With God all things are possible

I want you to stop being afraid and let this message to firmly settle in your heart my little child I want you to stop

being afraid I am requesting that you pay attention and fully realize the fact that I appreciate you your well-being is

in my hands and I am here with you you can take a quick look around and

experience feelings of isolation thinking that no one is there for you there is no need for me to be

concerned about you since I am constantly right there by your side providing unwavering

support both my love and my commitment to you are unending and they are both

unending keep in mind that your challenges and Sorrows are a natural and inevitable part of your existence even

if the challenging times cause you to question the veracity of this reality listen to me now you are never

on your your own I am right here with you ready to re blessings upon you I

promise that I will not allow you to feel deprivation or want because I am your God who takes care of you I will

provide for all of your needs I will make sure that you have all you need

your life will be flooded with my blessings and you will be surrounded by my grace and eternal love because of

this the only thing you need to do is put your faith in me and you shouldn’t

be terrified when moments of confusion and doubt try to distort your

judgment whenever you are confronted with challenges I will be there to provide you with support and provide you

Direction it is important to keep in mind that I am your solid foundation

your Defender and your Defender the very core of your existence is illuminated by

my light which also lights your path and instills you with hope for a glorious

future consequently you should let go of your worries since I am here to guide you to success and help you achieve your

goals each and every one of your actions will result in prosperity because I will

direct you to opportunities that will assist you in developing and achieving success I will bless your motions

regardless of whether you are coming or going whatever you choose to accomplish

you will be blessed with plenty in both your job and your endeavors I shall be of assistance a

Guiding Light in the midst of Darkness a symbol of faith and resilience and whenever you are feeling exhausted or

downhearted remember that I am always with you all you need to do is come to

me with humility and confidence in terms of money health love

and happiness you will be a Guiding Light in the midst of darkness when you are in my presence my

child you will discover the courage and Solace that you need in order to go with

your life never forget that you are valuable and that your existence has a

special and important purpose in this world always keep this in mind therefore

regardless of what other people may think about you you are my child my greatest treasure and I have called you

to fulfill a glorious task somewhere on this globe I have called you to complete

this assignment Earth if you put your trust in me and the things I have in store for you I will ensure that your

life will blossom into a wonderful demonstration of my love for all you are


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