You Will Cry Later If You Skip Jesus Today | Gods Message For You | Jesus Affirmations | God Helps

my beloved child in the loving presence

of the almighty anxiety finds no place

to take root our bracing communication

becomes your Shield against worry

allowing positivity to flourish within

your mind I want you to remember the

importance of engaging in a heartful

dialogue with me for in listening as

well as speaking you find a sanctuary of

Peace when thoughts of the future beckon

I urge you to keep these guiding

principles close to your heart avoid

dwelling in the uncertainty of what lies

ahead for anxiety can Sprout like

mushrooms in such wanderings instead

embrace the Assurance of my constant

companionship picture me beside you in

every scenario for though this mental

discipline may be challenging it is

worth it my real presence outshines any

fantasy and in trusting me you find a

safe Refuge trusting me goes beyond mere

words it requires the strength of your

will through throughout your day you may

encounter things that trigger anxiety

even in your thoughts stay vigilant for

anxious feelings can slip and unnoticed

leaving you wondering why you suddenly

feel disheartened rather than ignoring

or numbing these feelings be alert to

catch the worry thoughts before they

take hold of you I encourage you to Be

watchful for in doing so you can seek

refuge in me whenever anxiety comes

knocking I am eager to be your Safe

Haven everpresent to provide help relief

and Escape make the conscious choice to

turn to me showing your trust in me and

you shall find true happiness and peace

worry anxiety and Care hold no positive

sway over our lives they fail to bring

Solutions or promote good health

hindering our spiritual growth Satan

seeks to Rob us of the word of God

through these cares but we can resist by

casting them upon God through prayer

remember you were never meant to carry

your burdens alone but rather to depend

on God for help and guidance keeping

your cares is a manifestation of Pride

indicating that you believe you can

handle everything without the Lord’s

assistance instead show humility by

leaning on God and offering your worries

in prayer Pray about everything and

worry about nothing Embrace a life free

from the burden of anxiety and you shall

find true Joy imagine worry as a rocking


constantly moving yet going nowhere

choose to step away from the feudal

cycle of worry and instead find solace

in the comforting Embrace of divine love

and protection may your heart be at ease

knowing that God’s Loving Care is ever

present to guide you through life’s

challenges type Amen in the comments and

get blessed


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