You Shall Lack Nothing | God message jesus |

my dear child I shall ensure that nothing is lacking for you I promise this as your

provider I am attuned to your situation and needs do not distress over your

current situation close your eyes recall my word and your mind and heart shall be imbued

with Serenity and Tranquility there are numerous doors surrounding you that shall swing open

proceed and approach these doors with determination and conviction I command

you to do so when you undertake this do so without

fear I shall Place upon your lips the words you need to utter make the

decision today and progress along your path do not remain immobilized by fear

when you rise and walk the windows of Heaven shall open for you and I shall shower you with abundant and genuine

blessings you shall reap provisions of plenty free from debt and debtors you

shall receive even more than your expectations for sharing giving and blessing you shall continue to seow and

reap thus it shall be henceforth every day every month and

every year therefore revisit and listen to these words until you clearly understand

my command nourish yourself with my written word and Advance

resolutely it is time for you you to awaken for your faith to ignite Kindle

and accelerate the plan I have had for you for a long time leave behind all

memories of defeat all guilt decide to persist to fight daily

and pay no heed to the rumors and attacks of people forgive continue forget and move

forward my words shall be your light your faith shall be like a sword and I

shall assist you in carving a path through the obstacles you may encounter decide to persevere for I shall provide

you with the strength to fight I reiterate I am your Shepherd your

provider I know your needs and I shall supply what you lack and more declare

with your lips with all your heart that you shall continue to fight live and

believe without fear of the distressing news that alarms you [Music] I know why I do the things I do I have

the final word with my power I can calm roaring winds part the sea make you walk

upon the turbulent waves lift you from the bed of pain heal your body and Grant

your soul healing I receive your tears when this world betrays you with pain and

affliction you seek refuge in your faith you love me you believe in me my

presence envelops you manifests in you you and once again I shall fill your entire being with love and peace amid

the breath it is true time does not heal wounds I heal them without leaving

scars the trials of this life shall not Mark you difficulties have helped you

grow wiser I shall also relieve you of bad memories that’s why my hands were

fastened to a cross with cold and cruel nails to Bear your suffering to cleanse

your guilt with my shed blood to Grant you my grace to remove all burdens and

Sorrows from your heart in good times and bad in health or

sickness my presence shall not depart from you you have my promise I shall perform Mighty miracles

in your life through them I demonstrate what is possible when my word is

received and obeyed with a humble heart accepting both trial and blessing

equally there are strong situations I shall change for your benefit battles

and trials that shall lead you to a better place conflicts that shall make you stronger you shall face situations

that shall enhance your wisdom if I permit it it is for your own good if I say I shall be with you and

protect you from evil it is because I will you shall prosper I say it is my

will will that everything good that comes into your hands shall be multiplied and blessed and you shall

believe it doubt not and do not use your past failures or imperfections as an

excuse if you are to believe in me fully also believe in my

forgiveness if you seek complete blessing disregard the accuser pay no

attention to criticism or slander do not Grant a foothold in your thoughts to the

envious who aim to ruin your promising future [Music] instead of succumbing to fear and

anxiety feel my hand touching your heart be filled with joy peace hope faith and

confidence I shall bring joy to your life and place praise upon your lips

your life shall be different your blessing comes from Heaven abundance shall Grace your home and you shall be

free from the chains of debt and errors that afflict your finances it may appear to you that you

are enduring times of scarcity but listen believe my words and look around

with the eyes of your faith be sensitive to the open doors and opportunities value and treat those you

encounter on your path with kindness for I shall bring many special people into

your life who shall extend their hands to you just as I do be friendly be kind treat all with

respect for I shall bless you and you use you in astonishing ways beyond your

imagination all the wondrous things I desire to accomplish with you especially

during times of hardship you shall rise you shall shine

in the midst of Darkness you shall be my witness let me tell you a secret what

you are reading and hearing I share with many of my sons and daughters yet not

all believe me and others refuse to receive what I offer providing numerous EX

excuses they prefer to believe those who seek to enslave them in misery sin pain

and sadness dismissing my blessings words and promises but I tell you love

me believe in me it is imperative that you do so

otherwise you may lose precious time hesitating and not accepting my blessings in your hands and

legs but I know that you are different I have tested you many

times I know you believe in me and I love you greatly receive my blessing now you are

in my hands in my arms I carry you under my shelter I protect you fear not those

who rise against you they shall contend with me your problems may be numerous

but I shall deliver you those who wish to harm you shall be ashamed and

confounded now you see how they surround you seeking to defeat you but I shall

intervene I shall assist you in a few days you shall turn your face and your

enemies shall be no more many are enraged because they cannot overcome you they do not realize

that your greatest friend defends you your God your savior have faith believe in

me there are no impossibilities for me believe and act

I am with you act in advance with confidence I have increased your faith I

have empowered you to walk on water and to fight and defeat any Malignant Force

for you no longer fight alone you have become Brave no longer

fearful fears and anxieties are left behind lift your sword and continue in

the battle prepare for the blessings that shall come you shall conquer the land before you I shall provide the

answers and the way out in all situations I have anointed you with my

spirit to heal and encourage many hearts I shall bless your family bring

peace and Harmony to your home soon you shall feel something different my presence shall reign in

your house and all the malevolent forces that have been causing distress shall

flee and never return seek me and you shall find rest for your sa in in me in

my promises in my word your trust should reside I am your God your rock your

health your strength your salvation take my hand firmly and you shall not fall I

am your protector your lord your healer declare now with all your might

that you believe in me cling with all your heart to your faith in me I love

you I have been I am and I shall shall always be with you I want you to pray

for your family you need to do it your prayer is effective and Powerful you

have seen many times how I have answered when you come into my presence what your family has been going

through has brought them many struggles perhaps you see Smiles on their faces but inside they are

suffering come before my altar on your knees begin to intercede and cry out

out I shall surround your family with a hedge of spiritual protection I shall not permit the

adversary to assail them I shall deliver them from afflictions and mishaps I

shall instill wisdom within their hearts I shall unlock the doors that were once sealed and they Shall Behold

numerous opportunities that seemed concealed to them I shall bestow upon them strength

peace Serenity and inspiration to communicate with their beloved ones with

tenderness so that they never utter hurtful words and truly fathom their sentiments and understand the arduous

situations they too are enduring when in their presence there

will be tender caresses upon their heads and as you do so my benediction shall

flow from your hands extracting all sorrow from their

souls I shall shatter every chain and bring healing to the their hearts speak

to them my word ensuring they never forget my promises let my name be spoken in your

home with reverence and watch as problems gradually dissipate and my presence Reigns in your family a time

shall come when you will witness with great joy the transformation of their lives their character shall evolve and

many who appeared lost shall find their path and arrive at their blessed

destination therefore clear to me and do not be disheartened by the negative

circumstances you witness I possess a mighty plan and my plan unfailingly

materializes no one can obstruct it however there must be someone in your

home who fervently Believes In Me prays with unwavering faith and Devon and that

someone is you pray for your family and I shall

obliterate obstacles and victory shall be yours I love you and I love them as well

Rest in Me for in my hands I hold your present your future and the blessings

destined for your life it is evidence that I have chosen you if you believe in and treasure my

word those who seek to see you ashamed will be astounded by the supernatural

Miracles I shall perform in you in these days I raise your countenance wipe away

your tears and Grant you peace I bring happiness to your life

come and listen to my promises every day open your Bible sit in silence read and

nourish your Hungry Heart grow stronger and feel the immense strength I am infusing within

you sometimes you lift your eyes hoping for a response from the heavens but now

I command you to look forward for I am already answering your prayers and

petitions the things you have asked of me I am granting according to my

will in your home someone must steadfastly believe in me sincerely pray

with all their might and have faith without faltering and that someone is

you pray for your family and I shall surround them with my heavenly Army do not allow doubts to Cloud your

mind I will always love you your your life is in my hands and I want to help

you overcome these challenges to conquer discouragement to focus on the future to

forge ahead without losing faith so you may Triumph and prosper trust in me as your heavenly

father feel the Liberty to speak to me and share your needs for I want you to

perceive me to feel me as a great friend I want to extend my hand to you and you

can always count on me talk to me with your own lips Express express your thoughts your plans your deepest desires

share your feelings for conversing with me benefits your soul and soothes your mind by expressing what you feel with

your own words you activate your faith and miracles shall begin to

occur this is the day to tell me everything you wish to convey but also

to listen to me when I speak to you I am not judging you scolding you or

reminding you of your past failures understand my child that my

spirit is gently whispering in your ear I am telling you that I love you that I eagerly await each morning’s light so

you may open your eyes and with your thoughts tell me that you need me and love me these beautiful words are your

worship your praise and they reach my Throne as the sun rises my presence

fills your life your family and your entire house so

do not forget that in the midst of the challenges you face I am ready to assist you I will not withhold the good things

you request for your blessing I will answer promptly enveloping them in my love give me your thoughts give me your

heart place in my hands the concerns that are eroding your faith your

dreams you do not have to endure these storms that begin in your mind any longer do not allow the Winds of Despair

to carry you through through the streets of pain whose words will you heed the cries

of despondency the lies of failure or the affectionate words spoken by my

voice you do not have to wallow in sorrow when I have shown you time and time again that if you believe in my

word I will fling wide open the gates of Heaven for you you are my child and mine

shall not dwell in darkness my spirit accompanies you comforts you wherever you

go it is no coincidence that you are hearing this now I have witnessed the conflicts in

your life the wounds inflicted by your adversaries in the past and why you

still suffer but I have come to rescue you from this Agony to protect you with my

wings and to cover you with my shadow listen closely read attentively

believe wholeheartedly I do not want you to suffer anymore what you are going through is

not the result of my anger or displeasure I love you dearly forever it must be clear that I

have come to lift you definitively to heal you from your Despair and to free

you from failure you must stand up walk toward your blessing even if you still feel

weary even if you are wounded and in pain you must take steps of Faith once

more believe once more that you will receive miraculous healing the moment you decide to believe in me at each step

you take you shall gain strength and you shall heal completely rise up this very moment for

your life shall soon change do you know why because I love you and I’m by your

side and that is all you need to know today you may feel disheartened and sad

but as you read and listen to my words your heart shall fill with peace Joy

encouragement and Faith do me a favor too I shall ask of

you something remember my sweet love throughout this day recall it several

times but as for the painful memories that have marred your life do not dwell

upon them any longer days of prayer and Recovery lie ahead and blessings you

thought were lost shall return I shall open doors that remained

closed and from Heaven I shall pour forth upon you many good things that

shall bring prosperity and Solace to your soul you must walk forward from today

with the conviction that I your God your heavenly father omnipotent and filled

with love for you shall always be by your side igniting the Fire Within you

to live a purposeful life with zeal and determination feel it feel the burning

desire within you to follow your King’s Commandments and may you sir never be ashamed to believe in me and in my

word rejoice when you witness all the things I shall do in your life and your family’s life for all who believe in me

have the right to be heard in my presence and to receive the fruit and result of their faith and

obedience expect miraculous and wondrous miracles soon you shall witness many positive

changes in the lives of your loved ones and this shall fill you with

joy therefore even if you may see a few problems and occasional difficulties

before you remain assured that I shall never depart from you I shall always be with you in every

moment and situation I want to help you you can speak to me with confidence and

Faith but you must also be ready to listen to me see my written word will

speak directly to your heart filling you with my spirit and you will realize that nothing and no one can ever snatch

away this new found strength I have bestowed upon you promise me with your

own lips that you will seek me every day with your love and faith and I shall be waiting for you I love you and in this

you can be certain I have come to speak to you and touch your heart on this day when you

need me most my love for you is unconditional genuine and

eternal nothing can separate you from this great love I feel and have for you

not even your own sins or mistakes even if you have been distant from me my

loving hand reached out to you delivering you from the things that bound you and stole your desire to

live when you invoke me I am here when you cry out in desperation I open the

doors of my heart to you when I see you bend your knees my eyes gaze upon you

with tenderness my grace envelops you even when you must walk through Paths of

danger and bitterness my presence shall illuminate your life amid all

darkness before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you I chose the exact time the precise

second and the day on which you would be born nothing happens in your life

without my will or approval even if you momentarily dislike what I am doing in

your life one day you shall realize and acknowledge that I did it for your good

to strengthen you to make you grow and because I always have something better

for you my plan is to elevate you to a higher level of faith and

surrender I want to place my resplendant sword in your hands and when you speak my word astounding Miracles shall occur

around you you need not believe that you do not deserve what I want to do in you enough

of that see yourself for what you truly are a child of the omnipotent God a

brave and resilient Warrior filled with strength determination and

victory believe this for it is the result of receiving and embracing my

love you are not destined for defeat after these tribulations that you

shall overcome with your faith the beautiful blessing of Victory awaits you

embrace my presence as it encompasses all that you encounter imagine it as a radiant shroud

of light enveloping you and your surroundings I am guiding you to

maintain an awareness of me in every circumstance you face in moments of of uncertainty or

Solitude remember my presence is an everpresent Comfort much like a

Sheltering canopy of stars in a night sky consider the story of Jacob who

fleeing from his brother found rest on a stone in a Barren land yet in his dreams he was shown a

vision of Heaven angels and received Promises of my enduring presence upon waking he realized truly

the Lord is in this place and I was unaware [Music] this Revelation is not confined to

Biblical times it is a Timeless Truth for all who earnestly seek me when you

feel distant or disconnected boldly declare surely the Lord is in this place invite me then to open your eyes

and heart to my everpresent guidance this plea is one that fills me with joy to

answer in every step of your life’s journey I am with you when you Traverse through your

challenges and joys remember that my presence is a constant companion it’s in your moments of

silence and reflection that you can hear my whisper reassuring you of my love and

guidance let this assurance be the foundation of your faith when you feel

overwhelmed by life’s complexities let this simple yet profound truth anchor

you surely the Lord is in this place as you go about your daily

routines Let each moment be a reminder of my unwavering love and presence in

the mundane and the extraordinary in your victories and your struggles I am

there my presence is not just a comfort it is a promise of strength guidance and

hope so ask for my presence to illuminate your life it’s a request that brings me great

Delight to Grant remember you are never walking

alone in your your journey through life’s Labyrinth be it through the thickest forests of Doubt or over the

steepest mountains of challenges my hand is there to guide and steady

you in the quietude of your soul you will find me speaking words of wisdom

and peace my voice is not just in the thunder and lightning but also in the

gentle breeze and the calming Sunset every experience you undergo is

woven into to the fabric of your life with purpose and intent trust in my plan fashioned with

endless wisdom and boundless love in times of uncertainty find

comfort in my eternal promises Let My Words Be A Guiding Light in your path leading you through the

darkness to a dawn of understanding and peace thus as you walk through life let

this truth be your stronghold and Solace surely the Lord is in this place may it

be a source of strength and peace to you today and always when some basic need is lacking

time energy money consider yourself blessed your lack is not a deficit but

an opportunity to cling to me with unreserved dependence as you Embark Upon A Day With

what seems like inadequate resources Focus your energies on the present moment this is where life unfolds where

I continuously await you recognizing your own insufficiency is a profound

blessing teaching you to trust in me wholeheartedly understand that

self-sufficiency is an illusion Often bolstered by pride and ephemeral

successes the trappings of health and wealth as tangible as they may seem can

vanish in a moment as swiftly as life itself can change embrace your inadequate es and in

doing so find joy for it is in your weaknesses your moments of need that my power is most

vividly manifested and made perfect this is a call to shift your perspective in

the world’s eyes lacking something might seem like a failure or a shortfall yet

in my Divine economy it is precisely these moments of lack that open the door

to Greater faith and Reliance on my strength when you feel depleted when

your resources seem scarce that is when my presence becomes more tangible my

support more evident in your moments of insufficiency

when The Well of your own strength and resources runs dry look to me it is then that my power my grace and

my love flow most freely into your life these are the times when your faith

is stretched and grown when your dependence on me evolves from a mere concept to a tangible lived

experience as you journey through life’s ups and downs remember that my strength is most visible in your

weakness do not despair when You Face situations that seem beyond your

capability instead rejoice in your human limitations for they are the very opportunities for my power to be

displayed in your life in your insufficiency my sufficiency becomes

more apparent in your weakness my strength is made perfect therefore I

walk boldly into each day not dismayed by what you lack but encouraged by the knowledge that in your weakness you are

strong for I am with you my power and grace are sufficient

for you and in your weaknesses my glory shines brightest Embrace each day not as a

struggle against insufficiency but as an opportunity to experience my power and

Grace in its fullness this is the essence of Faith

finding strength in weakness sufficiency in insufficiency and Power in

dependency in this Divine Paradox you find the truest expression of my love

and power in your life so rejoice in your weaknesses for

they are the conduits of my greatest work in you don’t worry about your inadequacy

instead accept and embrace it your sense of lack is the very thing

that connects you to my boundless sufficiency when your resources appear

insufficient Your Instinct might be to give in to worry the best response to this

temptation is to openly acknowledge your limitations and Express gratitude for

them this act of Thanksgiving liberates you from the false notion that you must be your own Savior and

provider your human frailties and Imperfections necessitate a savior who

is infinitely strong and flawlessly perfect a provider capable of fulfilling

all your needs access to my Limitless resources comes through a balance of Stillness and action time spent alone

with me waiting in my presence strengthens your connection to me I

actively work on behalf of those who wait for me accomplishing for you what is beyond your own

abilities yet there are many tasks within your capability as you engage in your daily

activities relying on the strength I provide you bring glory to me and

receive blessings in return the next time you find yourself feeling inadequate turn towards me

without hesitation I meet you lovingly at your point of need remember the words of

Philippians and my God will meet all your needs according to the riches

of his glory in Christ Jesus additionally Isaiah . reminds us

since ancient times no one has heard no ear has perceived no eye has seen any

God besides you who acts on behalf of those who wait for him thus in moments

of perceived inadequacy do not let your heart be troubled trust in my provision

and Care lean into your limitations for they are the gateways to experiencing my

power and Grace in your weakness my strength is made manifest in your

insufficiency my sufficiency fills the gaps embrace your neediness as an

opportunity to deepen your Reliance on me and watch as I transform your worries

into a testament of my faithfulness so walk forward with confidence not in your own abilities but

in my NeverEnding provision and strength each moment of need is an

invitation to experience my love and power in your life in your inadequacy find the

fullness of my grace and the Assurance of my unfailing presence







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