You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made | God’s Daily Message | Daily Message From God

David said in Psalm God I praise you

because you have made me in an amazing

way what you have done is wonderful

notice What followed David’s I am he was

not in Pride but in praise to God now

that goes against human nature most of

us think there’s nothing amazing about

me nothing wonderful I’m just average

I’m just ordinary no the fact is there

is nothing at all ordinary about you you

have a fingerprint that nobody else has

there will never be another you even if

you have a twin they don’t have your

same personality your same goals or your

same fingerprints you are an original

When God Made You he threw away the mold

when you say I am wonderful I am

attractive I am vibrant not only does

Vitality Youth and freshness start

coming your way but on the inside your

spirit Rises up your self-image begins

to improve and you start carrying

yourself like you’re someone special you

no longer drag through the day feeling

inferior you have that spring in your

step that go after it attitude today get

in agreement with God declare what he

declares about you declare I am

fearfully and wonderfully made see

yourself the way God sees you and

experience all he has for you a prayer

for today father thank you for making me

in your image thank you for equipping me

with everything I need for life and

godliness I will say what you say about

me so I can be everything you’ve created

me to be in jesus’ name amen like if you

believe in


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