space in your

life to receive new blessings that are on their way, because a great spiritual harvest

awaits you.

If you believe, declare “My life is planned by the hands of God.”

The great harvest that is coming will bring you and your family joy beyond measure, flooding

your lives with abundant blessings.

Open your heart and share your deepest longings with me, surrender completely, holding nothing

back, not even the tiniest trace of despair.

I’m here to free you from any sense of failure.

I encourage you to get up and walk towards your blessing, even if tiredness weighs on

your shoulders, even if your heart is wounded, even if pain insists on accompanying your


Take another step of faith, because I promise that a miraculous cure is waiting for you.

With every step you take, you will find renewed strength, being lifted into a new phase of

your life, because tomorrow everything will be transformed by the power of my love.

Write “With every step of faith, I feel the renewal of God’s strength in my life.”

my son!

You deserve to live a truly abundant life!

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Despite the voices that cry out to the contrary, promising loneliness and abandonment on the

grounds of your imperfections, know that I will never turn my back on you.

Nothing can separate you from my love – not shame, rejection, mistakes made or any guilt.

My love for you is unbreakable, eternal.

Although you may have heard this before, I make a point of reiterating it, ensuring that

the depth of this truth resonates in your being.

Let your heart and soul be warmed by the certainty of my boundless love.

Many have distanced themselves, mistakenly believing that only perfection could guarantee

them my favor, but all I seek is a sincere and true faith.

Say “Nothing can separate me from God’s eternal love!

If on the way you meet those who try to dim your shine, keep your distance.

Don’t let other people’s negativity contaminate your light; avoid the company of those who

don’t respect or inspire you.

Choose friends who respect your decisions and value your personal space, who don’t try

to control your choices or impose their paths on yours.

Resisting despair is fundamental; reject the oppression of discouragement.

When choosing your friendships, look for those souls who encourage you to shine brighter,

who support your dreams and walk beside you on both sunny and stormy days, because it

is in the warmth of these relationships that you will find a reflection of my love and


Comment “My faith is the lighthouse that guides me, based on God’s unshakeable love.”

It is vital to remember that, when facing adversity and fear, your resilience is forged

in the warmth of my infinite love.

Trust that even in the most trying times, my hand is outstretched to guide and sustain


Like the dawn that breaks after the darkest of nights, the light of hope never fades;

it waits patiently for your recognition.

Raise your eyes to the horizon of possibilities, knowing that together we can overcome any


Let your faith be the beacon that guides you through the storms of life, holding firm to

the certainty that, by my side, all storms are calmed.

Declare “Under God’s presence, every day becomes a masterpiece full of blessings!

Never underestimate the transformative power of gratitude.

By giving thanks for the blessings already received and those yet to come, you open the

doors to a continuous flow of grace in your life.

Gratitude changes perspective, transforming the heart and mind, allowing you to see God’s

generous hand in all circumstances.

Cultivate a grateful heart and watch as gratitude becomes the key to unlocking the heavenly

treasures destined for you.


Listening to these inspiring words, we are reminded of God’s eternal love.

Enjoy this video as an act of faith, share it to spread hope, and subscribe to the channel

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