Yesterday night your person was not able to..

if you stumbled upon this video today

take it as a sign from your guardian

angels they have something important to


you there’s a secret that’s been hidden


you and it comes with a

cost the Angels want you to understand

that this secret wasn’t kept to hurt you

or cause

confusion instead it was kept to keep

things smooth and avoid shaking up your

relationship the person keeping it has

been struggling with the choice feeling

guilty for not being completely open

about their

feelings they kept quiet to protect the

Good Vibes between you two thinking it

was best for both of

you when you find out what it is

remember it may not be as bad as you

think they’ve come to realize that not

being completely open with you from the

start wasn’t the right

approach they occasionally hold back

details but they want you to know that

they would never intentionally lie to

you they hold you in high esteem and

respect you

greatly however they are afraid that

their secret might accidentally slip out

due to their actions or other unexpected

events they are aware that revealing

this secret could really upset the

balance between you and might change how

you see each

other this worry has made them extremely

cautious I about what they

share despite this they want to assure

you that their choice to keep this

secret was not meant to undermine their

trustworthiness they are committed to

being more open with you and promise

that they won’t hide important

information from you in the

future they understand that trust is

fundamental in any

relationship and they are dedicated to

rebuilding any trust that might have

been shaken by this

secret it’s important to them that you

know every secret carries a

weight and they’re concerned about how

you will react when you learn the

truth they’ve become experts at

concealing their true feelings about you

not because they want to deceive you but

because they are trying to protect

themselves from potential

pain this secret has been a heavy

burden and it has been difficult for

them to Bear it

alone you mean a lot to them which is

precisely why they founded so

challenging to keep this from

you your importance in their life cannot


overstated you’ve influenced them in

many ways and the thought of losing your

trust and respect terrifies them this

fear has led them to maintain this

facade even though it’s been hard on

them they hope that by coming clean they

can clear the air and move forward

together they value the connection you

share and are eager to deep in it free

from secrets and

doubts as they navigate this delicate

situation they continue to protect their

feelings all the while knowing how vital

it is for them to be honest with

you the secret they’ve kept is tied

deeply to their vulnerabilities and

fears fears of being rejected or judged

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