You Are My Masterpiece | God Says | God Message Today

my dear child have you ever paused to consider how truly unique and wonderful

you are from the very beginning I have marveled at your existence a perfect

reflection of my creativity and love as you open this video let me

whisper to you of the boundless joy and divine Bliss I have poured into your being easing your every discomfort and

pain today I want you to feel overwhelmingly loved not just in our

silent moments together but in every second of your day do you feel weighed down by life’s

burdens let me lift these from your shoulders with each word you read allow

my Divine love to envelop you transforming conflict into peace and sadness into overwhelming

joy as you step forward into today notice how your heart unburdened and

bursting with happiness affects everyone around you your family and friends will see

your radiant joy and wonder at its source while your adversaries will step back recognizing that your spirit cannot

be shaken surrounded by a supernatural barrier of protection know that Legions

of angels encamp around your home guarding you and your loved ones

tirelessly Embrace this day my child for you are deeply loved and today you will

experience my love in countless ways trust with all your heart that my

love for you is genuine and not a figment of your imagination it is as real as the air you

breathe surpassing any wonder you could request from me my love envelops you

sustaining your life this is the most profound blessing you can Embrace which

is why I treasure your thankful spirit so much each morning as you awaken you

offer gratitude for your life entrusting your destiny and your days to my care

you stand as a Beacon of Faith undeterred by those who scoff at your belief in an unseen omnipotent God but

you know my reality my vigilance over you and my attentiveness to your every

need as you walk in faith you embody the joy and security of being a beloved

creation of the universe’s maker with every step your Spirit shines brightly

reflecting profound happiness your gratitude and steadfast heart deeply

touch me as Dawn approaches before the sun Graces the sky know that I am here ready

to wrap you in my love I am with you from the moment you awaken showering you

with Abundant Blessings I provide the air you breathe the light that ignites

your soul and the resolve to overcome any challenge

I am your Almighty capable of guiding you through life’s complexities and freeing you from what hinders your

joy allow me to work in your life to fortify your spirit and dispel your

fears reassuring you of your invaluable worth should you ever doubt yourself or

face judgment from others remember there is nothing that could make me cease to

love you you are not cursed nor is any dark force against

you I want you to understand this clearly if doubts persist consider my

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