after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child I want to

encourage you today to be courageous and

strong letting go of fear and hesitation

new opportunities are unfolding before

you blessings from above place your

complete trust in me and I will bless

you beyond your wildest dreams as you

rise each morning I will guide your

steps ensuring you reach your

destination safely I

will bless the work of your hands

sharpen your mind and fill your heart

with joy countless opportunities will

come your way my love for you is genuine

Eternal and heartfelt I desire only the

best for

you you may feel uncertain now having

faced disappointment That Shook your

faith and left you feeling unworthy and

broken but let me ask you this who gave

their life for you who comforts you in

times of

trouble who fights your

battles who lifts you up with gentle

care who fills your heart with the

profound Joy you feel

today I ask again who carried the cross

and sacrificed everything for you

say it out loud it’s me your

God I know you’re not ashamed of

me many may pray for you but only I have

the power to give you lasting happiness

don’t seek blessings in the wrong places

or trust in empty promises of

Love don’t share your innermost thoughts

with those who may betray your

trust I love and bless you not because

you are perfect but because of my

boundless love divine plan and

unwavering commitment to

you it touches me deeply When you pray

and thank me for

everything your courage and attitude

deserve an eternal reward but for now as

you walk this Earth call out to me and I


answer feel free to ask for anything you

desire knowing that I am ready ready to

bless you

abundantly you will wake up each day

with confidence knowing that I am with

you like and share the video if you have

trust in the words of the

god subscribe to the channel if you love

Jesus I have chosen and called you by my

grace to fulfill the purpose I set for

you before the world

began just as the sun rises in its

Splendor so too will your future rise

and you will see your deepest dreams


true believe in it for it is truly

possible I do not look at your age or

Perfection to bless you I have given you

a spirit of power and love enabling You

To Boldly share all that I have done in

your life silence is not an option for

you as you share this message expect my

blessings to flow I have not given you a

spirit of fear but one of power love and

self-control you are saved by me there

is no room for fear or

hesitation don’t hide or be overwhelmed

by thoughts of defeat from your

enemies Stand Tall Face your challenges

headon and confront the obstacles ahead

with faith and

determination by embracing this mindset

of Victory your struggles will crumble

those who C you stress will leave your

life and your financial situation will


transformed await with faith a new

season of Freedom abundance Divine

provision and miraculous plenty it is

through Hearts like yours that I reveal


power here is a profound truth I only

ask for a little faith from you even if

it’s as small as a mustard seed

don’t allow doubt and negativity to

invade your thoughts heart or

actions avoid such negativity especially

in your

home encourage your family to build each

other up not tear each other down with

negative words or defeat is talk that

can damage their faith and joy each

night I want you to pray reflect and

remember these words I have placed


you feel the emotion wash over you as

you close your eyes Hearing in your

heart this sincere voice speaking to you


love type if you believe in

Jesus when the morning comes and you

open your eyes you will wake up with a

passion for life filled with excitement

your spirit strengthened and your entire

being grateful for the Wonders I will

bring into your day

I repeat do this tonight let your mind

dwell on every word you have heard and

let your lips whisper beloved God I

believe in

you I await your blessing don’t hold

back your tears for your heart is

overflowing with so many turbulent

emotions turned into

waves cry for you and I both know there

are many storms in your mind and your

soul is weary


you don’t have to hide what you feel

from me you can speak to me honestly for

I prefer

authenticity your tears touch me

deeply washing over me as you call out

moving my

heart You Weep from Deep pain when words

cannot express the turmoil within you

when life’s upheavals overwhelm

you you cry when you reach the limit of

your endurance

face seemingly insurmountable obstacles

feeling defeated and unable to move

forward you bow down weighed down by a

sense of

failure but this is not the end it is a

moment to realize that only with my help

can you overcome the challenges before

you now is the time for your

deliverance you no longer have to endure

such contempt or

stain if you believe in your heart that

the king of Heaven suffered greatly for

you that I gave my life on a cross so

that you could truly

live then embrace the courage I give you

now feel this healing and empowerment

flow through you by my strength today I

give you the strength and energy to rise

up and walk away from all that causes

you pain and sorrow move forward with

confidence confidence into your day I

fill you today with peace and strength

no one can take this Joy from you I will

be here by your side if you want to talk

to me to ask how you have been or if you

want to return to my arms and cry come

and cry

I will welcome you embrace you with all


love you asked for a response and here

it is I will bless you

do not be afraid face whatever comes


faith tell me you believe in

me type Amen in the name of Jesus keep

fighting until the end for in my love

and forgiveness you will always find

comfort and

strength it is my will that you keep

going it is my desire that you face your

enemies don’t stay locked in your room

crying over your failures or remembering

all the words and insults that have hurt

you yes many people with bad intentions

crossed your path they were tools of

pain and sorrow used against you by the

enemy now it is important for you to

understand that it is no longer time to

listen to lies or put up with attacks

from your

enemies believe in the truth of my words

and the Miracles I have done in your

life which you you have seen with your


eyes my help and deliverance so far are

based on my deep love for

you you are Priceless to

me if others don’t see your worth or

importance trust my promise and believe

with all your heart that you are

precious in my

sight the depth of your value and my

love for you cannot be

measured your heart will feel this truth

and and tears May flow as you remember

the many times I have reached out to you

caring for you protecting you and loving

you my commitment to guide you support

you and cherish you will never

change trust me completely knowing that

my love

remains no matter what happens look

forward to days filled with blessings

prayerful connection and the Harvest of

your faith and

perseverance a time will come when Joy

will take the place of your tears and

laughter will Echo your

happiness but for now believe firmly in

my promises you must not

waver when You Face an obstacle stand

firm against it and as it falls the

heavens will open pouring out Abundant

Blessings on

you time moves on on life goes on and

each Sunrise brings a new opportunity

new joy and new challenges to face with

the strength given by the Holy Scripture

which says that I am always with you

through dark nights and bright days

through storms and gentle

rain a season of blessings is coming

because your holy God says

so to be blessed is to taste the Joy

from above to enjoy the the Heavenly

food that satisfies and completes

you being blessed means facing each

trial with the belief that you will

overcome it’s about dedicating your life

to the God who saved you sharing with

those in need enduring rejection and

hostility for Christ’s

sake blessing is Joy it is keeping faith

and peace in the midst of difficulty and


my beloved child in times of profound

grief lift your head high and smile

knowing that I your Sovereign Lord and

guiding your every

step true blessing is found in being

content with what you have each day and

trusting in me as your heavenly provider

I will satisfy the desires of your heart

and meet the needs of your loved ones I

will give you the wisdom to strengthen

your spirit daily to follow my teachings

Faithfully in every way rest assured

days of Abundant Blessings are coming

and will certainly arrive confirm your

faith in me for you already know that

the sure promise of your all powerful


will always come to pass focus on the

path ahead it’s not an

obstacle not a trial not a conflict and

it won’t defeat

you I am filling you with my


strength rise up move forward and with

the courage and power I give you you

will overcome enemies and climb over

barriers promise me that you will do

this type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

and if you believe in Christianity

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community by contributing super thanks

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$ listen to me again no bad news will

overpower you a medical diagnosis won’t

bring you down any threat of division in

your family won’t steal your

joy you may feel overwhelmed thinking

the difficulties ahead will be too much

for you that negative words from others

will crush you that you can’t recover

and Happiness Is Out Of Reach

but I’ve brought you here to hear my

words promising you that I’m watching

over you and everything that affects you

matters to me I see how many

intimidating situations hang over you as

if they know you’re about to receive a


blessing it’s no coincidence that they

come up to trouble and worry you just

when you’re close to achieving your

goals if your enemies think they’re

strong don’t be afraid you are

stronger they try to scare you but you

will stay

calm they won’t expect the amazing

turnaround you’re about to reveal don’t

feel alone or unprotected it’s time to

renew your mind and nourish your soul

mind and spirit with my teachings and

instructions I’ve told you again and

again to be courageous and

strong the enemy is testing you with its

attacks checking your

perseverance no problem you face no

matter how big can overpower

you I am the mighty one by your side you

live in my shelter and under my

protection I’ve purified you with my

blood and filled you with my Holy

Spirit I’m your

God incredibly powerful all powerful and

you are my child created in my image and

likeness this is amazing news that

should fill your whole being and your

words with

praise tell me now will you trust in me

type I embrace my power to affirm you’ve

gone through many trials and the enemy

tried to bring you down at every

opportunity putting people in your way

to discourage you those who belittled

mocked and doubted your

faith but don’t worry for no one and

nothing can control you as I am your

Shield your Defender your healer and

your source of

strength I will put my powerful hand on

your life healing every hurt and sad

memory in your

heart you stayed faithful even in

difficult times the enemy tried to cause

conflict in your family at work and in

your home but you kept going

stay strong I know these problems are

complicated and difficult often leaving

scars that upset your emotions weaken

your thoughts and reduce your energy to


going so today I am here to fix what’s

broken in your

life you must keep moving forward stay

determined and stand

firm the enemy has tried many times to

stop you but if you’re still standing

it’s because my grace strengthens you

everything you’re going through and all

you’ve endured isn’t the end of your

story my dear

child you won’t lose this battle and

when others think it’s your end I will

step in with my powerful hand and my

angels declaring get

up your prayers have been answered and

your life will change I must warn you

many do do not believe even seeing

Miracles every day they still doubt my

existence my love my power yet you are

not one of them you will continue to

believe to not be afraid one day

everyone will see the change in your

life and understand the greatness of

your God so fix your attention on me on

my words and believe in my

promises do not put your trust in

imperfect people nor put your future

end life in the hands of those who say

they love you but cannot keep

it your heart belongs to me you’ve

already given it to

me love me more than anything else your

life your loved ones and your future are

more important than money possessions

career or recognition don’t be afraid of

losing material things instead value

what really

matters love and seek me with all your

heart for I am your provider ready to

give you everything you

need this year I will pour out real

blessings on you opening many paths and

putting good opportunities in front of

you stay on my path to receive an

outpouring of

blessings type I’m abundant to affirm

pay attention to your your surroundings

knowing that even bad situations can

lead to good results don’t lose hope

when you face seemingly impossible

challenges I have hidden success and

blessings within each difficulty and

frustration be wise With the blessings I

give you seek guidance in my teachings

to develop the skills and talents I have


you today resist the temptation of

material gains the pursuit of fame or

the burden of debt for mere

show focus on what’s truly important aim

for spiritual growth commit to learning

from my teachings for I plan to reveal

amazing wonders in your health and

family life this

year do not delay for I give you the

strength and wisdom to solve various

situations put me first and I will not

only help help you but Prosper you

pouring out blessings on you far more

valuable than

gold though you face many troubles I

make you stronger though many situations

come up your faith in me makes you

Brave do not fear your troubles face

your struggles and battles fixing your

eyes on my promises and

words I’ve never left you in times of

weakness never aband abandoned you I

have eased your pain and filled you with

joy if you diligently seek me every day

shutting yourself away in prayerful

communion with me surrendering your

heart in Sublime praises and supreme

worship I will hear you and lift you up

to Greater

Heights I know everything that happens

to you I understand your feelings when

you entrust your life to me telling me

about your experiences and future plans

there is joy in heaven and I send

thousands of angels to protect you your

problems I will solve not by your

strength or knowledge but by my spirit


power you will overcome all difficulties

because I support those I love and bless

those brave enough to trust in

me however those who hold on to

negativity who doubt my truths who

ignore my words and mock the love I

offer though I long to heal and save

them those who lack the courage to trust

in a real God will miss out on the

blessings I’ve set aside for the

faithful and diligent Seekers like and

share the video if you have trust in the

words of the god subscribe to the

channel if you love Jesus in your times

of Despair when you bring your requests

before me you will soon see your

freedom strength thed and lifted up by

my love and

power love and seek me bow down in my

presence hold on to your faith declare

your commitment for I understand your

innermost thoughts and

feelings I have the answers to your

questions the solutions to your problems

soon everything will be given to you I

will whisper to your heart and you will

listen deeply within your being let go

of your tears your anxiety and

restlessness will disappear do you trust


me your belief is what empowers and

sustains you Faith planted in the soil

of your mind provides firmness and

stability to your emotions your faith

will work miracles defeat enemies

overcome obstacles and create new paths

your faith in me in my shed blood in my

eternal Covenant in my written word

through your faith nothing will bring

you down no one will take it away from

you always ask me with confidence in


prayers and I will give you everything


need I will remove from your life

whatever hinders or causes

stumbling I want you and your family to

be free from all anxiety and

fear I want you to always put unwavering

trust with all your heart that I am the

one who heals provides sustains guards

and watches over you my precious

child I have wonderful plans in store

for you type to show your belief in

Jesus Keep seeking my wisdom and

guidance so that you will recognize the

blessings I bring into your life both

big and

small even the tiniest seeds I plant can

flourish abundantly under my

care I Delight in surprising you with

goodness seeing you thriving and full of

joy makes my heart

glad your beaming smile and eyes shining

with happiness are Priceless to

me you are more cherished and valuable

to me than all the Treasures of the

earth my deepest desire is for you to

experience life in all its fullness and

to achieve the dream dreams have placed

in your

heart put your trust fully in me and

give your heart completely to

me will you trust me in

this no one can hinder the blessings I

want to shower upon

you I am always watching over you I’ve

surrounded you with my protection and

posted my angels to guard you from all

harm your future is secure in my

hands I am your Mighty and affectionate

heavenly father my love for you is

Everlasting and I will patiently nurture

you as my good plans for you unfold

decide to trust me completely and don’t

be discouraged by gossip or people’s


opinions their hurtful words will fade

away like chaff in the

wind when a new day Dawns you will rise

up and leave their Gloom

behind sadness will not overtake you

because my love will buoy your

spirit open your heart to me and stop

paying attention to those who want to

harm you or control your

life hear me saying how much I treasure

you in countless

ways be courageous and self assured not

swayed by what others think or

say when you start to worry about

cutting remarks remember that I see the

genuine you you I notice all your acts

of kindness I have a significant purpose

for you to fulfill type yes if you are

ready for the blessings that you are

about to receive and if you believe in

Christianity kindly show your support

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$ your loved ones and sincere friends

deeply care about you they’ll remain by

your side


everything devote your time to pursuing

me serving me and being with those you

love don’t sacrifice quality time with

your family in order to cater to people

who will only squander

it those who criticize you assume that

you have no one defending you and that

their insults can wound you deeply but

don’t allow that to

happen don’t make space in your life

life for defamation and

deception I will give you strength to

concentrate on my instruction on things

that will help you grow and

develop Channel your energy into

bringing happiness to your loved ones

many individuals have Faithfully

supported you in good times and bad look

for opportunities to extend a helping

hand to those in Desperate

situations I plan to use you to spread

blessing throughout your community

making you a shining example of justice


honor you’ll point others toward

following my

ways this is why I am raising you up

filling you with hope and

courage I want to turn you into a

fountain of blessing through you I will

do amazing things promise me that you

will confront your fears headon and


undaunted never stop TR trusting me

don’t lose

hope keep reaching out to me in prayer

especially in your weariest moments on

this journey when moving forward feels

impossible remember that my Tender Love

in folding you is a constant reassurance

of my presence don’t become overly

focused on other

people they may disappoint

you your Soul’s well-being shouldn’t

depend on gaining affection or approval


others yes I created you with a need to

love and be loved but never forget that

the only perfect unfading love that will

always be there for you is

mine it is steadfast intimate and

reliable don’t hand your heart over to

those who may desert you or entrust your

future to those who fall out of love

with you after you’ve given them your


don’t give the most central place in


soul take care of yourself type I claim

it if you receive this declaration type

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