You Are Created With A Purpose | God Message Now | God’s Daily Message | God Says

dear listener before the foundation of

the world God laid out a plan for your

life he created you with a purpose for a

purpose and he created you to be

successful he already has pivotal

moments planned out for your life These

are moments when God intervenes they are

designed to thrust you years ahead

Ecclesiastes tells us that time and

chance come together for every person

that means at any moment things are

going to shift in your favor

a good break a healing a promotion a

great idea or a restoration is coming

when you need it it won’t be second

late today open your eyes of faith and

see the good things God has in store for

your future thank him for what he’s

doing and what he’s about to do thank

him for divine connections and Destiny

moments because he is ready and willing

to fulfill every dream and desire he’s

placed within your heart a prayer for

today Heavenly Father father thank you

for marked moments and divine

opportunities in my life I trust that

you are working behind the scenes No

matter what the circumstances look like

I choose today to keep my heart and mind

focused on your goodness knowing that

you are a rewarder of those who

diligently seek after you in jesus’ name

amen like if you believe in


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