You Are Born To Fly High || Short Motivational Story

long time ago someone gifted two baby

eagles to a King

the breed of eagles was very good and

the King had never seen such magnificent

Eagles before

the King was very pleased with the gift

and decided to hire an experienced

caretaker for them

after some time the king saw that both

of them were quite big and now they were

looking more fantastic than earlier

the king said to the man taking care of

the Eagles I want to see their flight

you signal them to fly in the sky

the man did the same

both Eagles started fluttering as soon

as they saw the signal

but where one Eagle was touching the

heights of the sky the other flew for

some seconds and returned to the branch

where it was earlier sitting the same

Branch from where it had started flying

after seeing this the king felt

something strange

he became curious to know the reason for

the contrasting behavior of eagles

the king asked the caretaker what’s the


where one Eagle is flying so well the

other one is not trying to fly

the caretaker replied yes this has been

a problem from the beginning with this

Eagle it does not leave this branch

both the Eagles were adorable to the

king and he desperately wanted to see

the second Eagle also Flying high in the


next day he announced throughout the

state that the person who managed to

make this eagle fly high would be

rewarded with heavy prizes

after the announcement many

intellectuals and knowledgeable persons

came and tried to apply the knowledge

they had to make the eagle fly high

but no one was successful

even after the passage of a couple of

weeks there was no improvement in the


it used to fly a little bit and then

return to its branch

the king too lost hope and almost gave


then one day something strange happened

the king saw that both of them were

Flying high in the sky

he could not believe his eyes and

immediately called the caretaker

the caretaker informed the king yes the

second Eagle is also Flying high in the


one man has been successful in making

the second eagle fly high the king asked

the caretaker to bring the person who

had accomplished this feat

the next day he was brought before the

king who was eagerly waiting with the

promised prize

the king came to know during

interactions that the man was a simple


after offering the gold currencies as

his reward the king said I am very

pleased with you just tell me how did

you do this which the great Scholars and

highly qualified people could not do

the farmer said your highness I am a

simple farmer I don’t have knowledge

like Scholars I just simply cut down the

branch on which the eagle had a habit of


as there was no Branch it had no option

but to fly and it did that very well

you see the Eagles in this tale

represent us humans

each of us has incredible potential just

like those Majestic Birds

but sometimes we’re like that one Eagle

stuck on a comfortable branch

the simple farmer who made the eagle fly

high represents the power of change and

stepping out of our comfort zones

he didn’t possess scholarly knowledge or

fancy tools all he did was cut that


in our lives the branch can symbolize

our comfort zones those safe and

familiar places where we tend to stay

but true growth like the eagle soaring

high often happens when we dare to

venture Beyond what’s comfortable

so the lesson here is pretty clear

if you want to reach New Heights you

might need to cut some branches in your


these branches could be old habits

self-doubt or even fear

it’s about taking that bold step like

the farmer to remove what’s holding you


just remember when you let go of the

branches that limit you you open up the

sky to endless possibilities

you can achieve great things just like

that eagle soaring majestically in the


it’s a reminder that sometimes the

simplest actions can lead to the most

incredible transformations


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