You Are Here For A Reason | Daily Message From God | God’s Daily Message

friend God designed us to live in

relationship with others he wants us to

help each other grow none of us will

reach our Highest Potential by ourselves

we need people in our lives to encourage

us and we need to encourage the people

in our lives and help them Reach their

potential the word encourage means to

urge forward many times you can see

things in other people that they don’t

see themselves you can see their

strengths and talents you can see that

God has a special plan for them even

though they may be going through a

difficult time don’t assume that people

see what you see in them take a moment

and encourage them either with a kind

word or a simple note there might be a

special gift you can give that will

remind them of their goal or dream in

whatever way you can urge the people in

your life to keep moving forward if

you’ll be a people Builder and help

others fulfill their dreams God will

help you fulfill your dreams and you’ll

live in blessing all the days of your

life a prayer for today father thank you

for the people you have placed in my

life help me build them up and find

creative ways to urge them forward to

your glory in jesus’ name amen like if

you believe in


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