WILL YOU SCROLL PAST JESUS |God Message Today | God’s Word Today

today my cherished one I want you to

hear a message from the Divine a message

that resonates through the very fabric

of our

existence know this God has a wondrous

design for all things and he

orchestrates their beauty in perfect

time just as the sun gracefully ascends

the moon softly Embraces the night and

the stars twinkle in Celestial Harmony

so shall God craft every aspect of your

life in a splendid

manner Psalm

assures us that the Lord perfects

what concerns

us how you

ask according to Philippians

– we are instructed to be anxious for

nothing but through prayer supplication

and gratitude we should make our

requests known to

God in return the peace of God which

surpasses all understanding will guard

your hearts and Minds through Christ

Jesus in Psalm

it is written he spoke and it was

done he commanded and it stood f

fast these words remind us of the

incredible power of

Faith indeed as Jesus once said if you

believe you will witness the glory of

God so my dear child of God place your

trust in him for Jeremiah verse

declares blessed is the one who trusts

in the Lord

Prosperity awaits those who

wholeheartedly confide in him as


reveals when you follow this Divine

guidance you will witness how the hand

of the Lord weaves together every thread

of your life into a tapestry of

loveliness and Beauty precisely at the


hour may God our loving father bless you

abundantly today surrender yourself into

his tender care and embrace this

wonderous promise that he shall make all

things beautiful in his perfect

time place your every worry and concern

into his hands and believe that you will

behold his

glory Lord make everything in my life

truly beautiful and lovely bless me and

provide for my every need in a


way in the name of Jesus I say

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