God is making a statement to you right now you shouldn’t let the bad things happening in your life bring you down or

stop you from living according to God instead you should strive to gain do

your best to remain strong and have a positive attitude things will probably improve in ways you don’t anticipate

very soon God thinks that if you give up now you may eventually realize that

giving up is okay in the end go God has given you a message therefore you should

try to analyze it no matter how bad things go you shouldn’t give up getting

back up and moving ahead is what you should do God says I want you to know that I certainly forgive you a message

he will send to you so you will comprehend that he forgives you this is crucial so that you know how much I’ve

forgiven you and how much I want to get to know you and become your buddy my

undying love for you has made made me very cautious about making decisions that may hurt you and I hope you know

how much I forgive you I can assure you that I can always think about what’s good for you and you have my undying

love please know that I completely and utterly forgive you you must see this

film in its entirety if you are in need of Miracles you may get some information

immediately so someone can reassure you about the situation which is great if

you’ve been worried about anything coming up God has assured you that he will never leave you so you may start

making use of all the benefits that have been accumulated and are ready for you to enjoy your focus should shift from

amassing more riches to being content with what you have achieved so far God

has promised that he will never leave your side and this is why everything has come to pass get ready for it

immediately there’s no need to delay you don’t have to wait much longer now that the second has come the things you care

about will begin to happen in their lives in surprising ways an extraordinary and spectacular change has

taken place at this organization having access to one of these massive options is a true blessing

you will have to put your trust in God more and more often practicing daily prayer can help you acknowledge the

gifts that God has given you and to thank him for them because of your prayer this change will occur

immediately I have not only been crucified with Christ but I have also suffered the same kind of suffering that

he did not but I have Christ Living inside of me for every challenge he is

the one that motivates me to keep going we are no longer reliant on or necessary

for one another and the reason for that is because there’s no need to stay in this world our own deaths are not

something we should be concerned about belief in the Son of God who loved me

and and offered himself for me allows me to live the lives I now do in this body

now is not the time to be too critical of yourself or to jump the gun stay calm and repeat my assessment of the

situation you are highly esteemed just know that everything happens at the

perfect moment please do not put yourself in a dangerous situation getting ahead of schedule can let you

start living the life you’ve imagined since you were a baby and you have the power to make it a reality if you have

faith in God please show your support by giving this video a like and sharing it

with others God wants you to be one of them you’ll have a positive impact on a

remarkable group of people you must stop blaming yourself for what’s happening and learn to relax because God is

something worth sticking to and that is difficult to accomplish you may be able

to find this song on the believe him CD Now the proverb not only has a valid reason for being but it also describes

the perfect mood for this time of year keep in mind that I hold you in the highest regard and that I know things

will improve for you eventually no matter what life throws at you you must learn to embrace it with gratitude the

universe will provide you with the opportunity to meet the one person who will fulfill all your goals and dreams

for connections with other people and the outcome will Astound you if you learn to be grateful for what you have

right now you could be seeing the most magnificent event of your life right now one potential benefit is the opportunity

to play the role of the one person who can fulfill all your fantasies about

having meaningful connections with other people when things don’t work out the way we expect we shouldn’t lose hope

since God is always able to make a difference Although our enemy makes some excellent plays God still has the finest

ones since he loves you more than we could ever imagine so we should shouldn’t let our mistakes get us down

put your trust in God and he will take care of all your problems God defends

you in a manner that no one else should ever hope to match there may not be anything to worry about as long as I am

by your side keep in mind that there may be no need for you to be scared even when it seems like everything is going

wrong a gift of up to $ would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation

and blessings have faith in yourself and know that the difficult times you’ve been experiencing recently will pass you

will soon have access to new resources that will facilitate the accomplishment of your goals you will be presented with

possibilities and benefits that you did not anticipate and these things will combine to illuminate your future path

do not worry about money when you are certain that you will soon be enjoying great success your guardian angel will

wait to watch out for your wonderful Hobbies so you shouldn’t be too nagging about money put money worries aside

asking me to undertake Monumental tasks is hardly an indication of Frailty God

has spoken to you via a voice and told you that in light of the events that are happening right now I pray that God will

reward you in ways that are beyond anything you could have ever imagined possible given the circumstances right

now I have the power to make the impossible happen in your life yes in

order to get this benefit let us hold on to our spiritual beliefs in the face of the difficult challenges

that life presents instead let us not stray from these principles certain that

God’s power is more than enough to get us through any task that comes our way

according to the Lord I can restore what you’ve lost the ability to laugh aloud

the skill to accept other people as they are and the feeling of love never lose

sight of how important it is to not only prepare ahead but also to thank God for his plan for your life which is better

than any challenges you may face I remained in contact with you despite the fact that I was utterly

terrified and my hands were trembling during our chat the reality is that I

was in this scenario before the goal of these changes is to make it easier for

you to understand the situation without having to rely only on your gut feelings

you will no longer be confined to depending just on your own cognitive abilities thanks to these measures

contrarily the problem isn’t necessarily with God it’s with the way we’ve been taught to see ourselves in comparison to

other people I am your writer and I can create a fresh beginning for you when I

return to Earth Victorious God has already decided what will happen in the end so there’s no

need for you to worry about your own future please Lord keep me safe despite

the fact that things are not going according to her wishes the safe San Sanctuary I find in the hymns of gratitude and the cries of relief that

you surround me with are you she continues to believe in God wholeheartedly and acts as if everything

she has been praying for has finally come to pass God is trying to get rid of

all the horrible things in your life that might be hurting you slowing you down or stopping you from moving forward

at all he is accomplishing this by removing the obstacle that is preventing

you from progressing forward it seems that you will be able to make significant progress towards your goal

and as a result our network will be blessed abundantly by the Lord my prayer

as I get ready to sleep is that the Lord will calm my mind and body my mind is

always racing with concerns and illogical ideas that aren’t based in reality someone someone stop this take

note of what I’ve said if you could quiet my rushing mind and help me relax

I would be grateful you won’t be in severe pain or crying for a long time according to God soon you’ll be able to

receive what you need and keep the positive attitude God has given you we no longer want you to have to take any

chances to get here we want to help you reach your target he will shine a light on the path that leads to eternal life

and if you seek my help when you are down I will come to your rescue and you will give me the glory that while the

universe will do its best to place you where you need to be at the right time it may also direct your life’s events in

this way when you realize that you can connect with the divine right now you may also notice that others are more

generous with you when you put your trust in God that will be a fantastic

adventure for you right now under the most fortunate of circumstances an

incredible plan is unfolding in your life and you are seeing it come to fruition you may see a more complete

picture of your life right now in other words if you decide to let the Lord handle your problems he will maybe the

Lord would never let attractive individuals go through life’s crisis you

are now getting a message from God that says stroll with God while your coronary heart desires company this means that

whenever you need someone to rely on or when your heart aches for agency God will go and be with you everything else

will fall into place according to the Bible’s teachings if building God’s country and walking in his righteousness

are your primary goals that is because it is an undeniable fact that promoting

God’s Reign and following his Holiness are fundamentally contradictory our

interior identities are always being mended and rebuilt even while our outside selves break apart so that we

don’t feel hopeless and dejected this is finished our focus is shifting from the

visible to the invisible from the obvious to The Hidden hidden the light and non-permanent Agony we’re feeling is

because our attention is being called to something that isn’t apparent to us and we’ve prepared ourselves for an

incomprehensible weight of grandeur that will never end this is made clear by considering that objects that are not

visible to the naked eye persist indefinitely but those that are visible to the naked eye only exist for a

certain amount of time yes in order to get this present Lord Jesus Christ we

have come a long way to seek the one God who is still at work in the universe you are our God and we are grateful please

accept our sincere appreciation for granting us permission to use this additional day please forgive us for the

sins we have committed at this very moment you should listen very carefully to what he says as he’s speaking to you

in a Divine voice I inculcated in you a dazzling drive to achieve success and

now God is giving you a message that he will finish what he began for your lives

waiting may be worthwhile in the end even if you’ll eventually grow To Tread on my body you should not be worried or

concerned because I am with you right now and because God is on your side the Lord will strengthen you and I will

support you with an upright hand according to the Bible what follows are

some words from God my love for you is greater than everything even the difficulties you’re facing right now

there is nothing that could ever compare to the depth of my love for you could you kindly bear with me for a little

while I continue working on your narrative I really appreciate it you should tell him the truth and allow him

to handle any problems you may be having since he really cares about your well-being and health by sharing this

video you can help spread the word you should not put your trust in human understanding or judgment but rather put

your whole trust in the Lord and do not doubt his promises showing him appreciation and respect will go a long

way toward influencing Him to guide your sport in a positive direction you should

always keep your confidence and strength and you shouldn’t let anxiety or disappointment win remember that the

Lord your God is ahead of you and will never leave you or forsake you remember

that the Lord your God is ahead of you therefore you must never let fear or

sadness win keep up your courage and strength the following months are

likely to be much more beneficial than the first few months of true to God’s word the latter

months of that year will be much better than the first months of that year in addition to material benefits I may also

provide you with non-material ones my only prayer for you if you have put your faith in me is that you will experience

a period of growth that will revolutionize every aspect of your life so so be it numerous unique blessings

may come your way touching your life in numerous ways financially emotionally

physically and spiritually there will be many amazing things that happen to you

and you will also have many exciting new experiences and tales to tell your

contributions to the sector have been substantial and of good quality today

however you are receiving power back from the sector in a manner that is times more more advantageous than before

the reason for it is the length of time you have been actively pursuing your passion instead of letting other

people’s criticisms bring you down you should work on helping other people rise up and succeed together because every

one of your statements will ultimately seem genuine it’s crucial that you watch

what you say every student of this material must keep in mind that the dark

period they’re now in will eventually pass and that the UN universe is bestowing these gifts on them so that

they may live happier lives those presents include Cosmic money but they also include extraordinary power and

wonderful things that have happened the universe wants your life to be full and prosperous so it is showering you with

these gifts that is why if you follow God’s will you may be confident that the

perfect time will come for you to achieve your dreams while climbing to the peak God

tells us to always stop and look at the beauty around us you need to be able to

guarantee that you will be at the right spot at the right time you should recognize that God is solely responsible

for all the wonderful things that happen in your life because he craves your praise he will organize you in such a

manner that you can be in the ideal spot at the right time the Lord said that one

way to love oneself better is to announce the things that wear you down and stress you

saying no will help you convey your true intentions you are engaging in a sincere

Act of self-love toward yourself instead of saying yes which will make other people happy verifying fake self-love by

responding sure makes other people happy if you want to love yourself more learn

to say no more often keep your lines of communication open with God at all times

and pray about something if you must converse with him verbally be as forthright as possible and tell him

everything good and bad praying has an impact and God is always listening to

what people have to say here is evidence that you have been anticipating the moment when the Lord will bless you

which will show that things are starting to go in the direction you want them to a few unexpected events shocking

revelations and unexpected turns will require you to be well prepared indeed

in order to receive this benefit it is essential to remember remember to be present in the moment to be gentle with

yourself and to rejoice in the progress you have made in coping with the passing of time as a result of the work God has

done in you you’ve just been acutely aware of the fact that right now is

crucial to your life’s Mission keep in mind that the greatest Tales can only be

revealed to you when you can travel through time and find yourself in the right place at the right moment you may

be sure that everything will work out well if you believe in yourself and the approach you’ve chosen many wonderful

things are likely to happen to you soon and there are many more on the way showing enthusiasm and hope for what the

future holds is important for many reasons instead of dwelling on the unpleasant symptoms that your mind and

ego have created you should Center your religious practice on the belief that

the Divine has great plans for your future if something is tayor made for you you won’t pass up the chance to reap

its advantages your mind and ego are always coming up with bad Notions and

you must not give attention to them instead of thinking about things backwards you should give more thought

to the possibility that the spirit has something good planned for you God will

always protect you right now if you follow the clues and refrain from attempting to control the situation on

your own you won’t have to worry about your opponents the following year because they will have given up on the

game if you’re still seeking an answer to a query you’ve been having it might

be wise to view this video in its entirety it’s not out of the ordinary that something meant to hurt you can

wind up helping you in some way in order to get the point you must see this video

in its entirety you should probably start getting ready right now if you want to reach your goal if you’re

looking for a financial breakthrough A Renewed relationship or opportunities you never thought possible this month’s

abundance of offers could be just what you’re looking for any or all of these

devices plus many more could be yours the sum of money you find this month

might similarly Astound you in a variety of other ways be mindful that you are impacted and that you should try not to

fixate on the bad things happening but to instead focus on the outstanding

things happening your unfaltering commitment to being generous will be fully

compensated God tells us to keep looking on the bright side which is similar to

not getting tired of doing what is right please know that you have my undivided attention and that I’m always available

to help you you should always keep in mind that something of superior quality

is just around the corner I have never wavered from my commitment to be there for you but I I have also never promised

that things will be easy or that you will never have problems because of my

love for you please know that this world isn’t always a paradise on Earth I

assure you I will never be able to remove your face Heaven has set aside a special place for you a place where no

more sorrow loss or wounds can heal this is the only available seat here stay

strong and courageous at all times though you are going through a tough time remember the lesson this book teach

es you regardless of how bad things seem God is always by your side keep in mind

that God is always present even when we can’t see him it is normal to feel distant and anxious all the time when

going through this kind of emotion God is an everlasting gift according to the Bible the Lord your God is with you you

need not be afraid or worried because he will never leave you right now I am

giving you this commandment you you shouldn’t be scared or bothered by this anymore take a moment to reflect on your

courage during Times Like These you should receive better treatment it seems

like we aren’t accomplishing anything substantial we’re just going through the motions however God desires your active

participation in his purpose and plan for your life which he must carry out through you but for every one of us God

has a special purpose and a purposeful plan the the Lord says that we must

trust in him and follow his instructions if we want to fulfill our part in his

plan and cause because I know what you’re planning for your shop I know all the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not harm you plans to give you the desires of your heart in the future since Grace and compassion

are attributes unique to God there are no rules for how to use them regardless

of the circumstances of our gift life or our transgression pressions in the past God is always willing to forgive us and

give us a new beginning according to a Biblical observation the Lord is gracious and merciful he is slow to

become angry and love overflows from the core of his righteousness he will not

control his anger accuse us constantly punish us for our transgressions or

pretend that our shortcomings justify his forgiveness music additionally he

might not hold us accountable for the wrongs we’ve chosen to do conversely he might not view us as if our

imperfections justify him it is only natural for us to worry about the future

and whether or not we will have enough money to get by but God never stops reassuring us that he is the only one

who will provide for us which is why God loves those who fear Him more than

anything else after all the sky is higher than the ground and the East is

from the West because God will grant all of your desires you should be afraid of

nothing around you according to Paul who wrote an epistle to the Philippians and addressed

it to them in line with what Paul said my God will meet all of your needs in

accordance with the richness of his glory in Christ Jesus this passage is found in the Bible

for the Philippians the power that comes from a relationship with God can be

harnessed if you are in a courtship with him even when we feel powerless and

unable to control the circumstances God is usually there to give us the courage

and strength to stand firm he is always there to give us the challenges we need to overcome he may be able to restore

the strength of those who are still fighting and increase the power of those who are physically unable to do so on

top of that he can restore people’s Vitality who have run out of strength

feeling irritated and anxious is a a natural reaction to a world full of chaos and

unpredictability these are the normal responses you would have to the current environment the peace that comes from

God is Indescribable yet when we’re in his presence we experience a calmness

that goes beyond our understanding and is hard for anyone else to match the

most practical way to experience these Serene feelings called the peace that comes from God is to date a Christian

God Watches Over Us constantly directing our steps and keeping a tight eye on how we respond even in The Darkest Hours God

is with us watching over us and directing our steps even though it seems

to us that no one else is in charge of our lives and our actions it is really he who has ultimate control over our

very existence a firm faith that God will not forsake you even in the darkest

hours of your life is possible in all honesty it’s not too too bad of an option if we want to grow the Bible

shows us the clearly marked road we should take your feet will follow your chosen path even when you’re living a

life full of mixed signals and uncertainty if you believe this we can put our trust in God and know for sure

that he will keep all of his promises because he has never been accused of anything less God has given us

assurances in our lives and this gives us hope that we can put our faith in them it is important to always hold on

to the truth that God is love that he is with you no matter what that his mercy

and grace are Limitless that he will provide for your needs and that he has a purpose for your life whatever else may

be happening in your life you must ensure that you do not lose track of any and all of these types of items these

are possessions that you must never disregard including the permits no pay war with those humans the Lord

admonishes us not to compete with the people I sent to your group one of the greatest changes you will experience in

your life is among the many blessings bestowed upon you by the universe among these advantages are a First Rate

economic guide Charming energy and wonderful Pursuits warm regards and our

most sincere Bankers are on their way to you within the next days you might get

an offer for a permanent job that pays significantly more than your current job

does your prayers might be replied as you navigate this new bankruptcy of the

journey that you had been preparing for and could soon enter into the coolest fortune that comes your manner will for

that reason hold growing carrying out an excessive amount of mirrored image will

purpose you to lose the internal peace you have got been feeling as he’s the one in genuine price you have to as a

substitute pre region your accept as true within God and Supply the problem

over to him the college will offer you get entry to to all that changed into

rightfully yours in the first place when the time is proper with the intention to

indeed be the case you’re going to build up an unheard of quantity of wealth I’d

want to take this moment to thank God for all of the benefits he has bestowed upon my circle of relatives and

consequently upon myself moreover I would need to thank all the other humans

in my life who have given me the strength to stand each day and who’ve added to the Vibrance and significance

of my existence if you agree type yes God has promised us that we will

constantly have your First Rate interest in mind so I want you to know that you can constantly count on me to be there

for you I want you to know that I will always be here to help you because of

this you can count on my prayers and the blessings I will bestow upon you when I

pray I believe that God listens reading this at least once more as ADV advised

it is quite unlikely that the devil would desire to steal anything of value from you unless there is something

valuable already concealed within you ripping off an unoccupied house with no

valuables inside is not a brilliant business plan everything that God is

currently working on in you is perfect for today right now is the perfect

moment to be so prepared for a future that no one but him can see is truly

remarkable God Is providing through your family members instead but they might have to overcome some obstacles before

they can achieve their goals considering this I think it’s great how God is handling modern events

as a result of your prayers God May immediately protect the people closest to you in your family God is now

protecting them and putting a stop to their harm we will be shielded from any dangers that may arise in advance by the

grace of God please God teach me to find the peace that passes understanding when

I am in your presence and I will Faithfully carry out your orders you have heard my prayer and answered it

heavenly father I am grateful you brought the serenity that comes from

being in your company and following your directions and I am grateful for that

the truth is also important to me Lord I am thankful that you have calmed my

anxieties so that I can focus on you and not on the situation at hand

by the grace of God I beseech you to Grant this both this and my sincere

desire for it to happen are true for the rest of my life I will put my faith in

the path that your will and your cause will lead me to because you are obviously everything that my spirit

practically wishes for please accept my utmost gratitude for pointing me in the

right direction toward my objective as your level of thankfulness increases you

open yourself up to the possibility that the universe may shower you with material riches Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams this blessing will show tremendous financial success in response

to your prayers the Lord promises that your efforts will bear fruit a situation

similar to that will emerge soon taking into consideration the details you’ve shared I have an

incredible surprise in store for you that I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow this event needs to be relayed

to someone else you are aware that I will typically ask for blessings to be returned to you and that many good

things will come your way down the road in God’s name we offer our heartfelt

congratulations on this remarkable outcome and assure you that the drought you’ve been through for months is

nothing to be afraid of it’s likely that you’ll soon experience an abundance of

blessings healings significant changes and new opportunities

reason being occurrences of this kind are highly likely to transpire this

request is being addressed at this very moment we agreed to Grant your request

so long as it would be most beneficial to you since it has the potential to bring you the best benefit I am fully

cognizant of the anguish you are experiencing at this very moment the almighty assures you make an effort to

resist giving up even though I’ve known your con considering giving up I want you to trust me because I know the best

course of action to take when you’re in a desperate situation and have no other

choice you are free to put your faith in me to guide you correctly you are the

most humble person deserving of this miraculous circumstance because of a blessing I have bestowed upon you this

blessing would have to be bestowed upon you by me at this time God feels the

need to speak with you and he would like to start by noticing that you are actively involved in many intellectual

Pursuits I want you to know that I aware of everything that’s been said moreover

I’m aware that my mind is really processing multiple pieces of information at once I take Jesus as my

Lord you place a high value on the diffusion of many aspects of life

including your family profession finances and health and if you take it at face value it’s as if the entire

world is resting on your shoulders it may be difficult to focus on getting ready for the day and even

more difficult to get out of bed and tackle the task at hand first thing in the morning you should put all your

problems in this box and let me keep an eye on them if you feel alone when you wake up in the morning because I will be

watching over them they will know they are not alone and they may feel safe

surprisingly important is this Swift enormous world I can pray for your

recovery and provide resources to help you get through this difficult period in your life so that you can come out

stronger if you just give me relaxation in this way I can handle it even though

I’m responsible for everything it’s my responsibility to ensure that the shipment goes smoothly you can rely on

me to map out a path for you everything a human could possibly receive from the Divine is at your fingertips and you are

free to make full use of it you shouldn’t be particularly irritated by this I promise I can meet or exceed your

expectations in this area and that I will always do my best to fulfill your quality Pursuits our specialty is that

as the Lord warned I cannot promise you a trouble-free existence my day would be incomplete without you no matter how

many obstacles we face in the near future I vow to be by your side during the entire surgery process until things

are moving along much more smoothly I will remain by your side you will truly

be fortunate in terms of the opportunities that will come your way it is anticipated that at some point in the

future the full amount that remains due will be paid we anticipate that the

current structure of your funds may be subject to change in the not too distant

future you may get the most out of this blessing if you accept it and incorporate into your life his

leadership is directing your actions within the course so that you can flow forward with the maximum gain the Lord

makes it clear that he has a lovely plan for how your life will expand going forward even though you don’t see how

this is going to work having faith in God can help you take comfort in knowing

that God isn’t surprised by your situation your senses will feel more at ease with this your current predicament

is not shocking to God in fact he has seen it all before words fail me when I

try to express my gratitude ude for all that you have done I am praying that you will guide me to the right words oh God

the amount of respect I have for everything you have done for me is beyond my ability to express in words on

occasion I feel uneasy approaching you for help both because I anticipate your

anger and because you appear uninterested in our conversation because of this there are

occasions when I question whether I really require your help therefore there

are some some cases where I disagree that it would be appropriate to seek help please try to grasp the reasoning

behind this as a family we should be grateful to God for all the blessings in our lives and do our best to appreciate

the things that are already here being able to be grateful allows us to give

thanks to God for everything that life has to offer realizing the immeasurable

blessings God has given us should be considerably easier if we establish a

habit of being being thankful for what we already have by cultivating an attitude of thankfulness we can heighten

our awareness of and appreciation for life’s blessings which in turn increases

our happiness gratitude meditation has numerous important benefits one of which

is elevating one’s mood the benefits which can include great health a supportive family a prosperous career

friends for life and much more are Limitless and available to everyone who receives God’s gifts the benefits are as

specific as the recipients themselves bestowed by God for those blessings to

be available to people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe

certain conditions must be met the gifts God has given each person are unique so

we should never measure our success in life against the success of others because each person is born with a

distinct set of opportunities the advantages we’ve enjoyed in our lives can’t be compared to those others have

had thanks to God’s favor we are able to make the sacrifice is necessary to bring

ourselves closer to him the power to change not only our lives but also our

relationship with God is now in the power of truth that comes from the abilities God has given us there is a

chance that this will significantly affect our creative and personal lives

in addition to preparing us for the difficult time times ahead the benefits we’ve experienced have helped us grow in

knowledge love and faith being grateful for what we have allows us to seize

opportunities and make a difference in the lives of others both in the arena and

beyond that is the fruit of our capacity to generously share in God’s Abundant

Blessings the blessings God has bestowed upon us are not for us to hoard them in selfishness ignoring the needs of those

around us we can transfer these blessings to other people and if we succeed we’ll find that our actions

improve the world as a whole if we choose to love one another and help those in need we may be a channel

through which God’s benefits reach others in our local community however this is likely to be achievable if we

choose to assist those in need we can’t even consider this option unless we

commit to helping the hurting the compassion and love of God for his creation are eternal and unchanging

turned around it depends on his current status rather than our actions or achievements no matter how unique we are

or where we were born in the state the outcome is unaffected by our accomplishments the reality is that this

is how things stand because I have come to understand that the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our lord is

impregnable the reason behind this is that no matter what we try nothing in

this entire Advent will grant us permission to do this this includes

everything from angels and demons to the present and Destiny electricity height

and intensity because God is always gracious and by our side we can ground

our faith in his constancy and compassion even when we confront the prospect of Futures that are completely

unknown we may assume that God will keep his word and accomplish all that he has

promised if he makes a promise to us let us remain steadfast in our desire if you

believe in the Bible this means that we can remain steadfast in Our Hope because

the one who promised is faithful it seems like God is always leaning toward forgiving us and threatening us with

something else his insight and forgiveness are remarkable that remains

true regardless of our accomplishments or lack thereof regardless of the kind

of sports we’ve participated in or the places we’ve been none of that matters S

no matter how you slice it we’ve been all over the world and played every kind of sport imaginable it is irrelevant how

many different kinds of sports we have played or how many different places we have been given that salvation is a gift

from God not an accomplishment of the individual and that everyone is saved by

grace through religion the Bible teaches that no one should boast about their

salvation this is due to the fact that salvation has been bestowed upon us by God since God is our issuer we will not

be concerned about the future or our ability to pay our financial obligations

we shouldn’t be concerned about them since he’s handling them and we might even relax and enjoy it the author of

Hebrews promises that God will fulfill all your desires according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus the Bible

is the best place to find facts guidance and purpose for our lives by reading it

and focusing on God’s word we can also get this God gives us the faith and perseverance to overcome any obstacle

even if it seems like we haven’t changed over the years and can’t change them I’m

going to give you something you consider a desire and something you’ve been longing for a long time I know you’ve

been praying for this and I recognize that reality I can give it to you

immediately prepare yourself to learn the methods for performing Miracles God

is going to give you something a way to open doors and increase the realization

of your potential beyond what you could have achieved in the past to make it happen sincerely type amen thank you for

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  1. Lord i am sorry for always avoiding your messages for give me of my Sins lord i ask that u protect my family and loved ones not for getting my partner itumeleng motshumi where ever he is in jesus name AM√ČN


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