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as Jesus looked up he saw the rich

putting their gifts into the temple

treasury he also saw a poor Widow put in

two very small copper coins truly I tell

you he said this poor Widow has put in

more than all the others all these

people gave their gifts out of their

wealth but she out of her poverty put in

all she had to live on Luke

gathered under the shadow of the

temple amidst the hustle and bustle of

daily life Jesus stood among the throngs

of people rich and poor young and old

each one carrying their burdens their

hopes their dreams with eyes that

pierced through the facade of outward

appearances he beheld the scene

unfolding before him a scene of giving

of sacrifice of Hearts laid bare before

the Divine and as he observed the rich

depositing their gifts into the temple

treasury their offerings clinking

against the metal with a resounding Echo

his gaze fell Upon a figure shrouded in

the cloak of poverty a widow her steps

measured her countenance worn by the

weight of her

struggles truly I tell you Jesus

proclaimed his voice cutting through the

den of the crowd this poor Widow has

given more than all the others for while

they gave out of their abundance she out

of her poverty has given all she had to

live on in these words Jesus lifted the

veil on the true nature of generosity

revealing a truth that transcends

material wealth a truth that lies at the

very heart of God’s kingdom a truth that

speaks not of the size of one’s gift but

of the depth of one’s devotion the

sincerity of one’s sacrifice my beloved

Brothers and Sisters Jesus continued his

voice a gentle breeze stirring the

hearts of those who listened let us

pause for a moment to reflect on the

example set before us by this humble

Widow a woman whose offering though

small in the eyes of the world carried

within it the essence of true worship

true devotion true love and with each

word he painted a portrait of

selflessness of a heart poured out in

love a widow who with trembling hands

placed her two small copper coins into

the treasury her act of giving a

testament to her trust in a God who

provides a God who sees a God who values

the sacrifice of the heart Above All


for you see Jesus explained his voice

soft yet compelling it is not the size

of our offerings That Matters to God but

the condition of our hearts it is not

the quantity of our possessions that

defines us but the quality of our love

our compassion our willingness to give

of ourselves for the sake of others in

the Widow’s simple act of giving Jesus

revealed a truth that resonates Through

the Ages a truth that challenges our

perceptions our priorities our very way

of life for in a world consumed by the

pursuit of wealth of power of status he

reminds us of the surpassing value of a

heart surrendered to God a heart that

Finds Its greatest fulfillment not in

the accumulation of possessions but in

the giving of oneself in service to

others my beloved Brothers and Sisters

Jesus continued his words a beacon of

light in a world shrouded in darkness

may we like the Widow be willing to give

sacrificially to love extravagantly to


generously for it is in giving that we

receive in loving that we are truly

blessed in sacrificing that we find our


selves and as the crowd absorbed his

words a hush fell over the assembly a

hush pregnant with the weight of divine

revelation with the call to a life

marked by radical generosity by

unwavering Faith by a love that knows no

bounds for in the kingdom of God Jesus

proclaimed his voice echoing Through the

Ages the measure of our worth is not

found in the size of our gifts but in

the sincerity of our hearts the depth of

our devotion the extent of our love may

we then be like the Widow humble yet

bold poor yet rich in faith for it is in

her example that we find the truest

expression of worship the purest

embodiment of

Love Like if you believe in God

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