You Will Be Punished If You Skip Jesus Today | God’s Message For You Today | Jesus Affirmations

my child

I’m Jesus your savior I am acquainted

with all your hurts every tear and every

motive of your heart you and I have

traversed this Valley and faced

hardships hand in hand I am your help

your comforter your refuge and I am more

than sufficient renew your mind and

allow me to search up your heart Let Me

Be The Gardener of your heart uprooting

the weeds and planting seeds of my love

and forgiveness in their place these

seeds will flourish and bring forth

Abundant Life fix your gaze upon me not

on your circumstances losses or the

opinions and misunderstandings of others

you can achieve the Victorious Life by

living in profound dependence on me

people often associate Victory with

success avoiding failure or mistakes yet

those who rely solely on their strength

tend to stray from me forgetting my

presence it is through challenges

failures weaknesses and needs that you

learn to place your trust in me true

dependence is not merely asking me to

bless your own plans it is coming to me

with an open mind and heart inviting me

to plant my desires within you

I may Infuse you with a dream that seems

beyond your reach you will realize that

on your own such a goal is unattainable

thus begins your journey of deep

Reliance on me it is a walk of Faith

taken one step at a time leaning on me

as much as you need this path may not be

one of continuous success but of

multiple failures however each failure

will be followed by a growth spurt

nourished by increased Reliance on me

type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today

6 thoughts on “You Will Be Punished If You Skip Jesus Today | God’s Message For You Today | Jesus Affirmations”

  1. Amen thank you Jesus I’m nothing without you I need you in my life please don’t take your spirit from me I’m sorry for every sin that I have committed please let me be honest and don’t lie to anyone help others who are in need and pray to you more read your word more and continue to depend on you more and stop trying to do things and fix things on my own Amen that you Jesus


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