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today Lord is communicating with you my

dearest child do you realize how

delighted I feel when I call you my

child I am delighted to bring you into

this world to achieve my destiny don’t

believe your useless avoid feeling alone

or unloved since this may lead to

depression I made you because I believe

you are more value valuable then

everything else I really adore you I

hear your prayers and see your tears I

grieve when I see your tears but my

strength comies from knowing that you

will be blessed to go through them as I

have planned for you I have a plan for

you that will be fulfilled on time trust

me I can’t wait to meet you kiss your

forehead and and be with you I really

adore you I’ll bless you in Bible verse


– always says but folks that hope in

the Lord will renew their energy they

will bounce on wings like eagles they

will run and now not grow weary they’ll

stroll and not be

faint Lord says type yes if you praise

my name the the Lord claims trust me e n

o u g h it choose spending quality time

with me above daily obligations refuse

to feel guilty about anything that

pleases me the king of the

universe as an omnipotent being I can

manipulate time and events to your

advantage giving yourself to me en Rich


allows you to do more in less time

aligning with my viewpoint allows you to

prioritize what matters and what doesn’t

avoid becoming to active many actions

committed in my name or meaningless In


Kingdom maintain constant contact with

me to prevent doing pointless tasks I

will instruct and guide you on the right

path and I will keep an eye on you

Embrace today Journey

wholeheartedly trust in your constant

companion to guide you through life’s

journey you may be assured knowing that

my presence will accompany you

throughout your life and into

eternity don’t succumb to dread or

anxiety since they are thieves of full

life trust me to handle issues as they

arise rather than attempting to foresee

them by focusing on me the author and

perfector of your faith you may overcome

obstacles on your journey when you feel

terrified to remember that I am holding

your right hand nothing can separate you

from my presence you are feeling weighed

down by several difficulties both major


Tiny despite increasing demands for your

attention it’s important to resist them

spending meaningful time with God may

help you break free from life’s

difficulties remember who I am in all my

power and Glory please send me your

humble prayers and

petitions reflecting on your troubles in

the light of my presence will make them

seem little you may find Delight in your

savior even amid difficult

circumstances rely on me your strength

and I will make your feet like those of

a deer allowing you to go on the heights

learn to live from your true Center me I

am eternally United with your soul and

exist inside your enter most as Ence my

peace prevails on a profound

level longterm tranquil cannot be found

in external conditions or human

connections type PS if you trust God the

external environment is always changing

due to the cycle of life and death there

is a treasure Trove of inner peace

waiting to be discovered take time to

explore the treasures of my presence I

encourage you to live from your true

Center where my love has an everlasting

grasp on you I am Christ in you the hope

of glory stay in the light of my

presence while I transmit my love to you

my love is the most powerful force in

the universe you are always aware of

your own and others limits

my love is Limitless encompassing all

space Time and Eternity you now see

behind a veil but one day you will be

able to see me directly then you may

truly feel my love for you which is vast

long high and

deep experiencing it today would leave

you feeling overwhelmed and devastated

you have an eternal

ahead of you to fully appreciate my

presence for now knowing my loving

presence is enough to get you through

the day waiting trusting and hoping or

closely intertwin like Golden Threads

interlaced into a strong chain the key

theme is trust since that is the most

desired reaction from my children

waiting and hoping strengthens the

connection between you and me waiting

for me to work demonstrates faith if you

mouth I Trust You by eagerly attempting

to make things go your way your words

will sound

hollow hoping focuses on the future and

connects you with your inheritance in

Paradise however optimism brings


advantages you are mine therefore you

don’t simply wait you may wait eagerly

or optimistic keep your antenna open to

detect even the slightest into my

presence right Jesus’s Supreme King dear

child in these unpredictable and often

tiring times I encourage you to seek

comfort in your own Inner Strength even

if the road before you looks

intimidating be assured that you do not

face these challenges alone I am here to

guide and support you at every step

while fear might creep into your heart

filling it with doubts and worries

resist its grasp choose instead to hold

unto courage and determination aware

that you have within you the capability

to surpass any hurdles you

encounter raise your eyes to the heavens

let the vast expanse above remind you of

the infinite possibilities that lie

ahead open your arms not and surrender

to failure but to embrace the good

fortune and chances that come your

way my love for you is steadfast and

without conditions an unbreakable

connection that endures any situation

rely on my constant presence for I am

forever guiding you towards brighter

days even in the darkest

times do not lose heart because of the

difficulties that may arise doe them as

chances to evolve and transform as you

journey through life you will uncover

the true extent of your resilience and

the richness of your soul as you Meander

long life diverse paths remember you are

never truly

alone if you hold faith in God reflect

that belief by liking this message and

sharing a heartfelt amen Below in

moments of Doubt or struggle let sincere

regret and steadfast trust light your

way though you might walk through

desolate stretches where each step is a

battle against harsh adversity keep in

mind that Divine protection covers you

do not let setbacks discourage you

instead let them fortify your will to

continue forward even when your path is

veiled by uncertainties

always believe in guiding hand above and

know that every faithful step brings you

closer to fulfilling your

destiny in times of need seek the Water

of Life a metaphorical source of energy

and inspiration that can address your

deepest desires and rejuvenate your

being like a container refilled to the

brim with invaluable oil

your spirit too can be replenished and

revitalized by the unending mercy that

envelops you tackle each challenge as a

step towards personal

growth every barrier you overcome is a

stride towards achieving your fullest

potential with unshakable faith as your

Navigator and Heavenly love as your ally

push forward boldly you are meant for

remarkable thing a belief underscored

with each step you take imbued with

purpose Your Existence is not a random

occurrence but a precise Act of divine

intention within life’s Grand Design

Your Role is to add resilience and hope

to contribute shades of bravery and

kindness your spirit serves as a light

for others and darker times offering

comfort and peace when certainty seems

lost in Quiet Moments of contemplation

recognize your intricate connection to

the universe your value surpasses all

Earthly bounds as you embody Limitless

love and

potential as you approach life’s vast

thresholds let faith guide you through

the ups and downs empowering you to mold

your future for it is faith that lays

the foundation for

wonders may your spirit remain bold

rooted in the knowledge that you are

deeply valued in the Embrace of Divine

Grace Finds safety and restoration for

you are forever cradled in the hands of

Providence so dear Soul cherish each

instant With Honor within you dwells the

essence of forever your belief is a

sacred treasure unlocking endless

opportunities in the Serene depths of

your existence discover the potential to

change your reality and explore the

vastness of what can be dear child in

these challenging and exhausting times

find peace in the knowledge that within

you is a core of strength that cannot be

shaken remember you are not navigating

these Rough Waters

alone I am here to provide support and

guidance ad every Twist and Turn do not

let fear dominate your thoughts and

feelings Whispering doubts and planting

insecurities instead arm yourself with

courage and resilience for you are

equipped to conquer any challenges that

might block your

path look upwards towards the expansive

sky and be reminded of the universe’s

vastness and the Myriad opportunities it

holds reach out your hands not to

conceit defeat but to receive the Myriad

blessings and possib abilities that life

extends to you rest assured my love for

you is steadfast and unconditional a

tether that remains unveiled by any

storm if you have faith in God right

Amon hold on to the truth that during

times of trial I Am with You biding you

towards light even in the darkest ours

do not be dismayed by the obstacles that

may arise see them as opportunities for

personal growth and

transformation as you travel the varied

Landscapes of Life realize that you are

never alone if your faith is strong show

your affirmation by liking and sharing a

heartfelt am andan responds to this

message in moments of Doubt or struggle

let honest repentance and firm trust be


deacons through desolate terrains where

every step is a challenge remember you

are sheltered by Divine care let this

knowledge embolden you to continue

forward even when Shadows of uncertainty

obscure your path Trust In The Guiding

hand above believing that each step of

faith takes you closer to your ultimate

purpose when you thirst for

encouragement seek out the spiritual

Water of Life which flows endlessly from

the Divine Source ready to satiate your

deepest yearnings and refresh your

spirit like a vessel refilled with

precious oil your soul can be

rejuvenated by Eternal

Grace Embrace every challenge is a

chance for growth each obstacle you

overcome is a step closer to realizing

your greatest potential with unwavering

Faith guiding you and divine love as

your lie move forward with

confidence you are destined for

Extraordinary achievements evidenced by

every purpose-driven step you take your

existence istance is purposeful crafted

by Divine intention in the grand scheme

you contribute resilience and hope

adding colors of bravery and kindness

your spirit like a deacon lights the way

for others in darker times providing

peace and

reassurance in Quiet Moments acknowledge

your deep connection to the cosmos your

value is immeasurable for

you are a vessel of infinite love and

potential as you face life’s vast

Horizons let faith guide you through its

highs and lows empowering you to shape


destiny faith is the foundation on which

Miracles are built may your heart be

steady anchored by the Deep seated

knowledge that you are deeply loved in

divine grace

find sanctuary and renewal for you are

eternally cradled then providence’s

Palm cherish each moment with respect

and all Insight you is the essence of

Eternity your faith a sacred treasure

that unlocks Limitless possibilities in

the peaceful Stillness of your being

realize the power to alter your path and

explore bound countless

potentials dear Soul as you stand on the

brink of new beginnings trust in the

abundance that awaits with faith and

gratitude as your companions step boldly

into the unknown assured that guidance

and support are always near may your

journey be a resounding affirmation of

lives riches promises echoing through

your soul and and Across the Universe

transforming existence into a tapestry

of purpose passion and profound

joy in the quiet Whispers of each day

and night feel my guiding presence

comforting and uplifting you through

every challenge know that you are

cherished always my dear

one typ I adore Jesus

today’s message maintain watchful and

protect our hearts from any dangers we

must protect our brains against

meaningless activities misguided the

understanding stubbornness guilt

excessive attachment to immoral items

and negative

ideas avoid allowing the adversary to

take control of our hearts maintaining

pure Purity requires attention due to

its inherent deceitfulness and

resistance to deviant Behavior maintain

vigilance over our hearts to prevent

damage from entering or

escaping protect them by prayer careful

listening study and profound reflection

above all seek the grace and spirit of

Christ to sanctify Preserve and guard

them prioritize preservation above other

issues the heart is the Wellspring of

both natural and spiritual life

including faith and Purity which lead to

everlasting life maintaining a healthy

heart is crucial for both our present

and future God’s grace May enliven and

sanctify our hearts leading to a life of

Faith Holiness and eternal life when our

hearts are straight we will naturally

connect our behaviors with virtuous

ideals goals and intents do not envy the

success of oppressors who obtain money

VI unjust methods such as oppressing the

poor stealing and indulging in

violence do not want to be in their

situation and experience their riches

and comfort do not be envious of others

happiness since they are not actually

happy instead reject their tactics for

accumulating wealth imitating others may

be detrimental to one’s Spirit even if

it leads to financial

success according to Luke

the best option is to choose the

good part that cannot be taken away

following Christ and his teachings the

Lord views Wicked individuals who

displease him and act against others as


Abomination such a person contradicts

God’s nature will and message they are

people who perpetrate evil and

Abomination to the Lord the Lord Shar

shes his secrets with The Virtuous those

who are Justified via trust in Christ’s

righteousness rather than relying on

their own actions are considered

righteous as a consequence they maintain

self-control and moral Integrity the

Lord’s love grace and favor have existed

from eternity and are revealed through

regeneration the topic of election

Redemption calling and adoption is

discussed in effective

calling the Lord establishes a covenant

with them with Christ as the mediator

and gives them access to the grace

benefits and promises that come with it

the Lord reveals the secrets of the

Gospel to them which are unfathomable to

carnal persons

if you agree tys and forward this video

to nine other individuals who believe in

God this text advises us to not be

afraid of

unexpected and terrible occurrences we

should not be consumed by dread whether

it comes from rumors reports or


occurrences we shouldn’t be terrified of

what the evil may do to The Virtuous

this may take many forms including

injury too ourselves are our property

suffering for our faith not only honors

ourselves but also glorifies God we

should not dread the annihilation of the

upright throughout history God has shown

his ability to save his people from

disasters God who rescued Noah and his

family during the Deluge and L and his

family during the destruction of Sodom

and gamorra may also save us from

Peril even in the midst of turmoil and

disaster we may be certain of

everlasting blessings trusting in Jesus

and believing in his promises may help

us overcome even the most challenging

circumstances the Lord will support

people who follow him even in

circumstances that may seem ridiculous

to the world this involves following his

and the holy spirit’s

teachings during times of trouble

difficulty and danger the Lord protects

us from Satan’s and the world’s

Temptations and harms indiv indviduals

who have a personal relationship with

Christ and feel his presence are


fortunate he will cover you together

with his feathers and underneath his

wings you may discover Refuge his

faithfulness can be your guard and

rampar Psalm

to typ pal and if you believe in

God dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me dear heavenly

father in your word you provide

instances of benefits that you children

did not get due to fear over trust doubt

they lacked Faith were disobedient and

question your

Authority help us remember that even if

our conflicts seem to difficult or time

consuming they are not for you please

help us remember that you allow for

periods of testing help us remember that

everything we allow as a purpose you

want us to learn how to

endure you want us to be strong bold and

Valiant in the face of hardship and foes

help us not fail throughout our tests we

may be weak here lack bravery but you

are our strength making us Gage ious and

Powerful with your might and

force to be a faithful soldier of Jesus

we must be ready to endure tribulation

we Face spiritual warfare with an

adversary who seeks to destroy us and

convince us that we are helpless and

hopeless rather than

Victorious help us realize that we are

not alone in this struggle

you are with us for us and preparing us

for every challenge allow us to listen

to your voice instead of the enemies

falsehoods when you say we can


something as David fought Goliath may we

Face our sorrow losses sadness and

challenges with confidence and optimism

he was courageous because he knew you

we’re beside him he triumphed because he

put his confidence and trust in you

believing you over the

naysayers he believed you were larger

than the Behemoth before him we are

greater than our circumstances including

our history suffering sicknesses

impairments financial troubles and

enemies we offer our heartfelt respect

we wish to obey you we want to make you

proud We do not want to lose out on

benefits due to lack of faith or

skepticism it is foremost that you

continue to support our Channel and we

will try to make you feel good for

always and you can consider donating to

us through super thanks

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