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the Lord is speaking to you right now my

beloved ones I’m making all things new

my love for you is aware of no bounds

all matters are operating collectively

on your properly you aren’t forgotten or

forsaken by means of me I have heard

your prayers keep your eyes on me don’t

pay attention to the voices of

discouragement you are just round the

profession from a

breakthrough El can alternate that State

of Affairs dot the tears pain and

sleepless nights you’re experiencing are

making you more potent I am running it

all collectively for the properly even

though it would not sense good hold

directly to my unchanging hand I am

constantly with you if you watch the

full video without skipping it Lord

bless you

abundantly affirm I am sufficient just

the way I am I am hold due to the fact I

placed a tempt into my

recuperation I am cherished doe to the

fact I am loving I am support do to the

fact I am supportive I am plentiful

because I even have released confined

thinking every step I take develops my

power every choice I make empowers my

self assurance in my talents every

lesson I research teaches me the way to

Wi even larger I am enjoying my journey

of making greater I love who I am here

are five things presently God desires

you to recognize this

today one we’ve all made mistakes and


selections and some unspecified time in

the future in our lives while you can’t

go returned and exchanged the Beyond you

may permit those experiences form your

these days two today as a brand new day

you can constantly begin sparkling

irrespective of how awful the day past

was three don’t ever trade Who You Are

just because different human beings

don’t understand it you are unique and

authentic never compromise that for you

have a whole lot of friends maybe more

than you even comprehend reach out while

you need assist and I assure any person

could be there for

you five when matters look their darkest

it’s whilst you need to remain targeted

theost keep your head up and push

through Lord declares typs if you praise


name God declare forgiveness is the best

present you have got been given and the

hardest gift to give iserable to want to

withhold forgiveness after all while you

are hurt by the phrases movements or

forget of others the ache maintains long

after the wand is

inflicted but you won’t be truly freed

from the ache until you forgive when you

don’t fully forgive a person you remain

in bondage to him not forgiving will

become a root of bitterness that grows

right into a forest of anger and

resentment it adjustments who you are

and stops you from experiencing intimacy

with me but these aren’t the reasons the

father demands that you forgive even

your enemies he requires you too forgive

due to the fact he has forgiven you of

all your sins towards him he needs you

to be so grateful to him for his

forgiveness that in faith and obedience

you forgive all offenses towards you not

to forgive his boastful and belittles

him his best present to you and as will

for your life when you really forgive

you may be Freer and happier than you

have got ever been I realize because I

forgave you did you understand that

folks that trust in me can do the works

I did in the world if you aren’t doing

those works of religion it’s either due

to the fact you haven’t yet found out

the strength and Authority I have given

your due to the fact you don’t apprehend

what it mean by believing in me

believing in me isn’t in reality

preserving the opinion that L God’s son

churches are filled with individuals who

say they trust yet live opposite to my

teachings many even name me Lord however

they don’t do what I say the character

who says he believes in me but does not

do what I say is deceiving himself to

agree Within Me is too Bonner for my

phrases and to follow me by way of

obeying my teachings child I understand

you want to follow me you hunger for my

teachings OD you try to obey them that’s

why my promise to people who in me is

supposed for you

if you abide in my words your religion

Bell will develop and you may do the

works that I

did typ ey door you heavenly

father my little kids I am calling you

to a existence of thankfulness I need

all of your moments to be punctuated

with Thanksgiving the basis to your

gratitude is my sovereignty I am the

Creator and control of the

universe Heaven and Earth are full of my

glorious presence when you criticize or

you’re appearing as in case you

assume you may run the world better than

I do from your restricted human angle it

is able to look as if I mismanaging

things but you do not know what I know

or see what I see if I pull again the

curtain to let you view heav Heavenly

geographical regions you would recognize

Lots extra however I have designed you

to live through religion no longer by

means of

sight I lovingly Shield you from knowing

the Destiny or seeing into the spirit

world acknowledge my sovereignty by way

of giving thank you in all

situations God says it won’t be fair but

I see what is happening I have you

within the palm of my hand have given

you enhance for every frustration I am

inhaling your direction right now don’t

end your near Leap Forward you are near

the new

beginning it is it slow now you’re

approximately to acquire something which

you were waiting and praying on for

goodbye it’s subsequently going to occur

your patience agree with

and religion in me is going to pay off

in a prime manner get prepared for

unexpected Leap

Forward comment Lord is stand with me

the scripture says Jesus got here to

interrupt the curse of sin disgrace and

condemnation in our lives he got here so

that we may want to see matters the

manner God sees them do you know the way

God sees you he sees you as precious he

sees you as strong he sees you as

successful talented and trustworthy the

voice of condemnation says exactly the

opposite condemnation is a loss of price

it’s the accusing voice of the enemy

that announces you’re not correct enough

you’ll in no way be true sufficient

you’re a failure condemnation is never

from God the Bible tells us there’s no

condemnation for folks that are in

Christ Jesus when you embody and claim

God’s truth in your Lifestyles you spark

off his strength to conquer the voice of

condemnation no matter how you will be

feeling wake up every morning and

declare that the greater one lives in

you declare that you are robust within

the Lord and in the power of His would

possibly declare that he loves you and

has known as you according to his

motive choose to look yourself as

precious the manner God sees you Embrace

his fact so that you can conquer

condemnation and stay in Victory all the

days of your

existence to accept it with belief

please type to two dear listeners let’s

join our Ardent prayers together oh

heavenly father I recollect nowadays all

the many individuals who harm or damage

their lives with one of the Thousand

obsessions that can plague the human

thoughts the alcoholic and addict those

with eating issues people with sexual

compulsions folks who are driven to

obsessive gambling the superstitious the

the ones who hoard obsessively and live

in squalor those whose most effective

challenge is their l or wealth or any of

the Myriad baffling and frequently weird

behavioral disorders which could affect

and burden the lives of your humans help

me first to keep in mind when I am

stunned by means of their conduct or

important of them that they are your

lovely kids whom you

adore give them the energy to searching

for assist guide them to those who can

help them and flood them with the power

of your holy spirit that they will

manage their issues and locate peace and

contentment in this earth and the

Everlasting pleasure that awaits the

trustworthy I pray this within the name

of Christ who loved beyond all love and

became continually pleased to heal

individuals who got here to him in faith

amen it is very necessary that you

provide support to our Channel and type

amen if you believe in Lord Jesus and if

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