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my child remain calm for I handle the impossible

be still and have faith I have aided you before and will do so again

as the winds and storm cease at the sound of my voice so too shall the turbulent seize of doubt within

your heart be stilled come to me now and I shall give you the rest you need

I will remove the myriad thoughts and fears swirling in your mind that steal your focus

I desire peace in your days and tranquility in your nights

you are an heir to many blessings yet sometimes they remain unseen overshadowed by fears of things that will not happen

by people who cannot harm you I ask you again be calm

do not pay heed to the news gossip or threats that others bring to you

for I am the one who commands and I have the first and the last word over your destiny

though thousands may rise against you though you may suffer the consequences of your own errors

do not fret you remain my beloved child

I will shield you from harm even when the world seems to crumble even as those around you faint from fear

be strong and courageous do not be afraid I will not abandon you

this is the greatest testament of love you can hear and see you know with certainty

through this medium I am speaking to you you feel my touch upon your heart

bringing answers to your lingering doubts I love you and I am showing you this right now

I am lifting away the scorn that has marked you endured at the hands of the wicked

who have failed you believe this none of what you have experienced shall be in vain

today you possess strength wisdom and maturity

you are ready to fight for those you love and assist others who have suffered as you have

the time for your liberation has come you are now prepared to be an instrument of my love

to bring light to those in darkness yet your enemies know your potential

and those have returned to cause trouble and rob you of your peace if you allow them to disturb your rest

if you forget your faith and plunge into the abyss of fear you will be beset by anxiety once again

but here’s the truth my love for you is vast my mercy is infinite

and my Holy Spirit will not allow you to be attacked anew therefore I affirm to you that

even if you fail and fall I will raise you up again do not be mistaken in thinking

I have turned my gaze away from you if you stumble and fall into enemy traps

I will rescue you if your faith wanes and your heart fills with negative thoughts

I will still fight for you I will cleanse your soul and fill you once more with my word

I will not permit anyone to draw you away from my love neither sword nor famine

illness nor conflict danger nor distress can separate you from it for in all these things

you are more than a conqueror you have turned away from evil and given me your heart

you have declared with your own lips your belief in me as your savior and protector

you have shown unwavering loyalty you are not like those who complain about me

and deny me when they face problems they grumble to anyone who will listen

not guarding their tongue caring little for their life family future

or blessing they belittle my redemption with their actions trampling upon this holy love

yet I continue to love them and do not rest you stay away from the wicked

and pray for them do not be influenced by those who scorn my word

move forward persist do not stay where you are today I bless you with immense opportunity

gifting you a strength of steel march forward with certainty and stand bravely before the enemies and conflicts

after a while you may locate yourself feeling that god is around you

watching over you so don’t forget about these moments don’t allow them to go incomplete

your life is on the brink of change after listening to this message from God

make sure to observe the whole video every word spoken here lays a direction on

your brilliant future type in the feedback if you are geared up

god is speaking to you today hear me you must face the fact that you have grown strong

and courageous a champion among champions begin each morning by igniting your faith with my word

bringing before me your faith and your petitions remember there is nothing impossible for me

you have my support I will continue to assist you in everything

maintain your calm and enjoy my peace you are stepping into a supernatural life

come here I am calling you here in my presence

is your place when your knees touch the ground in prayer with faith

reverence and respect my armies will come I command you to be still

let not your heart be troubled your soul finds peace in this loving

embrace that surrounds you tell me you accept it I have resolved to bless you

you cried out to me and I will answer you your life will change

do not doubt this I give you a new heart and even those who know you will be astounded

assistance will come from the most unexpected places be grateful

for many doors of blessing will open for you and numerous new opportunities will come your way

believe in these words and share them never forget to pray

it is not difficult to talk to me just close your eyes and say

Lord I need you and I will be there by your side

have faith for this is the truth my presence will never leave you

as long as you do not mock my Grace or discard the blessings I bestow upon you

I am always with you for your faith and disposition please me especially now

in these moments of great confusion do not open your soul to false teachings

nor let hatred take root in your heart do not align with the wicked by speaking ill of those

who have not harmed you who are not your enemies do not be swayed by every nonsense you see

hear or read if someone approaches you with gossip do not give it credence

do not fall so easily into the enemy’s snares my eyes seek out hearts that are true

loyal and faithful those who love me but also fear the consequences of breaking my laws

I’m raising you up to build up others to encourage your family to share these powerful and divine words

and not to partake in the sins of others I ask you earnestly

if you do not understand my words because of your worries take some time listen to them again

hear all my messages it is my will that your heart understands the signs

I have sent you many times you ask me for peace and tranquility

and I will give them to you but also keep my words in your heart and remember them

when the enemy comes like a roaring lion seeking to devour and mock your faith

my voice tells you and your spirit receives it my word is a lamp unto your feet

a light unto your path my commandments are sweeter than honey

giving you the strength and courage to rise and conquer in any situation you face

no enemy will harm you if you remain vigilant if my word is on your lips

and in your mind day and night fear not for I will alert you when danger lurks

when evil comes against you do not be afraid I will give you strength

you will stand and by speaking these words with faith all wickedness will flee

your home will be free from misery scarcity and sickness

no one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life because my word is sewn in your home

and is the Protection of your family I desire to see your heart ablaze

your eyes open and your mind alert you must be ready to welcome

the many blessings ideas and the time to conquer the earth to reap the fruits of

your sacrifice and effort nothing you have lived through will be in vain

all that I do in your life works for good you and your family will witness great miracles

in your home and understand the purpose I have for each of you I say to you

respect everyone look down on no one not the young nor the old

do not call unclean what I have cleansed remind no one of their past

for I have forgiven it all support and help those you love to grow

in this way I will bless you more for I desire these blessings to be sewn in others

through you from your heart will flow rivers of living water abundant and refreshing

even those you meet on your path will receive miracles wonders and healing

they will see in your smile the hope they yearn for and many who do not follow me will

understand that I am real and true just as I have had mercy on you

so will I have mercy on all those who turn away from wrongdoings and bring their sincere hearts into my presence

today I shower you with reigns of love I have pushed away

the dark clouds of despair and cover you with the shadow of my Grace

step out of your house look up to the sky raise your arms and proclaim to

the four winds that I am your Shepherd your provider and that you are committed to trusting in me forever

and to faithfully follow these words until the end do it now receive this healing anointing

feel the strength I give you do not fear or falter

keep moving forward sharing this word and holding gratitude in your heart

for all the blessings I bestow upon you today tell me you receive them with love

open your arms wide and embrace this love I offer you feel the beautiful

emotion that flows from within I saw you couldn’t sleep

I heard the thoughts racing through your mind and I’m here to tell you not to worry

I am removing those fears that lurk in the corners of your past lifting the weight of your sins

today I heal the wounds that remain and I break the chains that have held you captive

today you can look to the future with faith I am with you every day

until the end and I will never leave you accept my truth

my love for you is so profound that I gave myself on the cross and rose with power

so that you could have eternal life believe in my promises

I will always be there to open the right door for you and close the paths that lead to error

draw near to me with firm faith in these promises and I assure you you will receive my Grace

never feel alone or confused I am just a prayer away

it is my desire that you learn to wait confidently for the beautiful things you ask for

but have yet to receive be assured that very soon you will hold these blessings

you have long awaited receive my word into your soul and believe

cry out to me with all your heart and sincerity and I will answer you

seek me in this hour learn and grow fill yourself with my Holy Spirit

who daily reveals my affection and love to you receive the peace

that strengthens you my child I love you

always have have you thanked me today for another day of life

it takes so little to part your lips and express your gratitude with your own words

I am well aware of your needs before you voice them just trust in me

come and spend a moment of tranquility with me find a quiet moment and ponder

all the things you can be thankful for today your life your family your health

the air you breathe the food on your table the roof over your head and my supernatural Protection

surrounding your home the warrior angels that encamp and stand guard watching over

your dreams ready to battle there are so many reasons you are blessed

there are countless beautiful reasons to cling cling to life and consider daily

the positive thoughts and open your eyes to see my goodness in your path

feel secure in the knowledge that I hold your destiny in my hand I dwell in a grateful heart

that recognizes its need for me and seeks me with faith and hope knowing just

how blessed it is I see you when you’re worried about life’s happenings

but it’s normal don’t be overly concerned you feel the weight of

your responsibilities wishing all to be well to have provision in your home

health in your family and for nothing to disturb your peace and stability yet

there are dark days when you forget to be thankful and the adversary whispers lies

turning your concern into fear fear into dread dread into despair

I am watching and waiting for you to raise your hands and speak the words that will make the enemy flee

thank me for your life your family your health for everything you are and have

your sincere faith and thankful heart are Shields that keep you strong in times of trial

I will be there beside your bed tomorrow waiting for you to open your eyes

eager to hear your first words of the day uttered from a grateful soul

say thank you thank you for life come to me especially on days

you feel down and lay out what burdens you I will take each feeling

and transform it sorrow into joy regret into peace guilt into hope

and that depression scratching at your mind forcing you to listen to voices from

the past that lie I am destroying it forever I am

the Almighty God you are my beloved child who obeys and believes in me

following me faithfully you deserve the freedom I wish to give you

freedom from all mental affliction through the healing power of my shed blood

listen to my voice receive complete health from head to toe

stand up where you are pick up your dreams from the dust and walk

follow the path that leads to the high mountain of holiness to your place of victory

the feelings I am planting in your heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit

the blessing I set before you is sure and true you are receiving it

if you believe in me and my eternal word you make no mistake

in surrendering your heart to your heavenly father who loves you immensely I’m

not a figment of imagination powerful supernatural miracles will occur

for everyone who listens and dares to believe with humility and simplicity who respects my word

acknowledges their shortcomings leaves wickedness behind and decides to walk

steadfastly without looking back my child I love you

I want to heal you I am breaking every chain tearing down

every curse and spell with which you’ve been deceived you’ve been made to believe

there’s someone in this universe with more power than me which is the farthest from the truth even

the earth trembles at my voice evil forces fall defeated unable to stand before my

manifest glory there is no being human or spiritual

that can fight against you harm you or cause you ill because you are no longer

alone my arms and fold you my holiness covers you and

the power of my blood protects you day and night no more sadness

no more pain there will be no more tears in desperation

accept and feel the peace and joy I’m giving you at this moment tell me you

are receiving it tell me you believe bend your knees and give thanks

for the love and wonders you are about to witness I have good news for you

I know you’ve been waiting I am going to resolve every situation that

troubles your soul I will bless your family your health

you’re entering a time of restoration and your finances will improve

pay close attention for I will show you and instruct you on everything you need to do

so that nothing is lost and all turns out well my child

I adore you and I want to heal you I am destroying the lies and curses

that have held you captive believe in me in my power and know that

in this universe no power exceeds mine my love for you is immense

come receive it fully and be at peace I am here to make

your spirit robust and un yielding the winds of life shall no longer buffet

you about with ease no longer shall you quiver in fear upon hearing

lies false news or the hollow threats of insults

when I speak trust that what I say is true for you are not weak but strong

you are not beaten down or defeated stand up this instant from

the prisons fabricated by your foes cast off the guilt of past sins

I have already forgiven them do not burden your mind with unnecessary

strife do not let bitter feelings take root in your heart do

not give space to grudges forgive those who have caused you pain

and leave them in the past along with those memories focus on the future

for it rests in my capable hands I will ensure that the purpose

for which you were chosen is fulfilled marvels will unfold in your life

and you will witness how your family is also blessed with my love and your home is shielded

by my mighty blood give me your faith open your mouth wide

and I will fill it with sweetness from the rock and satisfy you with the finest of wheat

my promises to you are daily spoken and I am always waiting to give you more embrace

these words that bring peace to your soul take up the shield to protect

yourself against malicious attacks I desire for the words you receive

to be heard in your home for your family to embrace my promises and for everyone

to feel the tender Grace that will unfold you in peace day by day believe in

the miracles that seem impossible to you for I will pour out wealth provision freedom

and prosperity upon all those you love who else can offer you such supernatural joy

who else knows your thoughts and understands your needs who else can fill

you with this healing peace and gentle tranquility I am the one who laid down

my life on a cross and rose again to give you salvation I am the author

of your days the architect of your destiny and your future

nothing is impossible for me many have been deceived by the lies of the world

thinking I do not love them that I only think of punishment

they refuse to accept my love preferring instead to believe in falsehoods that

keep them trapped in disillusionment but listen for you are hearing me now

which means I have something grand and marvelous in store for you and your family

it is no figment of imagination I am your almighty God and today

I am speaking to you with kindness and patience I reveal all

the beautiful intentions I have for you and all the blessings I am placing on your path

but I ask you to truly believe in this wondrous love a love that is patient and kind

that does not envy or boast that is not proud or rude

it does not dishonor others is not self seeking or easily angered

it keeps no record of wrongs it does not delight in evil

but rejoices with the truth cling to this love that endures through every

circumstance that has faith hope and perseverance and never fails

this love is the crown of supernatural blessings already yours love hope

and faith but the greatest of these is the love that I have given

you are entering a time of restoration and I will always offer you my heart

accept it right with your own hand I accept

each morning you rise with spirit and faith and this pleases me

you do not surrender to adversity you are not one who shrinks back

you resemble me in so many ways in your heart burns the desire

to do good to assist and serve to keep your family together and in harmony

to receive my blessing with the dawn’s first light continue on this path

do not lose that faith your character is also your worship

your praise you are a good person and your actions sing to me

they honor me I want to open doors so that more people can see

someone like you who has genuine faith and truly loves me I admire

you greatly you have withstood opposing winds without answering with

hatred or malice against those false friends who hurt you they may have taken

material things but they can never steal what’s most important your faith

your commitment your determination to persist in my will come what may

you are my daughter my son there’s no doubt the word I’ve sown in you

has born much fruit and there are still many blessings and gifts for you to harvest

you have a wonderous future ahead feel secure in knowing that you have my support

in every situation you can come confidently and pour out your soul at

my altar in any need when you have doubts or if you’ve made a mistake

I will remain faithful I will never abandon you

I will surround you with my presence wherever you are and you will know it your skin

will feel me your soul will receive the assurance that I am there with thousand arms

ready and willing to help you to give you victory against cruel foes to heal you

to take away all illness and even to empower you so that when you speak my word

forces of evil will be brought down your life your family

your health your finances and everyone under your roof will be free and will live

in triumph your home will be filled with my majestic glory

and supernatural miracles will occur daily surround yourself with a

community of good people who will also be blessed by the beautiful heart you possess

I ask you again continue as you are do not turn back to

the land of disbelief take a moment come to me bow down on

your knees and turn your heart back to my words commit yourself

to this simple act of surrender where you lay down your fears and burdens before me I

understand the weight you carry and I long for you to be free decide today

once and for all to strengthen your soul with my presence listen closely

for my voice is reaching out to you with unconditional love it’s my

desire to guide you on a path where you can reclaim all that you’ve lost

let me take your hand and lead you down the path of peace and tranquility

within your heart you yearn for joy and I want to restore it fully leaving behind

the troubles that once seemed insurmountable I wish to free you from the anxieties that

plagued your life do not cling to those fears or hide them away

I no longer want you to be compelled by fear to make poor choices

you’ve paid a high price for your mistakes but the time for suffering is over starting

today your sins are forgiven your soul is being cleansed and the chains

of guilt and uncertainty you’ve been dragging around are breaking away my dear child

my cherished one my plans for you are filled with blessings they

are crafted for your good and your well being not everything will be easy

there will be battles to fight but I will stand by you fortifying your spirit

until the very end if you let me reign over your life proclaim my god

you are my king and my lord whenever you come to ask something of me

come with confidence and show me your faith your gratitude is the finest offering

you can bring our time together right now is the most beautiful thing that can

happen today so come without fear I will not reject you

your sins have been erased paid for by my precious blood there

is no reason for shame in my presence even when you strayed far

and forgot me I showed mercy I sent legions of angels to snatch

you from evil’s grasp to clear your path so you could return to me will you

come back to me tomorrow with good news will you share the gradual

unfolding of miracles you had not seen before will you speak of the beautiful

changes occurring in your life confirm your loyalty and

I will listen with immense joy this is why I brought you here again

to transform your life I do not wish for you to return to a place filled

with hatred scorn sadness and despair hear me now

tell me will you believe me or will you believe those who place obstacles in your way

demanding perfection when they themselves are mired in sin and flawed thoughts no

one can claim perfection before me do not lose faith or spirit

because of those who close doors on you here you are deeply loved

and there is but one true path one open door through which you can enter and receive

eternal life complete happiness and enduring joy with me

you will always find love acceptance and pure holy affection

you can come confidently day or night if you feel down if you think

you failed if you feel the weakness that leads to vice error and sin

here you are accepted just as you are in any state you find yourself

I am always listening to your prayers of repentance and I have another chance for you

if you accept my forgiveness and want to start a new come and give me your heart

there is no need for explanations I already understand your need for my

love and here I am loving you good morning

how are you feeling tell me everything this will stay

between us speak from your heart share what has

been buried inside it’s time to let it out after you

listen to my powerful word my healing hand will touch your soul giving rest to

your tearful eyes and breaking every chain that binds you those feelings

that pierce your heart like steel nails can only be dissolved by my power

I want you to regain peace to renew your faith to feel your wings move

and gain strength embrace that old desire to soar high and reach for

your dreams I want you to feel well it is crucial that

you come into my presence every day together we will erase

the dark chapters of your life and write a new story I wish for you to

see yourself as I see you loved by me a conqueror arising each day with a powerful

reason to live your age is no barrier to happiness to realizing

that you are a tremendous blessing to many able to support and uplift others

you carry so many seeds that you can sow before you lies a fertile field

rise and look around your family needs you

hearts both big and small look up to you the enemy has

tormented you all your life trying to clip your wings and keep you imprisoned in the cell

of bitterness he almost made you believe you were worthless inflicting wounds

that seem small but accumulated they bled your heart dry now

I call upon you to believe in my words to reject the lies and to step

into the faith that will bring you back into the fullness of my love and Grace

here with me you will always be welcomed always be heard

and always be given another chance to start again my dear child

remember that moment when life’s fragility was so clear and you heeded my word you

opened your heart acknowledged your missteps and with genuine sorrow turned away

from your sins your heartfelt prayer of repentance filled the heavens with joy

we celebrated your return to the fold with such gladness now with your

faith brightly lit you are carving a path through the struggles of life

it pleases me your trust in confiding everything to me laying bear your heart without

reservation I see you rediscovering the joy of living even as you

confront hidden shadows within your soul they must surface

and in speaking with me each day you’ll find unparalleled strength

your faith will grow and you’ll powerfully sense the burdens lifting from your shoulders

lightning your soul infusing you with pure happiness listen

I hear you now speak to me I listen intently

do not be afraid to pour out the contents of your heart I love you so deeply

I delight in your presence when you come to receive my love and to be nourished by my word

it’s right for you to do so you’re noticing changes within yourself yet

if there remains any lingering distress know that I am here true

there are times when feelings overwhelm you and you feel breathless inundated by

a whirlwind of thoughts but remember each morning is an opportunity

for us to converse in prayer to set your life on a course filled with joy

free from burdens that you’re not meant to bear any longer consider my child

there are more significant matters to attend to there’s no time to be lost on

worries about things that will never come to pass under my watchful

care fear not for my love and Protection mean that you have everything

exercise your faith and feel at ease come to me whether you

kneel or sit wherever you find yourself close your eyes

with a beautiful posture of gratitude express thanks for your family

your work your health you don’t always have to ask but I delight in

your requests made with trust without doubts my ear is attentive to

you my angels are ready and at my command they hastened

to your side they were created to obey and to serve you

are my child it is to me you should turn for Grace and mercy in your

life so ask without fear I must tell

you again so you won’t feel bad about coming to me in need if there ever

comes a day when you feel you no longer need me that would be the day your faith has withered

and pride has tainted your life ask and I shall give you the finest

wheat the honey from the rock I will open the windows of heaven and

pour out my holy blessing until it overflows use your faith

I have the power to uproot mountains of sadness shatter barriers of wickedness break

the chains of sin addictions and deadly habits ask for all

that is good sweet kind and edifying even if it seems impossible

if it’s for your eternal edification and earthly well being ask of me

in my perfect timing with love I will respond and grant it to you

I know your life your worries your feelings I am acutely

aware of what you lack and desire I know when you cry when

you feel despair and loneliness which is why I never let go of your hand

you need me again today as you did a short while ago when sadness enveloped you

and you called out my god where are you today I give you a

sign that I hear you and am attentive to your needs I’m showing you

and though I cannot speak more plainly I am here for you I love you

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