You Are Loved and Valued |God message jesus | God Tells |

God’s message for you

today with every struggle with every

heartbeat I feel your presence you are

the only one shaped by my hands before

the world

began I planned this conversation this

moment where our hearts connect look at

the path that brought you here every

step along the

way I changed your path so we could


more deeply it is not by chance but part

of my perfect

design my wish Dear Son dear daughter is

for you to understand how valuable you

are in my eyes you are not an accident

but a carefully crafted Masterpiece

planned before you were even

born yes I knew you even and your

mother’s womb the days of your life were

written in my book before any of them

came to

be your existence is not by chance but

an expression of my creative love when I

formed you I breathed into you the

Breath of Life reflecting my own Essence

and every detail I see the duty of my

creation and it is you that I call


in your joyful moments I see the light

of my grace in your tears I feel your

pain I am the god who never sleeps

always taking care of

you type pal and if you have faith in


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