God says great blessing are about to

enter your life because you have

believed for so long always remember God

will give you Direction about your

situation not confusion ask God for

peace for God is not a god of confusion

but of Peace keep watering yourself

you’re growing God is infinitely greater

than any problem that you’ve ever faced

learn to trust him and he will never let

you down

you never gave up you remained faithful

your dedication passion and Patience are

about to pay off in a major

way everything is about to make sense

our God is a promis keeper one of the

most powerful prayers you can ever pray

is God not my will but let your will be

done God says give me your plans and I

will give you success remember that your

success might not look the way you

planned but it will be more than you

asked if you trust me you cannot block

what God has blessed we serve a God who

can move mountains in a second whatever

you’re going through God will not only

bring you through it but he will make

you even stronger God appointed you to

it trust him to lead you through it amen

if you believe

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