You Are Being Targeted | God Says

God says my dear child this week you will see the wonderful things I have planned for

you all you need to watch this video till end to claim it in the Stillness of

your heart when the noise of the world Fades into a whisper know that I am with

you as you open your eyes each morning each Ray of sunlight that Graces your

face is a testament to the New Beginnings I offer each Breath You Take is filled

with the promise of my love and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead remember the times you felt lost

and alone and how a sudden Breeze would comfort you or a kind stranger would

offer a smile These Are Not Mere coincidences these are the small perfect moments I

have orchestrated for you they are reminders that you are never alone for I am always guiding you

gently steering you towards the path that leads to fulfillment and joy look at the flowers that bloom

effortlessly each petal a masterpiece of design each color vibrant and full of

life they do not worry about tomorrow they simply exist in their beauty and

bring joy to those who behold them if you love watching our content

and believes in Christianity then help us to grow by giving Super Chat up to

$ in the same way I wish for you to trust in the process of your own

unfolding to believe in your own Beauty and to know that everything you need to flourish is already within

you consider the stars that light up the night sky each one placed precisely a

part of a grander design that is too vast to comprehend you to are a part of this

design a unique spark of light in a universe that cherishes your every thought your every

dream the dreams you hold dear are not just figments of your imagination they

are seeds that with nurturing and faith will grow into stunning

realities when the rain comes let it wash away your doubts each drop that

falls is a reminder that life is constantly renewing itself just as the Earth is refreshed

and nourished by the rain so too are you given Fresh Starts and new opportunities

to grow the challenges you face are not barriers they are the Stepping Stones on

your journey each one leading you closer to understanding your true strength and

purpose embrace the changes that come for they are part of the wonderful things I have planned for

you each change brings wisdom and with each step forward you are becoming the

person you are meant to be do not fear the future for for it is bright with promise you have only to

walk forward in faith trusting that the path I have laid for you is filled with

light when you see the beauty of a sunset know that it is a painting from my heart a daily reminder of my presence

and my promise the colors that spread across the sky are the same colors that paint

your life vibrant hopeful and filled with peace as the sun sets it is not an end

but a promise of another beginning another chance to experience The Wonder of

Creation in The Quiet Moments when you pause to listen you will hear my voice

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